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Alabama Eclipse Scopists

Mary K. Levy, Birmingham, AL / Nationwide
Four CAT systems, Total Eclipse M, Total Eclipse, ProCAT Winner & ProCAT VR,
Case Catalyst and AristoCAT
FTR Gold Player, JAVS Player, Liberty Court Player
Web site link:
(800) 273-8330 Code 00  
(This ad updated 3/01/09)

Sandy Miller, Jemison, AL
(205) 688-4375
EclipseNT. Scoping since 2001. 
Prior experience as a medical transcriptionist. 

Experienced Eclipse 4.0 Scopist/Proofreader. Available for full or part-time work. I am trained in note-reading, and I scope with or without audio. I am adaptable to your personal preferences and will work with you to meet any need that may arise. Experienced in many subject areas, some of which are: workman's comp, accident, insurance, legal, medical, divorce, personal injury, estate, railroad, industrial, criminal and plea hearings. I offer quality, accuracy, efficiency and reliability. My rates are compatible with industry standards. I will be glad to send my information to you regarding rates and turnaround times upon request. E-mail or feel free to call. 251-470-9805 

STEHPANIE DeMONIA - Full-time scopist in North Alabama seeking full-time or part-time work.  I would love to work with one or two busy reporters, but I will take overflow. My normal turnaround is 3 days. Other:   Eclipse, cable internet connection, .wav files, fluent in steno, extensive medical terminology background, B.S. in Business Admin., NCRA member.  Please call 256-531-7991 for rates, or e-mail me at  

Terry Owens, 256-837-1799
Huntsville, AL
Full-time scopist utilizing Eclipse 4.1 and DigitalCat. 
Currently seeking  professional relationship with one or more reporters. 
Extremely comfortable with medical and technical terminology.  I have high-speed internet for large audio file transfer.  I work hard and have competitve rates.  For more information, visit

Sharron Jones
Odenville, AL    205-640-5502
I am a court reporting student with excellent proofreading skills. I can read steno and will pay attention to detail to provide you with a quality document. If you are looking for a strong, dependable scopist to assist you in the production of thoroughly scoped, well-formatted transcripts, please feel free to contact me at: Competitive rates with special discounts up to 20% off for first-time clients. CAT System: Eclipse   

Rhonda Smitherman
(205) 668-2652 

Arizona Eclipse Scopists

Kelly Valandry,
Integrity Scoping
- Tucson, AZ -
 You have just found an accurate scopist with integrity to whom you may reliably  
 delegate the editing of your transcript while appreciating your need for timely delivery.
      I scope for Eclipse reporters on Versions 4, 5, and 6.
      I seek full-time work and/or overflow work. No dailies or expedites at this time.
      I have extensive medical background.
      I invite you to call or email for rates.       520-306-8126
Posted 07/22/13
Diane Lolli

High quality scopist with 15 years experience, on Eclipse V4, 5 and 6. 
Looking for busy reporter, good writer, who needs fast, accurate turnaround time.
My job is to make you look good, and free up your time to take more work.
Have done numerous expert witnesses, hearings, arbitrations, depositions, etc.
Competitive rates. No job too tough.
Posted 09/05/14

EclipseNT SCOPIST looking to build long-term business relationships with reporters who desire a partner with a superior work ethic. Also available for short-term and overflow work. I enjoy a challenge and will go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. Studied reporting for one year and can read steno. Worked in the computer industry for 20 years and in management for three years. I'm ready to put my skills to work for you. For more info:   Successfully yours! ~Darla

Angela Dill - EclipseNT and DigitalCAT scopist and transcriptionist with over 12 years medical experience. The first six as a medical technologist, and the last 6-8 as a medical transcriptionist. So I am not new to quick turnaround times or accuracy in reporting. I have a .wav foot pedal, cable modem for internet access, a fax machine, small and large tape machines, and a personal website for transfer of audio files. E-mail: 

Linda Mages/Elizabeth Stillman
N-FT Scoping Services,   3439 W. Altadena Ave.,   Phoenix, AZ 85029,
Toll Free Phone: 877-672-6222
We are prior court reporting students with certificates in scoping. We have excellent research and English skills. The software we use include CaseCATalyst, Total Eclipse, Premier Power and RTF/CRE formats.  We offer nationwide full-time scoping services. Let N-FT Scoping Services give you back your free time!

Nancy Sanders - Ft. Thomas, AZ
Telephone:  (928) 485-9251
SCI trained scopist on Total Eclipse. Hold AA degree in Professional Office Administration. 
Have strong grammar/punctuation skills; I am dependable.

Arkansas Eclipse Scopists

JANICE S. ELLIS  Pocahontas, AR. 
Thirty years experience as paralegal, twenty years experience transcriptionist/scopist/proofreader for Court Reporters.  Work in Word, Word 2000, WordPerfect and Eclipse.  Type 90 wpm. 
Have 4-station, 2-speed transcriber, standard cassette transcriber, broadband internet and use ExpressScribe for audio.  Reasonable rates and turnaround time. 
Contact at

ANGIE HALVORSON, Conway, AR. (501) 328-3250
Graduate of "BeST" Scoping Techniques.  I work on Total Eclipse.
I am a reliable, dependable, and detail-oriented worker with great research skills.
Available for full-time, part-time, temporary and overflow work.
I look forward to hearing from you!
(This ad updated 02/17/10)  

California Eclipse Scopists

Northern California Eclipse Scopists

RandiAnn Harvey, 
Working reporter since 1991, freelance and official.  RMR and CRR certifications. 
Fast turnaround.  Eclipse software. 
Please email me for rates and a preference sheet.

Katie Thurn, Fairfield, CA
Eclipse 6, high-speed internet connection.
Fully trained and dependable scopist.
Available to work full time.

Jeff Sherman
Petaluma, CA
(707) 696-5969

Kris Morehead
Red Bluff,  CA

Scoping Services

Southern California Eclipse Scopists

Kathie Barnett,  760-803-5029 
Eclipse and CaseCAT.
Scoping for 12-plus years for both official and freelance reporters.
Reasonable rates and fast turnaround time.
Please call or email with any questions.  
(This ad updated 08/26/09)   

JAMESSA JONES, Woodland Hills, CA
Phone: (818) 932-9611 
Full-time scopist available for steady or overflow work.  Able to work with reporters using Eclipse.
I'm all about detail, with excellent English and grammar skills.
Call me to network, or discuss rates and availability.
(This ad updated 09/07/10) 

Vanessa Delgado:
Baldwin Park, California
Experienced scopist on Eclipse. Easy to work with, reasonable rates.
Court work, workman's comp, medical, technical, auto recon, video, tapes, audio, and many others. Fast turnaround.
email at   phone is 626-674-4146

I'm Tricia Gemmill. 
I scope in Winner XP Version 8 & 9 and Total Eclipse.
My phone number is (909) 895-4268.
I have a website that can be accessed at

Scoping experience:  Full time since 1991; Types of transcripts:  Court, deposition, hearing, and think-tank-type; Education:  3 yrs of graduate school in Genetics.  Other experience:  Stockbroker for 1-1/2yrs  Transcript quality:  My husband (an engineer) proofreads my transcripts.
Systems:  CaseCatalyst, Eclipse 8.4 & NT, Open StenoCat, Xscribe 2001, Premier Power

NANCY HESS: E-mail:   Website:
Total Eclipse scopist and proofreader. I am a former California CSR, from 1977 through 1990.
Experience with depositions, Los Angeles Superior Court trials and hearings, administrative hearings and many technical fields.  I have fast turnaround, and I am dedicated to accuracy and dependability.
Please e-mail me for my rates. And I look forward to working as a "team" to get out the very best transcript for court reporters.

Debra Noble
Cypress, CA 90630
I'm an experienced scopist, 18 years, looking for full-time reporters who are on Total Eclipse.

Isabella Waegner
Eclipse (most current version)
Full-time scopist/note reader for the past six years, specializing in technical patents and full-audio scoping.
Please visit my Web site for further information.  

Eclipse - Scoping Services

Colorado Eclipse Scopists

Michael Falzarano - Golden, CO
Former U.S. Marine Corps court reporter with 6+ years experience.  Scoped all my own cases (over 350 courts-martial). Eclipse NT and  willing to use other CAT editing software depending on case work.  Great reference materials both on and offline. Quick turnaround.

Dori Ann Dahl,
Full-time scoping with Total Eclipse, audio sync or ExpressScribe audio or no audio.
Conscienteous, reliable, punctual . 

ACE Scoping Services
Palisade, Colorado

Pinpoint Scoping Solutions
Denver, Colorado

Connecticut Eclipse Scopists

Sheila Butch, East Hartland, CT
Scoping and Transcription Services
(860) 653-2185    Fax (860) 653-6216
25 years scoping experience.  Eclipse and CaseCat 3 and 4. ftp site available for uploading audio files. 
Reasonable rates.

Marna Goodyear, Amicus Office Support Services, Manchester, CT
Phone : 860-796-0126 Email : Experienced former reporter and scopist offers E-Transcript, TurboCat, DigitalCAT, Eclipse, and Premier Power scoping as well as proofreading (medical, law enforcement, scientific, and industry-specific experience), production services (printing, binding, mailing, read & sign and ASCII  services,) and video and audio transcription. Supporting both local and remote reporters, law enforcement agencies, and attorneys.  Multiple references available

Florida Eclipse Scopists

CRRealtime, LLC
Scopists for Eclipse versions 4 and 5 and also Case CATalyst
We are qualified, accurate, and expedient scopists.
We work with all types of audio and video files.
We will soon provide Eclipse StenoLink and/or Division Interval services too.
For more information, please go to  or email .
(855) HELP-CRR or (855) 435-7277
(Posted 10/31/11)
Steve Florio
Plantation, Florida
Reliable Eclipse scopist, 15 years experience as freelance reporter
Detail-oriented and precise reading of steno notes
Fast turnaround time
Reasonable rates
Seeking to establish good working relationship with another reporter
Full and/or part-time work needed
Contact information: 
cell number: (954)-205-5568
(Posted 12/12/12)

KATHY SCHWAB - Ft. Laud, FL  ECLIPSE software. 
Court Reporter for 27 years, have been scoping for 2 years. I work with or without tapes at competitive rates.  Can read most steno notes.   Excellent grammar and punctuation skills.  
Able to take new clients, full or part time.

JUDY RAKOCINSKI, Bonita Springs, FL.
(239) 949-3145; Email:
Full-time scopist since 1995. 
Able to work with reporters using Case Catalyst, Xscribe 2001, Maestro, Xec-5, TurboCat and Eclipse.
Will work with tapes.  Fast turnaround. 
Co-owner/Founder:quot;BeST" Scoping Techniques -

Amy Shaffer, Eclipse Scopist, West Palm Beach, FL
Over two years experience on Eclipse NT.
Available for steady or overflow work.
Audiosync and tapes used.
Contact me at for rates.

Stacie, I live in the beautiful Sunshine State of Florida. 
I scope on Eclipse and can provide quick turnaround. I'm all about detail, with excellent English and grammar skills.
Reasonable Rate! 
Give me a call at 239-390-1776, 239-707-9518,

Sandy Knight, RPR- Total Eclipse -  Home 850-932-2757    Fax 850-916-0760
Gulf Breeze, Florida/Pensacola, Florida
Former official and freelance reporter for twelve years and have been scoping for officials and others since 1998.  DSL and Xdrive and T3 for fast transfer of files over the internet. Will scope with or without audio.  I specialize in trial transcripts and expert witness testimony.

Melanie Ronk - Ft. Myers, FL. (239) 433-0448;
Professional scopist looking to increase clientele.  Excellent grammar and punctuation skills. 
Reasonable rates.  Eclipse software.  Call me today!

Karen O'Donnell  407-282-6754
Experienced scopist utilizing Eclipse software. 
High-speed cable for WAV files, tapes are fine, too. 
Three-day  turnaround, competitive rates.

Missy Rodriguez: Fort Walton Beach/Destin, FL area.
Looking for full-time or part-time work. I use Eclipse NT. I offer scoping, transcribing and proofreading services.  I work with tapes (micro and standard). Reasonable rates and quick turnaround time.
I will do what is necessary to get your work done when you need it!
Contact me @ 850-651-2705 for references or jobs

Joni Bentley,
Eastpoint, Florida.
Email: 850-670-4474.
Experienced scopist using Eclipse NT.
I do scoping, proofreading, and transcribing using tapes or WAV files.
Competitive rates and quick trurn around.

Joyce Howell - Eclipse Scopist - 25 years experience scoping.
Strong legal background. Excellent references. Note reader. Expanding to full-time scoping.
I am a team player and conscientious about my work., 239-353-0055.

30 years legal experience; graduate of BeST Scoping Techniques on-line scoping school; along with scoping, I also offer legal transcription and proofreading. Fast turnaround. CAT System: Eclipse.
CONTACT INFORMATION:   Phone: (352) 622-3652    Fax: (352) 622-3652

Deborah Self, President,
Your Scoping Solution, LLC
Pensacola, FL     Ph: (850) 602-0209
Primary software: Total Eclipse. Can also sync audio with any CAT system using digital foot pedal. Can convert text via RTF. Read steno, have dual-speed transcriber for tapes. Plenty of references, quick turnaround times, reasonable rates.  Visit my website at: 

PAM GLIDEWELL, CLA - Tallahassee/Ft. Lauderdale FL
asapscoping@comcast.netor call any time: 850-510-4707. 
Full-time scopist/proofreader in ECLIPSE.  Cassette tapes or audio sync WAVE files.  All jobs scoped word-for-word.  Reasonable rates, quick turnaround, impeccable work product.  Daily copy/expedites/videotape accepted.  Proficient in auto indexing and job dictionaries.  Background includes 20+ years full-time certified paralegal.  Currently working with freelance and official reporters. 

ProScripts - Julie Lampp, central Florida
Full-time Professional Scopist, 12 years Experience plus 2 years court reporting, Proficient in reading notes, Excellent English & Grammar skills; CAT Systems are StenoCat 32, EclipseNT & CaseCatalyst; Competitive rates, include scoping with tape, research and quick turn-around time.  Specialize in Medical-Legal Trans; Now accepting new clients.
CONTACT INFO: E-mail:    (904) 782-9884 or (904) 200-8025

Vicki McGinnis,
Eclipse scopist with two years experience.
Transcripts are word for word using audio (wav files) and I will do cover and cert pages if info is provided.  I'd love to scope for you.
Please contact me at:  or  850-896-7838

Angela Emge - EclipseNT scopist new to profession. 
I have been in the medical field for over 12 years with the last 6-8 being a medical transcriptionist so I am not new to quick turnaround times or accuracy in reporting.  I have cable modem for internet access and a fax machine. 
I look forward to working with you. 

Georgia Eclipse Scopists

DEBRA PEARCE - Georgia (770) 207-9311
Full-time scopist with over 10 years experience in scoping and legal field. 
Scoping experience includes medical and technical transcription, civil and criminal proceedings. 
I use Eclipse and StenoCat but have the capability to use other CAT systems with RTF. 
Files can be transferred via email, FED-X, UPS, or U.S. mail. 
References available upon request.

Allison Wilcox
2927 Bentwood Drive
Marietta, GA 30062    770-971-0053 
Eclipse 8.3 - also compatible with just about all other CAT systems utilizing RTF. Former reporter (I do read steno) with 15+ years reporting/scoping experience. DSL, Fax. I specialize in expedites and daily copy. I generally produce 500-700 pages/week. Reasonable rates and fast turnaround.

Hawaii Eclipse Scopists


Iowa Eclipse Scopists

Ms. Devon Roberts - Scoping for You
I use both Eclipse and digitalCAT to provide you with a professional document to make you look your best. I aim to gain you work and remove your headaches!!
I'm looking for full-time work and/or overflow work. I have experience with criminal trial work and understand the importance of accuracy in all of our work. Competitive rates.
Email me at: or call (641) 330-3166

Brenda R. Whitney
Phone: 319-404-8350 Fax: 319-275-4703    E-mail:
I am a 19-year veteran court reporter taking a break from reporting. I have my RPR and RMR and was co-owner of a court reporting firm in Ohio until recently moving back to Iowa to be with family.  I use Eclipse Software. I will scope and/or proofread any of your work ... depositions, trials, and arbitrations. I know how important an accurate and timely transcript is in the profession.

Idaho Eclipse Scopists


Indiana Eclipse Scopists

K.C. Corbin
KC Scope & Scribe
Phone: (317) 409-5483   Fax: (317) 774-3233

I possess strong language skills and have completed scopist training with Scoping Careers International. I have 15 years experience in administrative, editing and computer programming arenas. I use Total Eclipse 4.2 or will accept .rtf files.  I also subscribe to T3 and SendThisFile for exchange of data.

Kansas EclipseScopists

MARGIE MARLER, Ottawa, KS or phone 785 878-3697.
Experience:  Full-time for past seven years. 
Experience includes daily copies, expedites; court, arbitration, and deposition.
Total Eclipse. Audiosync welcome.
Fast connection for downloading large files.

Sherri Smith,  Wichita Ks,
I am an experience scopist using Digital Cat and Eclipse with audio sync. I will work using your preference and style. I will use full audio. I am willing to listen to tapes. I am research for proper spelling, etc. If interested, please contact me. See my web page.

Louisiana Eclipse Scopists

Dina Newton,  Priority Scoping Services,  504-919-5349 or 225-243-6586
Graduate of Baton Rouge School of Court Reporting, courses in medical & legal terminology, English & technical applications.  I also have a BS in English Literature, focused on writing composition. Over 25 yrs of valuable work & educational experience. I possess a strong work ethic and strive for perfection while being detail oriented. Currently work with Eclipse Version 4.2. I can accept some .rtf format conversions. Able to proficiently note read, however, audiosync or tape backups are preferred. I have Internet and fax capabilities. Large file transfer capability is also available. References and rates are available upon request.
(This ad updated 9/01/09)

Sue Pratt 
I scope on both digitalCat and Eclipse.
I owned and operated a CR school for 16 years and have scoped and done proofreading since 1994.
I have a wireless Internet connection, can accept wav files, have a good vocabulary, am familiar with most legal and
medical terms, and turn my work around quickly. My regular and expedite rates are reasonable and fair.
I can be contacted at  or 504-888-6433
(This ad updated 05/21/10)

Maryland Eclipse Scopists

MIMI Novak Rockville, MD

BILLIE MESEKE - Eclipse V8 or NT. 
Scoping since 1996. 
Tapes preferred.  Reasonable rates.   
Please write or call for more information:  (410) 795-4634 

I have Eclipse and Eclipse NT, as well as a 3-speed standard cassette transcriber.  I have been transcribing/scoping since 1985. I do read steno.  I have worked, and currently work, for freelance, Circuit Court and Federal Court reporters. I am usually available 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Michigan Eclipse Scopists

LISA HART, Freeland, Michigan
989-695-6947 or 989-790-5532
Scopist in Michigan area with fast turnaround time and accuracy.  Eclipse NT software with ability to scope on most CAT systems.  Trained by Circuit Court reporters.  References and/or free editing samples provided.

Laura Meyers
Highland Township,   Michigan

Minnesota Eclipse Scopists

Lauren Worwa
I am a court reporting student currently in my 160s and I just graduated from ATC with a scopist/proofreader certificate. I would love to get some more work from court reporters who need work scoped and or proofed. Please contact me for jobs you need scoped/proofed. Eclipse Student Software 

Stacy Florek, Monticello, MN /
I have a scoping/proofreading certificate. I started out in Court Reporting school so I can read steno. I am available anytime and have a quick turnaround. I am looking for one or two reporters to work for. I work with Eclipse.
Contact me for more information. 763-221-5944 

Mississippi Eclipse Scopists

Darlene O'Connor
Over 11 years scoping full-time.
Dictionary building, fluently read steno, currently on Total Eclipse.
Workers’ Compensation, arbitrations, hearings, trial, conventions, conferences, et cetera.
Need help?
(This ad updated 08/13/11)

Missouri Eclipse Scopists

Marti Hayes - "Mature" Court Reporting student, new to Eclipse, looking for scoping & proofreading work. Teacher for 5 yrs and an Admin. Assist.for 12 yrs. I read notes, have an extensive reference library, broadband access, a dedicated fax line, and will go to any lengths to solve problems and make deadlines. Please contact me, if you would like me to give you more free time or to work through a backlog. I have "Report Preference" and pricing sheets available and YOUR FIRST JOB IS HALF-PRICE!  816-246-0691

Rebecca Broshears: St. Louis, MO.
I am a court reporting student and have been scoping on Eclipse for about four years. I have a degree in Education and am very meticulous with transcripts. I read notes and listen to audio. I offer competitive rates and quick turnaround.
Please contact me for further information.

JENNIFER SHOEMAKER Kansas City metro area.
Former Court Reporter now Eclipse and Case Catalyst scopist/proofreader.
Quick turnaround and reasonable rates.

JACKI KOERS, Mt. Vernon, MO  or 417-316-0762
Scopist since 1988. Eclipse or Stenocat. Superior work ethic.
Founder of the San Diego Scopists Association.

Nevada Eclipse Scopists

K. Tolbert, Eclipse & Stenocat 32 Scopist

contact e-mail:
I completed court reporting school and qualified for the CSR. Scoping on Stenocat 32 and Eclipse.
I read notes, and I am experienced in indexing.
Experience since 2003 in medical and technical content with deposition and official reporters.  
There's more information on my scoping at - 
(This ad updated 8/01/11)

Tamela J. Anderson
702-981-0637 -

Scoping since 1984, well versed in all types of cases, medical, construction defect, etc., do all scoping with audio.  Quick turnaround, I scope using both Eclipse and CaseCATalyst transcription systems and StartStop Transcription System for audio using wav files, allowing me to scope for anyone in the country via e-mail transmission.  All the references you may want.
Call for rates or any other questions. (702) 655-5512.

New Hampshire Eclipse Scopists

Linda Gauthier,
Eclipse and Case CATalyst scopist:
An English major, I have 30 years of experience.
Having a strong command of the English language ensures that all transcripts are returned with the proper punctuation in place. Read steno fluently.
Excellence and a passion for perfection. (603) 373-0198

New Jersey Eclipse Scopists

30+ years working with Reporters/Attorneys.
TOTAL ECLIPSE. (Case Catalyst conversions) Expedited/Daily Copy on-site or via e-mail.
Notereader-no audio backup needed.
Developed reporting software, trainer/seminar presentations from coast to coast,
Numerous daily copy work throughout Texas and the Virgin Islands.
Working for Texas, NY and NJ reporters.
Excellent references.
713-947-7316 or

(This ad updated 8/25/11)

Sandra Caruso - I am a well-educated, reliable Eclipse NT scopist who can ease your heavy workload and give you more free time.  I offer reliable, accurate service at reasonable rates.  I also have plenty of experience with wav files and audiosync. Contact me for more information at

Carol Guinee - Reliable Eclipse Scopist Take some time for yourself.  You can be sure that I will get the job done when/before you need it.  Extremely reliable and accurate -- yet cheap!!!  I happen to love my job and don't feel its necessary to over- charge.  I would rather develop a relationship that we both can depend on.  I am experienced in depo's, trials, .wav files, video, tapes and fast turnaround.  And -- I don't charge extra for any of it!!!  Visit my web site for the details.  I look forward to hearing from you.  e-mail:

Linda M. Daniher
Accurate and reliable. Eclipse CAT system with audiosynch capabilities.

Susan Crapanzano, Essex County, NJ - 
Forty years experience as a legal/judicial secretary.
Twenty-five years experience in transcript preparation.
Programs: 2001 and Total Eclipse.

DOREEN BOHME, Monmouth County, NJ.
If you're looking for quality work, you found the right person. I was a court reporter for 6 years and have been scoping for 10 years (Eclipse). I can note read various theories and have excellent punctuation and grammar skills with quick turnaround and reasonable rates. Hope to hear from you. 

Debra Sozio, Certified Scopist in Central New Jersey seeking some additional reporters.
Nine years experience in all types of litigation, heavy medical experience. 
Six years experience as a realtime in-court scopist for trials with daily and instant copy.
Reasonable, competitive rates, quick turnaround time.  High-speed DSL, delivery via email or courier.
Equipment: Premier Power, StenoCAT32, and Eclipse 4.1 w/stenolink, am in the process of purchasing Catalyst 4.6.  Email Debra at

Kathleen Iuzzolino, Warren County, New Jersey 
I am a former RPR, CR instructor, and have over 25 years of scoping experience.  I use Total Eclipse with .wav files.  I have a background in chemistry and physics and specialize in technical work and daily transcripts.  E-mail me at for a rate schedule.

Denise Wallace
(908) 227-0291

New York Eclipse Scopists

30+ years working with Reporters/Attorneys.
TOTAL ECLIPSE. (Case Catalyst conversions) Expedited/Daily Copy on-site or via e-mail.
Notereader-no audio backup needed.
Developed reporting software, trainer/seminar presentations from coast to coast,
Numerous daily copy work throughout Texas and the Virgin Islands.
Working for Texas, NY and NJ reporters.
Excellent references.
713-947-7316 or

(This ad updated 8/25/11)

HEATHER SIEDLECKI, , Lewis, NY 518 873-7309
CAT:  Eclipse NT, Eclipse V8, Premier Power
Experience:  4 years scoping, 10 years teaching, 20 years secretarial.  Scoping is my only employment and my schedule is flexible. Four to five day turnaround, expedites also accepted.  I will be happy to supply rates and references of very satisfied clients. 
My specialty is DOING IT YOUR WAY.

Linda M. Daniher
Accurate and reliable.
Eclipse CAT system with audiosynch capabilities.

North Carolina Eclipse Scopists

SHIRLEY BARRETT - Charlotte, North Carolina 
Experience: 35 years of experience notereading and transcribing for court reporters.
Experience includes daily copies; realtime; remote realtime; court and deposition work.
CAT systems: Eclipse, CaseCatalyst. References upon request.

Joanne Paquette
Experienced scopist using Total Eclipse. 
I specialize in fast turnaround and have DSL for transfer of WAV files. 
With a BS in Computer Science and minor in Technical Writing, I am computer literate and my grammar, punctuation and spelling are excellent.  I also do full transcription and work in MS Word. 
For information on my rates, please contact me at

Ohio Eclipse Scopists

I have been a court reporter for over 25 years and now scope part time in addition.  I am an RMR and have a B.A. in English.  I use EclipseNT, which is compatible with other systems using RTF.   I have extensive medical and technical experience.  
Usually work will be returned via e-mail within two days.
Prefer no tapes.

Oklahoma Eclipse Scopists

Sheena Stobaugh,
Premier Scoping Services
Scoping since 1996.  Former CR student, legal secretary and federal deputy court clerk. 
Trustworthy and thorough.  I can provide many references. 
Please visit my site at to learn more about how I can help you. 
Case CATalyst, Eclipse and DigitalCAT.

Oregon Eclipse Scopists

Ann Mia Haning,

Scopist/proofreader since 2008 based in Portland, OR using Eclipse/Case Cat.
I’ve been working for a firm and now seek reporters for a working relationship.
I have an eye for the “perfect page” and always do a second read-through of each job.
Former court reporting student, medical and technical transcripts are no problem!  or (503) 764-5552
(This ad updated 03/29/11)
Portland, Oregon
(971) 506-0588  or

Scopist with strong background in computer technology, medical and mental health diagnoses
and procedures, insurance claims, and criminal and civil court proceedings. I use Eclipse 6 software,
and my goal is always client satisfaction. To this end, clear communication is a priority. I value
strong and positive relationships, accuracy and consistency. I can accept files via email or ftp
transfer programs such as Rates and references available upon request.

(This ad updated 07/22/15)

Ruth Hopkins, Lebanon, Oregon (541)259-1405,
I am a Total Eclipse scopist with about seven years of experience scoping, proofreading and transcribing. I have experience with a large variety of depositions and trials, including many expert witnesses. I will work with backup tapes and audiosync files. In addition to my scoping experience, I have 13 years of administrative experience in the banking, mortgage and real estate fields. I always strive to be professional and conscientious in my work

Pennsylvania Eclipse Scopists

CAROLYN ARENA -  610-631-2997,
Eclipse Scopist.  Graduated from Court Reporting Institute in Philadelphia. 
Have been scoping full time for 2 years and have experience in trials and depositions. 
I put my reporter's needs as a top priority and take great pride in my work. 
Call or email for rates.

PATRICIA TAYLOR - Philadelphia, PA - 215-942-8964,
Eclipse and Cheetah scopist.  Also have conversion to accept Premier Power work. 
Graduated from the Court Reporting Institute in Philadelphia. Have been scoping for approximately 3 years. 
Please call or email for rates.

PATTI WEISS, Philadelphia, PA
(215)673-8874 E-mail @
Experienced Eclipse scopist. Backup tapes welcome. Write for rates and resume. 

610-279-9849, --
Dependable EclipseNT scopist experienced in depositions and trials.  Dedicated to providing quality work in a timely manner.  Background of 24 years as a paralegal/legal secretary.  Available for overflow/backlog or regular work (with or without tapes); RTF capabilities; high-speed cable for WAV files.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or for additional information.

PAMELA LANDIS - York, PA (717)308-1444
ECLIPSE NT SCOPIST. Full time, five years’ experience.
Depositions, hearings, Grand Jury. Two passes with audio. Pronouns researched.
My priorities are accuracy with attention to detail, fast, reliable turnaround and protection of documents. Medical/technical no extra charge.

Lisa Casler
(814) 746-6381

Rhode Island Eclipse Scopists

Paula Singer, Westerly, RI, 888-895-5007
Scoping, proofreading.  Recently relocated to RI.
Experienced with CaseCatalyst. Am familiar with Eclipse and StenoCat. 
I am accurate, dependable, and offer reasonable rates. Audio tapes welcomed. 
I can import/export any program that supports RTF files. Will consider purchase of other system edit software for right client.

South Carolina Eclipse Scopists

The Scoping Solution,
Susan Amick,  Leesville, SC
(803)608-0008, Fax (803)604-8799,
I have been in medical transcription since 1997 and an accountant for the past 20 years.
I use Eclipse NT and can read steno.
Let me help you lighten your load and give you more opportunities to increase your income.

Becky Lash
Anderson, SC 29626
Former court reporter of 25 years seeking scoping and/or proofreading work. I have Eclipse software, along with AudioSync.  I am very familiar with medical and technical terminology; have done both criminal and civil depos, hearings, and trials. I take pride in my work and have a very quick turnaround.

South Dakota Eclipse Scopists

Tracy Hummel (605) 321-5840
-- Total Eclipse 4.3 and 5.0 --
Former court reporting student able to read steno;
Trained in StedEd Theory; BeST Scoping Techniques graduate; proficient and reliable.
Excellent command of the English language. Strong keyboard and proofing skills.
I am confident you will be impressed with my work and I look forward
to building and maintaining a strong partnership with you.
Available full-time, part-time, and overflow with competitive rates.
Contact me at   or
Posted 06/21/12

Tennessee Eclipse Scopists

JULIA MATTHEWS, Knoxville, TN area
Former court reporter now scoping on Eclipse NT. 
Audiotape backup with fast turnaround and attention to detail. 
Rates available upon request.  References available.

Traci Leonard
Total Eclipse scopist looking to build another partnership with full-time or part-time reporter.
An English teacher who brings excellent skills, dependability, and strong work ethics to each job, I want to help you look your best! Please email me for rates and details. Have a great day! :)

Erin E. Moore,
Eclipse Scopist:
Brentwood, TN
(615) 533-1250
Reasonable rates, quality work product, and fast turnaround times are my standard of business

Dot Phillips
Bus: (9 01) 346-5901    Fax: (901) 346-2761
I am new to the business and am anxious to scope and proofread. Former court reporting student. Skilled in note reading; top-notch grammar and punctuation skills; professional and reliable. Will do overflow, regular turn, and expedites for Eclipse users.
First 10 pages free; Reduced rates while I gain experience. I look forward to hearing from you.  Thanks.

April Herbst -- Brentwood, TN
cell: (407) 529-7898   e-mail:
I am an Eclipse scopist seeking full-time work. I hope to find several reporters to establish an excellent working relationship with. I am dedicated to meeting your needs as I provide you with a quality transcript. I am meticulous, reliable, and hard-working. My rates are competitive with reasonable turnaround times. E-mail me and let me know how I can help YOU.

Debbie Smith - Nashville, TN - Total Eclipse Scopist
18 years of experience in editing all types of depositions and court transcripts, including federal and state court daily trials; criminal appeals; expert testimony for medical malpractice, patent infringement, DNA. Excellent grammar, punctuation, note reading and research skills.  Daily trials and expedites welcome. Paid FTP account for your audio file transfers.
Meeting your deadlines with top quality transcripts. Please e-mail: for rates.

Texas Eclipse Scopists

30+ years working with Reporters/Attorneys.
TOTAL ECLIPSE. (Case Catalyst conversions) Expedited/Daily Copy on-site or via e-mail.
Notereader-no audio backup needed.
Developed reporting software, trainer/seminar presentations from coast to coast,
Numerous daily copy work throughout Texas and the Virgin Islands.
Working for Texas, NY and NJ reporters.
Excellent references.
713-947-7316 or
(This ad updated 8/25/11)
LEAH WHITE, Acme Scoping Service - Paris, TX
Email:   Phone: 903-249-5727
Software: Eclipse (Versions 4 and 5) 
As I edit your transcripts, you can expect the following
  • Proficiency in grammar and punctuation
  • Attention to detail and excellent contextual reading skills
  • Utmost integrity and confidentiality 
  • Reliability in meeting your requested deadlines
  • I take great pride in my work, treating every transcript as if it were my own. 
    Please contact me for quality transcript preparation!

    (Posted 04/19/12)

    CATHY WATSON, Euless, TX
    (817) 584-0334, 
    CAT systems: Eclipse and CaseCatalyst.
    Scoping for reporters nationwide since 1994. I have worked on many trials as well as depositions and arbitrations.  Lots of experience with medical and forensic experts and toxic waste cleanup cases.

    JOYCE DAVIS, Houston, TX
    Total Eclipse software
    30 years' experience working with court reporters, freelancers and officials
    Eclipse-certified trainer (edit specialist)
    Note reader - Internet dropbox available for uploading audio files   (713) 785-9564     
    (This ad updated 12/28/09)

    ANN HERZIG - Austin, TX - (512) 515-6722 -  EclipseNT SCOPIST with years of editing and proofreading experience in the advertising and forms design fields.  My strengths include excellent computer skills, attention to detail, dependable service and quick turnaround.  My rates are reasonable and you can count on me to be very reliable. I have a customer-oriented personality and client satisfaction is my priority. I will work from your personal preferences and style.  Please contact me and we can discuss any other details.  Full or part-time, I am ready to work for you!

    LISA E. MURPHY - Austin/San Antonio Areas - (512) 376-4552 Scopist whose equipment includes EclipseNT, a two-speed transcriber, E-mail and a fax machine. I have a Bachelor's degree in English and extensive experience with proof- reading and editing. I am very detail oriented and dependable. My rates are reasonable, and I am flexible. I have a Reporter's Preference Form for you to fill out to ensure your needs are met.

    JEANETTE GRISHAM   Amarillo, TX.
    I have Total Eclipse Software, a fax machine and a Sanyo transcriber, that uses standard cassettes. 
    This works well for reporters who do not have or use wav. files.  I have also worked as a legal secretary and trained as a nursing technician.

    Tabatha Ainsworth
    - Henderson, TX  
    Web Site: 
    Eclipse Scopist since 1999.

    ARSOLA, S. - Alvin, TX;
    Let me lighten your workload. I support CaseCATalyst 3 & 4 editing versions and Eclipse V.8. If those are not your programs of choice, that's okay. I am familiar with RTF files. I have fax capabilities, printer/scanner, DSL for faster downloading and support digital audio files. Let me know if I can be of any assistance. Thank you.

    TINA MECHAM, Dallas, TX, (972) 442-1902,
    Equipment: Eclipse NT, transcriber, Iomega storage for accepting .wav files. I offer scoping and proofreading services at great rates! I have an English Bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University. Graduate of Best Scoping Techniques. I have a good command of the English language and pay close attention to detail.

    LINDA ALDRICH (210) 979-9394
    CAT systems: Eclipse, Premier Power, CaseCatalyst Will work from tapes, Audio Sync, Digital (Olympus AS-3000). Internet or AIM-FTP forfile transfers. 14 years experience with depos & trials. Expertise in medical. Former CR teacher.
    Read notes.

    CAROL SMITH - League City and General Houston, TX area,  (281) 338-4002
    Experienced scoping in both Eclipse and ProCat 2000.  Also available for transcription and proofreading.  Reasonable rates. Rush jobs and daily copy welcomed.

    Leslie Cox, San Antonio, TX
    (210) 694-4551,
    Eclipse scopist available for immediate work. I offer reasonable rates, quick turnaround times, and extensive research skills.
    I can read notes and offer a free FTP site for uploading of files. I scope using your preferences. Email or call me for monthly incentives.

    Utah Eclipse Scopists

    JENNIE M. VOORHIS, Provo, UT  (801) 375-0718
    Full-time scopist with over 10 years of experience.  "You name it, I've done it." 
    Federal court, state court, freelance depositions, experts of all kinds. Love medical and technical transcripts.  Great research and English skills. I do a word-by-word, line-by-line edit and get the transcript to as close to finished as possible. Advanced CAT skills, using Open StenoCAT, Case Catalyst, Eclipse V8 and Eclipse NT.

    Virginia Eclipse Scopists

    Luretha Rhyne, Herndon, VA
    Rhyne I C Solutions  Email:
    Professionally trained scopist, graduate of Accolade Scoping Education
    Eclipse 6 - Full-time part-time or in a crunch.
    Your transcripts will be handled with care and confidentiality.
    Tailored to your preferences. I look forward to working with you to
    help ease your burdens and meet your deadlines.
    Posted 5/22/14

    ROSEANNE MILLER - Chesapeake, VA 757-546-1417
    I am a court reporting school graduate with three years of experience scoping and proofreading. 
    I am seeking additional full-time or overflow work.  I use EclipseNT editing software.

    Angie Ryder, Glen Allen, VA (804) 918-3611
    Utilizing Eclipse and DigitalCat.  Currently seeking one more client to add to my client base full-time.
    Extremely comfortable with medical and technical terminology.
    For more information, please visit or contact me via e-mail or telephone.
    Tonia McDermott, Chesapeake, VA, (757)488-8862, 
    Eclipse/TurboCAT scopist looking for busy reporter to increase workload. Work with audio/tapes.
    High-speed internet for file transfers. Both standard & mini transcriber.
    DSS Player Pro Transcription Module w/Olympus footswitch. I am very reliable and have a strong work ethic. Reasonable rates and turnaround.

    Washington Eclipse Scopists

    (360) 377-1351 -
    Scoping on Eclipse NT with audiosync, standard tapes, micro-cassettes, high-speed internet access and fax capabilities.
    Please contact me for rate and turnaround information.

    CATHY SHERIDAN - Shelton, WA (360) 427-1025 / 
    Equipment: Total Eclipse with Audiosync, TurboCat. Lanier Transcriber uses standard tapes. Experience: Court Reporting, 1 year. Scoping, 13 years. Clean transcripts!  Please e-mail or call me to discuss rates and turnaround times. Will do a small transcript (50 pages) at no charge to see if we work well together!
    Look forward to talking to you!

    Cindy Cooley,  
    Longview, Washington.  (360)560-2227 Business:  Scoping 101 A court reporter for 20 years, have been scoping for two years.  I am on CaseCatalyst 4, Eclipse, and AristoCAT. 
    Am a very detail-oriented person and with my experience, I am very attuned to a court reporter's needs. 
    Please call or e-mail me for rates and availablity.

    Birch Scoping Services
    Camas, WA

    Wisconsin Eclipse Scopists

    Lori Birkholz
    - -
    15 years experience, full-time scopist, Eclipse and DigitalCAT
    Diploma in small business management, Certificate in medical transcription.
    Diploma in notereading/scoping.
    15 years pharmacy technician. Specialize in med mal, asbestos, workers' comp, personal injury.
    Will also offer proofing services.  Competitive rates and references upon request.
    Please contact me for more details and a rate listing. Rates are always negotiable.  

    (This ad updated 8/26/11)

    Debra Carter,
    Professionally trained scopist available. I have the editing version of Total Eclipse and DigitalCAT.
    I am available for full-time or part-time scoping services.
    If you are looking for a high quality scopist, or if you know someone who is, please contact me for more information.  Let me show you how I can save you time!   or   920-606-6929 

    Ann Beyer,
    Balsam Lake, WI
    I am a professionally trained scopist available for full or part-time work. I use Total Eclipse software and I am able to read steno notes. My main reference source is Lillian Morson’s English Guide. If you are in need of a dependable, hard-working, reliable scopist, contact me at

    Canada Eclipse Scopists

    Linda Cote, Accurate Scoping Services, B.C., Canada   Phone/Fax: 250-320-7210
    Eclipse scopist providing support for freelance and official court reporters.  Steno note-reader with over 30 years’ administrative experience in legal & corporate venues, college-trained in environmental sciences. Experienced with state and district courts, specializing in daily copy for patent litigation, environmental, asbestos, engineering, medical, criminal, divorce, etc.  Services include scoping to notes-only or spot-checking audiosync.  Reasonable rates and flexible turnaround time. 
    Please check my website for further information: