Kansas Court Reporter Scopists
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SHERYL ERNST - I am a former reporter of eight years who is now on the Case Catalyst system scoping.  I have been scoping for eight years.  I am looking for overload work.  My turnaround time is two to three days.  I will listen to tapes occasionally.  If interested, please contact me at SherylErnst@aol.com.

MARGIE MARLER, Ottawa, KS, mdmarler@earthlink.net or phone 785 878-3697. Experience:  Full-time for past seven years.  Experience includes daily copies, expedites; court, arbitration, and deposition. Total Eclipse. Audiosync welcome. Fast connection for downloading large files.

Tracy Davis, Holcomb, Kansas, (620) 277-2874, tad@pld.com 
I worked as a legal assistant for 12+ years, scoped part-time for 3 1/2 years & started scoping full time in 10-05. I am accurate, pay attention to detail & will do research for proper spellings, etc., within transcripts. Contact me for references, rates & turnaround times

Tammy Gamino,
Great Bend, Kansas, tgamino@2ndeyes.kscoxmail.com   
Scopist using Case CATalyst 4 with audio sync.
I will work using your preferences and style. 
Please e-mail to discuss rates and availability.
See my web page at www.scopist.biz/tgamino/ 

Crofton, Nebraska.  Cell: (620)786-5358 or Home (402)388-4997
Email address: kayesojs@yahoo.com    Web site: www.ScalesOfJusticeScoping.com .
I am a full-time scopist and proofreader. I am experienced, dependable, thorough and formally trained by BeST Scoping Techniques. Use Stenograph Case CATalyst 4, version 8, with audiosync. Have MOLLy available for the transfer of audiosync WAV files.  This is a free service for the reporter. Will scope from tapes at a higher rate.  

Sherri Smith,
Wichita Ks,
(316)250-6016, sherriscoping@sbcglobal.net 
I am an experienced scopist using Digital Cat and Eclipse with audio sync. I will work using your preference and style. I will listen to full audio. I am willing to listen to tapes. I research for proper spelling, etc. If interested, please contact me.
See my web page. www.freewebs.com/sherriscopingservice