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Northern California StenoCAT Scopists

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Cathy Wysocki, Los Molinos, CA (Northern)
530-527-2562; e-mail: 
Scoping for 10+ years.  25+ years as a legal secretary.  
Experience with hearings, depositions, court transcripts, appeals.
Read notes. Audio welcome.  Currently using StenoCAT 32; CaseCATalyst.
Please contact me for turnaround time and rates.
(This ad updated 04/01/10)  

Cheryl Draper (916) 624-1721 Rocklin, CA
I have been a scopist/proofreader since 1996. 
Experience with a variety of depositions, as well as hearings, trials & arbitrations. 
I use StenoCAT editing software and I can read steno.  Backup tapes welcome. 
For rates and turnaround time, please call or email at

SUSAN WALDRON -  Ex-court reporter with 28 yrs'
transcribing experience, currently on Open StenoCAT. I've done all levels of jobs,
including very technical computer cases, medical, as well as court work. Let my
experience help you produce quality transcripts. I will research those hard-to-find
terms and spellings for you. My goal is to send you an edited job that you will be
able to print up and send out with minimal effort on your part.
Call or e-mail for rates. References available.

Danelle Young - Chino, CA
(909) 591-8198.
I am a scopist/proofreader. I have Open Stenocat and Stenocat 32.
I would love to help you out with any scoping or proofreading that you might have.
I can be reached at the phone number above or online at

RandiAnn Harvey, 
Working reporter since 1991, freelance and official. 
RMR and CRR certifications. 
Fast turnaround.  Eclipse software. 
Please email me for rates and a preference sheet.

Southern California  StenoCAT Scopists

EMH Scoping
Scoping by Evelyn Hooper
909-268-3848, text or voice
StenoCat 32 Scopist with over 20 years of experience.  I offer quality transcripts at reasonable rates. Expedite service available.  Visit my website, for more information on me, my rates, a preference sheet and even to send a file.  References available upon request.

   (This ad updated 07/21/11)
AMY YEAKEL, Scopist - San Diego, CA
Over 20 years of full-time experience on StenoCAT and Case CATalyst. 
I love being a scopist, take great pride in my work, and scope my reporters' transcripts as if they are my own.
Experience with depos, arbitrations, State and Federal civil trials, State and Federal criminal trials, sentencings, motions hearings, MANY daily trials, five death-penalty cases, and extensive knowledge regarding medical terminology.
I am also available for straight transcription via digital audio files.
Rates and references available upon request.
(This ad updated 08/04/11)

PATRICIA RIGGS, Capistrano Beach, CA
Full-time scopist, ten years experience.  Extensive training includes 2 years court reporting school, A- GPA, with certif. from At-Home Professions, 99% grade avg.
Heavy experience in construct. defect & workers' comp. Work ethic second to none,
all work prepared in a timely/professional manner.
Open StenoCat -- from my computer to yours, contact me if I may be of service.

JANET EASTWOOD - Corona, CA; 909-273-1668;
Scoping experience:  Full time since 1991; Types of transcripts:  Court, deposition, hearing, and think-tank-type; Education:  3 years of graduate school in Genetics
Other experience:  Stockbroker for 1-1/2 years
Transcript quality:  My husband (an engineer) proofreads my transcripts.
CaseCatalyst, Eclipse 8.4 & NT, Open StenoCat, Xscribe 2001, Premier Power

CLEO BRADLEY: Southern, CA 949-215-0472;
Scopist/notereader on StenoCat 32; Case Catalyst 4; DigitalCAT.
Experience in depositions and court work. Medical; technical; construction; jury charge and more. Quality transcriptions, attention to detail; word-by-word, line-by-line editing. Fast turnaround. File transfer by highspeed internet.
Reasonable and competitive rates.

Ed Santistevan
CAT System: Open Stenocat
Audio work at no premium
10 years experience
phone (310) 490-7022

Delia Pyle 
Serenity Now Scoping and Proofreading Services!
StenoCat 32, Insync, Tapes
Majored in English / BeST Scoping Techniques graduate / Detail-oriented / My goal is to make your life easier!
References and rate sheet available upon request. 

Florida StenoCAT Scopists

April Frost,  South Florida.
Scoping and proofreading services offered at reasonable rates. 
StenoCat 32. 
Please contact me right away so that I can help lighten your load! 

ProScripts-Julie Lampp, central Florida
Full-time Professional Scopist, 12 years experience plus 2 years court reporting, Proficient in reading notes. Excellent English & Grammar skills. CAT Systems are StenoCat 32, EclipseNT & CaseCatalyst; Competitive rates, include scoping with tape, research and quick turn-around time. 
Specialize in Medical-Legal Trans; Now accepting new clients.  CONTACT INFO: E-mail:     TELEPHONE: (904) 782-9884 or (904) 200-8025

Darlene C. Yetta
Software: StenoCAT
Location: Tampa, Florida
Former court reporter of 22 years is interested in scoping on StenoCAT 32.
I am interested in working with a busy reporter full time.
Please call 813-310-6841 or email 

Georgia StenoCAT Scopists

DEBRA PEARCE - Georgia  (770) 207-9311. 
Full-time scopist with over 10 years experience in scoping and legal field. 
Scoping experience includes medical and technical transcription, civil and criminal proceedings. I use Eclipse and StenoCat but have the capability to use other CAT systems with RTF.  Files can be transferred via email, FED-X, UPS, or U.S. mail. 
References available upon request.

Tracy Cortesi-Guaderrama,
Channahon, IL, 
(815)467-5925 or or
Stenocat 32 scopist; 4 years on 32, 5 on Open Stenocat. Court reporting school student to the 200 speed. Very experienced in med mal, PI, technical, asbestos, Family Court and psych experts, to name a few. Many references available. View full ad on under Channahon, IL, Tracy Cortesi-Guaderrama. Audio insync or dss files okay. Account with Exhibits scanned or faxed welcomed. Flexible schedule to accommodate your needs. Let me take the stress of editing off of you, so you have more time to enjoy your family and/or.  

JONI BRADBURN,   Open StenoCAT and Case Catalyst.  
Four years experience.  References available.  
Standard and microcassettes welcome. Files transferred via E-mail.  
Strong medical and technical background.  
Call @317-867-5547 or E-mail
Also will do transcription work.

Kentucky StenoCAT Scopists

Billie Jacobs,  Florence, KY (Greater Cincinnati area).
Phone:859-380-2208    Email:
Software:  CaseCAT 3 and 4, soon to be getting StenoCAT. 
I am a notereader/scopist who is looking to build long-term business relationships with reporters who desire a partner with a superior work ethic. Also available for short-term and overflow work. I enjoy a challenge and will go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.  Worked in the legal field for over 14 years.  

Louisiana StenoCAT Scopists

Julie C. Thomas, West Monroe, LA
* Retired freelance LA-CCR
* Latest versions of DigitalCAT, CaseCATalyst, StenoCAT 32
* Full-time scopist/proofreader
* Meticulous researcher
* High-speed Internet, fax available
* My specialty is doing things your way!
E-mail:    Website:
Phone: 318.322.2199
(This ad updated 08/17/11)

Digital CAT and Open StenoCAT scopist from New Orleans. 
Also serving the entire U.S. through the exchanging of files over the Internet. 
Experience in med/mal, patent infringements and expert witnesses.  Competitive rates and quick turnarounds. 
Web Site:    

Michigan StenoCAT Scopists

Laura Meyers
StenoCAT32 with Audiosync
Can read steno - three semesters of stenotype classes at Oakland Community College
Best Scoping Techniques graduate 
Contact me at or 248-534-9510.

Minnesota StenoCAT Scopists

Shelly Dalbec
Professional Scoping Services
Prior Lake, MN 55372
I have been scoping and proofreading for over a decade. I'm proficient in both Case CATalyst and StenoCat.
I have been working with the same three court reporters for years and am looking for a fourth to complete my business.
I'm fast, reliable, and extremely detail oriented.
My reporters will attest that I'm the best in the business, so please contact me for references and rates.
Posted 09/06/11


Marquette Legal Editing: I am a Legal Editor/Scopist. I have went to school for Court Reporting and have had training in Scoping.
Right now I work with Open Stenocat, but at the same time I am considering other software options and am open to anything at this time before my major purchase. I am looking for one or two lasting relationships with a Court Reporter that can give me a somewhat consistent work load. Please contact me as soon as possible. I also have high speed internet and fax capabilities.

Missouri StenoCAT Scopists

JACKI KOERS, Mt. Vernon, MO 
Scopist since 1988.  Eclipse or Stenocat. 
Superior work ethic. 
Founder of the San Diego Scopists Association.

Montana StenoCAT Scopists

Sampson Scoping
2348 Mary Avenue,    Missoula
(406) 565-2942

Nevada StenoCAT Scopists

K. Tolbert, Eclipse & Stenocat 32 Scopist

contact e-mail:
I completed court reporting school and qualified for the CSR. Scoping on Stenocat 32 and Eclipse.
I read notes, and I am experienced in indexing.
Experience since 2003 in medical and technical content with deposition and official reporters.  
There's more information on my scoping at - 
(This ad updated 8/01/11)

Kris Moore, Scopist and CCR in Nevada
I worked 12 of 21 years in District Court.  
I am on Stenocat 32. My scoping rates vary from .75 to $1.25. 
Discounts are applied for payments that arrive within three days of email invoices. 
Regular turn-around time for scoping is four to  five days, and dailies are not a problem. Contact:   


New Jersey StenoCAT Scopists

Robin Fritz, Essex County, NJ. 
Former court reporter available for your scoping needs with StenoCat32 and digitalCAT software. Full audio not a problem with software sync or digital audio player. Cable internet connection.
Quick turnaround, reasonable rates.
Contact through: 

Debra Sozio, Certified Scopist in Central New Jersey seeking some additional reporters. Nine years experience in all types of litigation, heavy medical experience. 
Six years experience as a realtime in-court scopist for trials with daily and instant copy. Reasonable, competitive rates, quick turnaround time.  High-speed DSL, delivery via email or courier. Equipment: Premier Power, StenoCAT32, & Eclipse 4.1 w/stenolink, in the process of purchasing Catalyst 4.6.

Denise Wallace
(908) 227-0291

New York StenoCAT Scopists

Elizabeth Wylie
Tully, New York
(315) 569-7631
Full-time scopist with eight years' experience. Completed online scoping school and trained
StenoCAT by Paula Mecke. I charge a flat rate of $ .80 per page whether you need regular,
daily, expedited, or rough. Retired respiratory therapist and EMT.
(This ad updated 08/17/16)

Carol Morris - Rochester, NY.
Scopist on Open StenoCAT, StenoCAT32 and Case CATalyst4.
21 years experience, beginning as a notereader, in the state of California, depositions
and court work. Dedicated full time to scoping and proofreading for court reporters.
I especially enjoy building reporters' dictionaries.
E-mail:    Telephone (585) 458-7170; cell phone (585) 415-2250.


Ohio StenoCAT Scopists

614 844-6241 (C) 614 563-5580

40 Years Experience as Court Reporter
Reasonable Rates
Also Provide Audio and Video Transcription
Posted 02/25/12

Billie Jacobs,  Florence, KY (Greater Cincinnati area).
Phone:859-380-2208.  Email:
Software:  CaseCAT 3 and 4, soon to be getting StenoCAT. 
I am a notereader/scopist who is looking to build long-term business relationships with reporters who desire a partner with a superior work ethic.
Also available for short-term and overflow work. I enjoy a challenge and will go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.  Worked in the legal field for over 14 years.  

Oregon StenoCAT Scopists

KAREN HORTON, Bend, Oregon
(541) 536-8183
Full-time scopist with experience in medical malpractice, criminal and civil court proceedings, accident and insurance claims. 
I use Open StenoCat software and can transfer files e-mail or Fed-Ex.
I am a perfectionist, and have high standards for producing a quality transcript in a timely manner.
Rates and references available upon request.

Pennsylvania StenoCAT Scopists

JEANNE ROGERS -- Pennsylvania scopist on StenoCAT 32.  
Fast turnarounds, accurate transcripts. 
I am a notereader, scopist, proofreader. 
I can do audio tapes if needed, standard size. 
References on request. 
570-745-3594, or I do it your way.

Kaye Mede, Lancaster, PA
(717) 397-4905
StenoCAT 32 scopist and proofreader.
Scoping school graduate with experience in business and medical transcription.
Competitive rates.
Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Rhode Island StenoCAT Scopists

Paula Singer, Westerly, RI,, 888-895-5007
Scoping, proofreading.  Recently relocated to RI.
Experienced with CaseCatalyst. Am familiar with Eclipse and StenoCat. 
I am accurate, dependable, and offer reasonable rates. Audio tapes welcomed. I can import/export any program that supports RTF files.
Will consider purchase of other system edit software for right client.

Tennessee StenoCAT Scopists

Jeanette Scott - Nashville, TN - 
StenoCat 32 with AudioSync.
I've been proofreading for about 4 years and scoping for about 1 year.
I've been working closely with a court reporter who is taking time off work.
I am dependable, thorough, easy to work with, and determined to give you the best work possible.
Rates negotiable. 615-353-8536

Texas StenoCAT Scopists

Kristi Nicole Moore - (972) 345-3815 
Scoping since 1993. Specializing is expedited turnaround.
Experience: Graduated court reporting college in 1996 and practiced reporting for two years. Being a reporter turned scopist, I can read steno notes as if I'm reading a book. Equipment and Software: StenoCAT 32, DigitalCAT, InSync, GearPlayer, Sanyo Four-Track Multi-Speed Transcriber.

SUZANNE BUTLER, Garland, Texas  (972) 926-5183, ,
StenoCat 32, StenoCat Open, Premier Power scopist with 30 years’ experience scoping, proofing court and depo transcriptions.
Court reporting school realtime computer teacher, CSR prep course from my home with 100 percent pass rate. 1 year experience managing/supporting Internet realtime writers. Variable speed standard cassette transcriber and GearPlayer for .wav files. Please let me know if you need help part-time or full-time.

Theresa Edgar,
817/561-1781 (home)   817/903-4764 (cell)
I am a full-time scopist who has over 10 years experience in all types of depositions and trial work. I am extremely efficient and very conscientious. My turnaround time is very good. Also, I have competitive rates. My software is ProCat and StenoCat32.  I love my job! 

Utah StenoCAT Scopists

DARLENE MINJARES, Sandy, UT (801) 501-0729 
I have been scoping for nearly 16 years and have had experience with depositions and court/trial work. I have worked on business, medical, technical, personal injury, worker's comp, civil and criminal transcripts. I have also scoped meetings and arbitrations. I use StenoCAT, Case Catalyst and Premier Power.
References upon request.

JENNIE M. VOORHIS, Provo, UT  (801) 375-0718
Full-time scopist with over 10 years of experience.  "You name it, I've done it." 
Federal court, state court, freelance depositions, experts of all kinds. 
Love medical and technical transcripts.  Great research and English skills. 
I do a word-by-word, line-by-line edit and get the transcript to as close to finished as possible. Advanced CAT skills, using Open StenoCAT, Case Catalyst, Eclipse V8 and Eclipse NT.

Washington StenoCAT Scopists

Gina Jackson
Spokane, WA
Professionally trained StenoCAT scopist with over 20 years’ experience in administrative services, including document creation, transcription, scoping, and proofreading. Flexible rates and turnaround. 

Wisconsin StenoCAT Scopists

Janet Nimm, Watertown WI.
Scopist/notereader. I work from the editing system Stenocat 32 and have tape backup (regular not mini). I can work with you via the internet, mail, UPS or
Fed Ex. I have excellent note reading skills. 
You can contact me at PHONE 920-261-8902 0r

Canada StenoCAT Scopists

Cynthia James -
Top-notch court reporter (RPR) of 12 years looking to scope/proofread from home.
Extensive experience with depositions, Federal Court, energy board hearings, and daily copy. StenoCat 32 and digital transcription software. Will also work from tapes. Very high-quality transcripts produced.

Shaun Mackie -
I am a full-time scopist working on StenoCAT 32 with InSync.
My capabilities include fluent note reading, excellent punctuation, and strong research skills. I have fast turnaround times and my rates are reasonable and competitive. You can reach me by phone at (613) 228-8403 or email me at for rates.