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Northern California Scopists
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Cathy Wysocki, Los Molinos, CA (Northern)
530-527-2562; e-mail: 
Scoping for 10+ years.  25+ years as a legal secretary.  
Experience with hearings, depositions, court transcripts, appeals.
Read notes. Audio welcome.  Currently using StenoCAT 32; CaseCATalyst.
Please contact me for turnaround time and rates.
(This ad updated 04/01/10)

Linda Hutton, Fresno, CA, (559) 226-7016.  
CaseCatalyst and Premier Power. 
I have been scoping since 1986 in both California and Washington, D.C., depositions, trials, hearings, etc.  I attended reporting school for two years and have also taught spelling, grammar and punctuation to high school students for 2 years. 
Please call or e-mail for rates.

Cheryl Draper
(916) 624-1721 Rocklin, CA
I have been a scopist/proofreader since 1996. 
Experience with a variety of depositions, as well as hearings, trials and arbitrations. 
I use StenoCAT editing software.  I also can read steno.  Backup tapes welcome. 
For rates and turnaround time, please call or email at

SUSAN WALDRON -  I am an ex-court reporter with 28 years' transcribing experience, currently on Open StenoCAT. I've done all levels of jobs, including very technical computer cases, medical, as well as court work. Let my experience help you produce quality transcripts. I will research those hard-to-find terms and spellings for you. My goal is to send you an edited job that you will be able to print up and send out with minimal effort on your part. Call or e-mail for rates. References available.

VICKI RIDEOUT - Legal/general audiotape transcriptionist.  Over nine years in the field. Very reasonable rates.   Accustomed to technical material, fast turnaround, rush jobs welcome.  Sony 2-speed full-size transcriber and Olympia microcassette transcriber, .wav pedal. 
E-mail Vicki Rideout,, for rates and turnaround times.

JANET REYES, Salinas, CA  (831) 663-2421     
TURBOCAT - I have been scoping and proofing for ten years and have a variety of experience, including medical.  I am a previous court reporting student and therefore can read steno.    I provide accurate and fast work and will provide full-time or overflow services.  With the wonders of the Internet, your location versus mine is no problem.  Call me or e-mail me at JLOUISER@AOL.COM 

Laurie Marigo
Freelance deposition reporter turned stay-at-home mom seeking scoping work.  3 1/2 years reporting experience. 
Scoping/proofing since 2000.  Case Catalyst. 
Accurate and reliable.  References available upon request.

Danelle Young - Chino, CA (909) 591-8198.
My name is Danelle Young. I am a scopist/proofreader. I have Open Stenocat and Stenocat 32. I would love to help you out with any scoping or proofreading that you might have. I can be reached at the phone number above or online at or

Donna Fleckner - Livermore, CA. (925)447-4602 -
TurboCAT - I have 11 years scoping and proofreading experience in medical, arbitration, expert witness and Worker's Comp. cases. I provide excellent turnaround time. Expedites, weekend and evening work welcome.

Shelly Coleman - Fresno, California. 559-287-5351.  Case CATalyst 3 & 4 I hold a scoping certificate from Internet Scoping School. I attended court reporting school, completing all academics with A's. I welcome the opportunity to assist you with your transcript needs. References available upon request.

RandiAnn Harvey, 
Working reporter since 1991, freelance and official.  RMR and CRR certifications.  Fast turnaround.  StenoCat 32 and Eclipse.  Please email me for rates and a preference sheet.

Denise Graham
Manteca, CA,
(209) 629-4991

Charlie Harmon, Hayward, CA (Northern California)
Case CATalyst 4.9
Scopist/Proofreader. Proficient in medical & Legal terminology and research. Fast turnaround.
First 10 pages free with first job only.

Susan Schacherer
21 years scoping experience - read notes - audio
ProCAT, Cheetah/TurboCAT, Xscribe 2001 

Katie Thurn, Fairfield, CA (707)864-3448; 
Eclipse 6, high-speed internet connection.
Fully trained and dependable scopist. Available to work full time.

Emily Russie
(408) 440-1335
I have been scoping since 1990.  I use Xscribe 2001 and CaseCatalyst software. My experience includes both Superior Court and depositions.  I understand the importance of a quick turnaround and quality work.  Excellent references available. 
You may contact me via the telephone # above or my e-mail address  Thank you.

Lorayne McKelvy-Morris
Fresno, CA 888-928-6668.
Over 15 years experience with scoping/transcribing and proofreading, ranging from medical, legal (labor, Work Comp, accident, insurance, technical, scientific, medical and drug-related issues and expert witness trials) and business. I can accept digital and audio and can handle all your dailies, expedites and regular work via overnight courier or by direction transmission over a high-speed internet connection; and can provide 24 - 48 hour turn-around when needed with a 97% accuracy rate.

Crystal Rogan,
I'm a Case CATalyst scopist available to take on some more clients on a full-time, part-time or overflow basis. I've put together a website to help answer many questions that potential clients may have. If interested, I hope you will take a minute to explore a possible working relationship. I welcome any questions or comments you may have.
Thank you!

Emily M. Crumrine, Pleasanton, California  
I am a former court reporter who uses Case Catalyst 9. I can also provide proofreading services.

Jeff Sherman
Petaluma, CA
(707) 696-5969

Kris Morehead
Red Bluff,  CA

Scoping Services

Southern California Scopists

EMH Scoping
Scoping by Evelyn Hooper
909-268-3848, text or voice
StenoCat 32 Scopist with over 20 years of experience.  I offer quality transcripts at reasonable rates. Expedite service available.  Visit my website, for more information on me, my rates, a preference sheet and even to send a file.  References available upon request.

                                        (This ad updated 07/21/11)
AMY YEAKEL, Scopist - San Diego, CA
Over 20 years of full-time experience on StenoCAT and Case CATalyst.  I love being a scopist, take great pride in my work, and scope my reporters' transcripts as if they are my own. Experience with depos, arbitrations, State and Federal civil trials, State and Federal criminal trials, sentencings, motions hearings, MANY daily trials, 5 death-penalty cases, and extensive knowledge of medical terminology.
I am also available for straight transcription via digital audio files.
Rates and references available upon request.
(This ad updated 08/04/11)
Patricia Delouard, Los Angeles, CA


Professionally trained scopist and graduate of Best Scoping Techniques.
I am a proficient steno reader with excellent grammar and punctuation skills.
Case CATalyst.
Let me scope for you...take the day off!
(This ad posted 2/15/14)

JAMESSA JONES, Woodland Hills, CA
Phone: (818) 932-9611 
Full-time scopist available for steady or overflow work.  Able to work with reporters using Eclipse.
I'm all about detail, with excellent English and grammar skills.
Call me to network, or discuss rates and availability.
(This ad updated 09/07/10) 

Kathie Barnett,  760-803-5029 
Eclipse and CaseCAT.
Scoping for 12-plus years for both official and freelance reporters.
Reasonable rates and fast turnaround time.
Please call or email with any questions.
(This ad updated 08/26/09)

CINDY NAFFIN, Thousand Oaks, CA, (805) 492-7472,
Experience: Scoping since 1991 for Superior Court, Civil Court, Grand Jury, and depositions doing dailies, death penalty, appeals, Workers' Compensation, business litigation, and arbitrations. 
Using Case Catalyst.  Case Catalyst Independent Training Agent since 2004. 
References upon request.

- or phone me at (619) 299-2922.
I have been scoping for 14 years.  As an ex-reporter, I am familiar with deposition, federal and state court transcripts, arbitrations, etc.  Very conscientious and committed to producing a good record.

626-674-4146  I'm an experienced scopist in Southern California.  My skills are in grammar, punctuation, medical and legal terminology.  I've transcribed many depositions from appeals to trials, construction defects, experts, medical.  I'm able to read steno.  I'm available full or part-time.  I graduated from At Home Professions.  Willing to learn your style and your way.  Very flexible, with competitive rates and good turnaround time.  My system is EclipseNT which is compatible with many other Cat systems.

Chino, CA  (909) 590-3417
I have been a scopist since 1991 and am currently on CaseCATalyst 4.  My work experience includes preliminary hearings, certified pleas, medical depositions, arbitrations, workers' compensation, and court trials that have gone to appeal.  You may call me or send me an E-mail at

PATRICIA RIGGS, Capistrano Beach, CA
Full-time scopist, ten years experience.  Extensive training includes 2 years court reporting school, A- GPA, with certif. from At-Home Professions, 99% grade average.  Heavy experience in construct. defect & workers' comp. Work ethic second to none, all work prepared in a timely/professional manner. Open StenoCat -- from my computer to yours, please contact me if I may be of service.

I'm Tricia Gemmill.  I scope in Winner XP Version 8 & 9 and Total Eclipse.  My phone number is (909) 895-4268. I have a website that can be accessed at   

APRIL MOYA HUBBARD -  Palmdale, CA; 661-266-1611. 
Software used: ProCAT Winner 2000, Case CATalyst, Premier Power. I am a former court reporting student, I can read notes and have an extensive research library.  I offer competitive prices, accurate and dependable work, as well as adaptability to your style and preferences.  Will work with back-up tapes.

JANET EASTWOOD - Corona, CA; 909-273-1668;
Scoping experience:  Full time since 1991; Types of transcripts:  Court, deposition, hearing, and think-tank-type; Education:  3 years of graduate school in Genetics
Other experience:  Stockbroker for 1-1/2 years
Transcript quality:  My husband (an engineer) proofreads my transcripts.
Systems:  CaseCatalyst, Eclipse 8.4 & NT, Open StenoCat, Xscribe 2001, Premier Power

LIZ MASON - I am a court reporting student with 2 years proofing and scoping experience seeking additional full-time or overflow work.  Case Cat 3.01 with audio sync, fax, fed-ex. Expedites?  No problem.  Please call (818) 347-1470 or email to

CLEO BRADLEY: Southern, CA 949-215-0472;
Fifteen-year experienced scopist/notereader on StenoCat 32; Case Catalyst 4; DigitalCAT. Extensive experience in depositions and court work. Medical; technical; construction; jury charge and more. Quality transcriptions, attention to detail; word-by-word, line-by-line editing. Fast turnaround. File transfer by highspeed internet. Reasonable and competitive rates.

Robert Arconti, Montclair, CA  (909) 627-6919
Case Catalyst Xscribe XEC-2001  I am a scopist in Southern California with 26 years of experience as a  transcriber/scopist. Employee of the Los Angeles Superior Court for 17 years, working in office and courtroom capacities in all branches of litigation. From 1993 to 1996, I was Xscribe Corporation's Southern California area training officer. I have fax capability, DSL transmission, CD/DVD reading/writing--you name it, I can get it to you quickly, location is no object.  I guarantee rapid, accurate and reliable work.

Sharon Enos/Chino CA
CaseCat 3 & 4, DSL
Fully trained, dependable scopist with attention to detail & accuracy.

ANN MORALES Three years' experience as a court reporter now working as a scopist and proofreader from home looking for extra work.  I have Case Catalyst 3.0 with audio, DSL, website where you can upload your audio files and a fax machine for your convenience.  Have experience in all areas of depos (from PI to medical/expert) and some court (felony trials).  For rates and turnaround times, please contact me at

Santa Clarita, CA,
I have been a notereader/scopist since 1985. I am available part or full-time with accurate and fast turnaround. I am experienced in all types of depositions, workers' comp, medical, expert, video, and also court work. 

Jona Hegvold, Arcadia, CA (626) 254-8849,
Legal/general audiotape transcriptionist/scopist since attending Bryan College in the mid '80s. Available full time or part time with accurate and fast turnaround. Backup tapes welcome. BM-147 4-track, 2-speed full-size, and microcassette transcribers. Using Premier Power, Case Catalyst, Word 97, WordPerfect 5.1. References upon request.

NANCY HESS: E-mail: Website: - Total Eclipse scopist and proofreader. I am a former California CSR, from 1977 through 1990. Experience with depositions, Los Angeles Superior Court trials and hearings, administrative hearings as well as many technical fields. I have fast turnaround, and I am dedicated to accuracy and dependability. Please e-mail me for my rates. And I look forward to working as a "team" to get out the very best transcript for court reporters.

Ed Santistevan
CAT System: Open Stenocat
Audio work at no premium
10 years experience
phone (310) 490-7022

(323) 572-4165.
Case CATalyst 3.2, and CATalyst 4. version 5. Scopist/Proofreader. Proficient in medical and legal terminology, and research. Fast turnaround.

BECKY FIELDS, San Diego, California, . Case Catalyst 3 and 4. I've been a freelance reporter for 20 years, but have decided to take on scoping work for the past year, since January of '05. Very good with spelling and punctuation and would love to help you produce an excellent transcript. Quick turnaround time and decent rates. (858) 792-5079.

Debra Noble
Cypress, CA 90630
I'm an experienced scopist, 18 years, looking for full-time reporters who are on Total Eclipse.
Believe it or not, I also still do work on Premier Power.
Quick turnaround, comparable rates.

Delia Pyle 
Serenity Now Scoping and Proofreading Services!
StenoCat 32, Insync, Tapes
Majored in English / BeST Scoping Techniques graduate / Detail-oriented / My goal is to make your life easier!
References and rate sheet available upon request 

Vanessa Delgado:
Baldwin Park, California
Experienced scopist on Eclipse. Easy to work with, reasonable rates. Court work, workman's comp, medical, technical, auto recon, video, tapes, audio, and many others. Fast turnaround.
email at
phone is 626-674-4146

Tina Kelly:
I'm a California/Washington CSR who is transferring into scoping.  I have seven years experience and have always scoped my own work.  I graduated from South Coast College of Court Reporting in California and received A's on all academics.  English, especially, is my best subject.  I have Case Catalyst 4, can do very quick turn around as I'm not working at all right now and am open to rates.  You can reach me at  

Isabella Waegner
Eclipse (most current version)
Full-time scopist/note reader for the past six years, specializing in technical patents and full-audio scoping.
Please visit my Web site for further information. 

Kathy Villanueva,
Riverside/Inland Empire, CA,
I am a note-reading scopist with over 18 years experience in superior court as well as a wide variety of deposition transcript work. I offer reasonable rates, and turnaround time is according to your needs. Case Catalyst 6. FTP file-sharing service available allows you to send jobs from anywhere you have Internet. References available on request. 

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