Canada Scopists

Alberta,   British Columbia,   Ontario.

Alberta, Canada

~ Nicole Champagne ~
Full time scopist working on CaseCAT.
I am looking for long term employment with reporters.
I have experience with court and discoveries and
have regular turnaround with reasonable rates.
I am reliable, have excellent communication skills
and I'm easy to work with.
You can reach me by phone: (780) 217-9208
or email -  
To discuss further.

Cynthia James - Top-notch court reporter (RPR) of 12 years looking to scope/proofread from home. Extensive experience with depositions, Federal Court, energy board hearings, and daily copy. StenoCat 32 and digital transcription software. Will also work from tapes. Very high-quality transcripts produced.

British, Columbia, Canada

Naomi Stevens
Experienced and conscientious Case CATalyst and DigitalCAT scopist with note-reading ability as I attended CR school. As well, I have degrees in linguistics and English, excellent grammar, punctuation and research skills.  If you need to find more time for a life, contact me and let me help with your transcript production!

Linda Cote, Accurate Scoping Services, B.C., Canada   Phone/Fax:   250-320-7210
Eclipse scopist providing support for freelance and official court reporters.  Steno note-reader with over 30 years’ administrative experience in legal & corporate venues, college-trained in environmental sciences. Experienced with state and district courts, specializing in daily copy for patent litigation, environmental, asbestos, engineering, medical, criminal, divorce, etc.  Services include scoping to notes-only or spot-checking audiosync. 

Ontario, Canada

Julie MacDougall
- Transcription - Proofreading, Ontario, Canada -
Case CATalyst scopist & proofreader. Scoping with Case Catalyst12 - full audiosync.
18 years of general proofreading, transcription and administrative experience in the printing industry & corporate venues.  Superior word usage, spelling, grammar, punctuation and research skills.  Pleasant, easy to work with, great communication. 
I'm new to scoping in 2011 and eager to learn so you can get a great rate
on regular turnaround jobs while I gain experience! 
Please visit my website
or call 613-432-9263 or email for more information.
(This ad posted 09/16/11)
To allow you to preview my skills, I offer a 50%
discount on the first transcript.
I am a 2nd year real time reporting student, mentored by a professional court reporter in the area of scoping for the last 8 months; I have also had the opportunity to scope independently for the last 4 months. I am now ready and eager to provide scoping services for 2 to 3 more clients. I offer a competitive per page rate and can accommodate expedited transcripts (workload permitting). I am using Case CATalyst and StartStop software and footpedal, so I can accept a wide variety of audio formats. I have been exposed to a variety of different matters and have had the opportunity to prove myself in the areas of Internet research, editing complex medical and legal terminology, and applying agency specific formatting.  I am meticulous and analytical by nature and provide clear, concise communications to my clients.
Please contact me at  to discuss further.
Posted 03/01/12

Shaun Mackie - I am a full-time scopist working on StenoCAT 32 with InSync.
My capabilities include fluent note reading, excellent punctuation, and strong research skills. I have fast turnaround times and my rates are reasonable and competitive. You can reach me by phone at (613) 228-8403 or email me at for rates.