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Alabama Case CATalyst Scopists

3854 Latigo Road
Mobile, AL 36695
Phone: Area Code 251 633-7380     Email: 
Scopist using Case CATalyst Software, can accommodate audiosync and digital.
Good rates & turnaround. 
Member of ACRA and NCRA. (Retired official court reporter after 28 years.)
- All Inquiries Welcome -
Scoping since 2000 for Court Reporters in Alabama and across the U.S.
(This ad updated 06/02/11)

BARBARA R. HURST, Birmingham, Alabama, (205) 425-7420. Scopist/Proofreader looking to establish a long-term working relationship with a good writer. Former court reporter, seeking full-time, part-time and/or overflow work. Experience includes fluent note reading, editing and proofreading depositions, trial transcripts, conference minutes, etc., along with expedite and daily copy work. Possess up-to-date audio capabilities and experienced with RTF/CRE files. Fast turnaround times with reasonable rates. Please contact me for additional information:

Gina M. McDonald, AL CSR 256.377.1800  
I am a former court reporter with eight years of experience and a medical transcription degree. I have CC3&4, DigitalCAT and Premier Power softwares. I also have AudioSync and the capability to work with Olympus .dss files. Please email or call for rates and turnaround times if I can help you out.  Thanks!

Mary K. Levy, Birmingham, AL / Nationwide
Four CAT systems, Total Eclipse M, Total Eclipse, ProCAT Winner & ProCAT VR, Case Catalyst and AristoCAT
FTR Gold Player, JAVS Player, Liberty Court Player
Web site link:
(800) 273-8330 Code 00   
(This ad updated 3/01/09)  

Jill Patterson - Alabama - Nationwide
I am a scopist with approximately 15 years experience and hold a bachelor's degree in communication. I am experienced with depos, hearings and tribunals. I'm open to any kind of work, including straight transcription. I use Case Catalyst V 9 (newest version), Procat V 6.0, Procat Winner 2000, and Microsoft Word. I accept all digital audio files. I am located in Mobile, Alabama, but have worked with reporters all over the country. If interested, please e-mail me at 

Laurie Blacksher

Arizona Case CATalyst Scopists

CAROL EMERY -  Software: CaseCatalyst 3/4 working with reporters on versions 1-4.  DigiatCat.
Experience: Scoping with or without audiosync for depo and official reporters since 1997

Barbara Ann Hall, Show Low, AZ. Keyboard Creations  
928-537-5395. Trained scopist with Case CATalyst 3 & 4. Quality, accuracy, detail-oriented scopists. Full-time editing, transcription, proofreading work. Good turnaround time ,and I work with you to meet your needs. AA Medical Transcription Degree, legal terminology training. Make your time more productive by letting me do the time-consuming editing.

Linda Mages/Elizabeth Stillman
N-FT Scoping Services,   3439 W. Altadena Ave.,   Phoenix, AZ 85029,
Toll Free Phone: 877-672-6222
We are prior court reporting students with certificates in scoping. We have excellent research and English skills. The software we use include CaseCATalyst, Total Eclipse, Premier Power and RTF/CRE formats.  We offer nationwide full-time scoping services. Let N-FT Scoping Services give you back your free time! Please see our website for competitive prices and turnaround times.

Arkansas Case Catalyst Scopists

Lenora Reid
Batesville, Arkansas,
Case CATalyst (current version) with audiosync; Steno literate; Strong research skills; Medical terminology; Some legal experience with criminal court procedures; Reliable; Committed to quality; Rates negotiable. I can accept jobs from anywhere via email. Graduate of BeST Scoping Techniques. Please email me to discuss rates and availability.

California Case Catalyst Scopists

Northern California Case Catalyst Scopists
(Click Here For Southern California Scopists)

Cathy Wysocki, Los Molinos, CA (Northern)
530-527-2562; e-mail: 
Scoping for 10+ years.  25+ years as a legal secretary.  
Experience with hearings, depositions, court transcripts, appeals.
Read notes. Audio welcome.  Currently using StenoCAT 32; CaseCATalyst.
Please contact me for turnaround time and rates.
(This ad updated 04/01/10)

Linda Hutton Fresno, CA, (559) 226-7016.  
CaseCatalyst and Premier Power. 
I have been scoping since 1986 in both California and Washington, D.C., depositions, trials, hearings, etc. 
I attended reporting school for two years and have also taught spelling, grammar and punctuation to high school
students for two years. 
Please call or e-mail for rates.

Laurie Marigo
Freelance deposition reporter turned stay-at-home mom seeking scoping work.  3 1/2 years reporting experience. 
Scoping/proofing since 2000.  Case Catalyst. 
Accurate and reliable.  References available upon request.

Shelly Coleman - Fresno, California. 559-287-5351.  Case CATalyst 3 & 4 I hold a scoping certificate from Internet Scoping School. I attended court reporting school, completing all academics with A's. I welcome the opportunity to assist you with your transcript needs. References available upon request.

Denise Graham
Manteca, CA,
(209) 629-4991

Charlie Harmon, Hayward, CA (Northern California)
Case CATalyst 4.9
Scopist/Proofreader. Proficient in medical & Legal terminology and research. Fast turnaround.
First 10 pages free with first job only.

Emily Russie
(408) 440-1335
I have been scoping since 1990.  I use Xscribe 2001 and CaseCatalyst software. My experience includes both Superior Court and depositions.  I understand the importance of a quick turnaround and quality work.  Excellent references available. 
You may contact me via the telephone # above or my e-mail address  Thank you.

Crystal Rogan,
I'm a Case CATalyst scopist available to take on some more clients on a full-time, part-time or overflow basis.
I've put together a website to help answer many questions that potential clients may have.
If interested, I hope you will take a minute to explore a possible working relationship.
I welcome any questions or comments you may have.
Thank you!

Emily M. Crumrine, Pleasanton, California
I am a former court reporter who uses Case Catalyst 9.
I can also provide proofreading services.

Southern California Case CATalyst Scopists

AMY YEAKEL, Scopist - San Diego, CA
Over 20 years of full-time experience on StenoCAT and Case CATalyst.  I love being a scopist, take great pride in my work, and scope my reporters' transcripts as if they are my own. Experience with depos, arbitrations, State and Federal civil trials, State and Federal criminal trials, sentencings, motions hearings, MANY daily trials, 5 death-penalty cases, and extensive knowledge of medical terminology.
I am also available for straight transcription via digital audio files.
Rates and references available upon request.
(This ad updated 08/04/11)
Patricia Delouard, Los Angeles, CA


Professionally trained scopist and graduate of Best Scoping Techniques.
I am a proficient steno reader with excellent grammar and punctuation skills.
Case CATalyst.
Let me scope for you...take the day off!
(This ad posted 2/15/14)

Kathie Barnett,  760-803-5029 
Eclipse and CaseCAT.
Scoping for 12-plus years for both official and freelance reporters.
Reasonable rates and fast turnaround time.
Please call or email with any questions
(This ad updated 08/26/09) 

CINDY NAFFIN, Thousand Oaks, CA, (805) 492-7472,
Experience: Scoping since 1991 for Superior Court, Civil Court, Grand Jury, and depositions doing dailies, death penalty, appeals, Workers' Compensation, business litigation, and arbitrations. 
Using Case Catalyst.  Case Catalyst Independent Training Agent since 2004. 
References upon request.

MARSHA SIEGMANN, Chino, CA  (909) 590-3417
I have been a scopist since 1991 and am currently on CaseCATalyst 4.  My work experience includes preliminary hearings, certified pleas, medical depositions, arbitrations, workers' compensation, and court trials that have gone to appeal.  You may call me or send me an E-mail at

APRIL MOYA HUBBARD -  Palmdale, CA; 661-266-1611. 
Software used: ProCAT Winner 2000, Case CATalyst, Premier Power. I am a former court reporting student, I can read notes and have an extensive research library.  I offer competitive prices, accurate and dependable work, as well as adaptability to your style and preferences.  Will work with back-up tapes.

JANET EASTWOOD - Corona, CA; 909-273-1668;
Scoping experience:  Full time since 1991; Types of transcripts:  Court, deposition, hearing, and think-tank-type;
Education:  3 years of graduate school in Genetics
Other experience:  Stockbroker for 1-1/2 years
Transcript quality:  My husband (an engineer) proofreads my transcripts.
Systems:  CaseCatalyst, Eclipse 8.4 & NT, Open StenoCat, Xscribe 2001, Premier Power

I am a court reporting student with 2 years proofing and scoping experience seeking additional full-time or overflow work.  
Case Cat 3.01 with audio sync, fax, fed-ex. Expedites?  No problem.  
Please call (818) 347-1470 or email to

CLEO BRADLEY: Southern, CA 949-215-0472;
Fifteen-year experienced scopist/notereader on StenoCat 32; Case Catalyst 4; DigitalCAT.
Extensive experience in depositions and court work. Medical; technical; construction; jury charge and more.
Quality transcriptions, attention to detail; word-by-word, line-by-line editing.
Fast turnaround. File transfer by highspeed internet.
Reasonable and competitive rates.

Robert Arconti, Montclair, CA  (909) 627-6919
Case Catalyst Xscribe XEC-2001  I am a scopist in Southern California with 26 years of experience as a  transcriber/scopist.
Employee of the Los Angeles Superior Court for 17 years, working in office and courtroom capacities in all branches of litigation.
From 1993 to 1996, I was Xscribe Corporation's Southern California area training officer.
I have fax capability, DSL transmission, CD/DVD reading/writing--you name it, I can get it to you quickly, location is no object.  
I guarantee rapid, accurate and reliable work.

Sharon Enos/Chino CA
CaseCat 3 & 4, DSL
Fully trained, dependable scopist with attention to detail & accuracy.

Three years' experience as a court reporter now working as a scopist and proofreader from home looking for extra work. 
I have Case Catalyst 3.0 with audio, DSL, website where you can upload your audio files and a fax machine for your convenience. 
Have experience in all areas of depos (from PI to medical/expert) and some court (felony trials). 
For rates and turnaround times, please contact me at

Santa Clarita, CA,
I have been a notereader/scopist since 1985. I am available part or full-time with accurate and fast turnaround.
I am experienced in all types of depositions, workers' comp, medical, expert, video, and also court work. 

Jona Hegvold, Arcadia, CA (626) 254-8849,
Legal/general audiotape transcriptionist/scopist since attending Bryan College in the mid '80s.
Available full time or part time with accurate and fast turnaround.
Backup tapes welcome. BM-147 4-track, 2-speed full-size, and microcassette transcribers.
Using Premier Power, Case Catalyst, Word 97, WordPerfect 5.1.
References upon request.

(323) 572-4165.
Case CATalyst 3.2, and CATalyst 4. version 5. Scopist/Proofreader.
Proficient in medical and legal terminology, and research.
Fast turnaround.

BECKY FIELDS, San Diego, California,
Case Catalyst 3 and 4.
I've been a freelance reporter for 20 years, but have decided to take on scoping work for the past year, since January of '05.
Very good with spelling and punctuation and would love to help you produce an excellent transcript.
Quick turnaround time and decent rates.
(858) 792-5079.

Tina Kelly:
I'm a California/Washington CSR who is transferring into scoping.  English, especially, is my best subject.
I have seven years experience and have always scoped my own work. 
I graduated from South Coast College of Court Reporting in California and received A's on all academics. 
I have Case Catalyst 4, can do very quick turn around as I'm not working at all right now and am open to rates. 
You can reach me at  

Kathy Villanueva,
Riverside/Inland Empire, CA,
I am a note-reading scopist with over 18 years experience in superior court as well as a wide variety of deposition transcript work. I offer reasonable rates, and turnaround time is according to your needs. Case Catalyst 6. FTP file-sharing service available allows you to send jobs from anywhere you have Internet. References available on request.

Colorado Case CATalyst Scopists

Christina Wood
Arvada, CO

Connecticut Case CATalyst Scopists

Sheila Butch, East Hartland, CT
Scoping and Transcription Services
(860) 653-2185    Fax (860) 653-6216
25 years scoping experience.  Eclipse and CaseCat 3 and 4. ftp site available for uploading audio files. 
Reasonable rates.

Melissa Gilbert  (860) 428-4322 
Graduate of BeST Scoping Techniques.
Available for scoping on Case CATalyst 4 and proofreading through e-mail or Word.
Extensive medical and education experience (BS in Biology, MS in Education).
Accurate with quick turnaround and reasonable rates.
No job is too small.

Florida Case CATalyst Scopists

CRRealtime, LLC
Scopists for Eclipse versions 4 and 5 and also Case CATalyst
We are qualified, accurate, and expedient scopists.
We work with all types of audio and video files.
We will soon provide Eclipse StenoLink and/or Division Interval services too.
For more information, please go to  or email .
(855) HELP-CRR or (855) 435-7277
(This ad updated 10/31/11)

Kerry Gibson, Miami, Florida.
Tulane University Graduate.
Case Catalyst 11, Express Scribe and Audio Sync.
Quality work at competitive rates.
Twenty-five percent off your first transcript.
Contact me at 305-992-1876 or
(This ad updated 04/20/10)

Carla Brancato 
(954) 559-2840
Court reporter for 24 years, have been scoping for three plus years.
Excellent grammar and punctuation, and I research everything for spellings.
Case Catalyst software - Reliable service - Excellent turnaround time
(This ad updated 10/24/16)

JUDY RAKOCINSKI, Bonita Springs, FL.
(239) 949-3145    Email:
Full-time scopist since 1995. 
Able to work with reporters using Case Catalyst, Xscribe 2001, Maestro, Xec-5, TurboCat and Eclipse. 
Will work with tapes.  Fast turnaround. 
Co-owner/Founder:  "BeST" Scoping Techniques -

Jessica McCabe,
Tampa Fl. 
CaseCATalyst, Sanyo Memoscriber.
1.00 Per Page.
Fast and reliable.

DeAnna Baker,
Cape Coral, FL.     
email at:
Full-time scopist.
Able to work with reporters using Case Catalyst and Premier Power via RTF. Will work with tape.  
Fast turnaround.  

(813) 655-5377; Email:
Professional, dependable scoping and/or proofreading with Case CATalyst and DigitalCAT. 
Will scope with tapes.  
Your first 10 pages are "free". 
See what I can do for you! 

Patricia Carollo - e-mail:
Beverly Hills, FL
I'm a scopist on Case Catalyst 3, scoping since 1997.
I offer fast, reliable service and competitive rates.
Contact me for more information.

Christine Branchfield,
New Port Richey, FL
(727) 514-1385 - Email:
EXPERIENCED CaseCATalyst and DigitalCAT scopist available. I am professionally trained with comprehensive scoping and research skills. I am available for regular and overflow assignments. I have a great deal of experience working with both officials and freelancers. If you are in need of a reliable scopist, please contact me to discuss my qualifications and services in greater detail.

Sara Rashas, Sara's Scoping,
Tampa, Florida,
Passed WKT portion of RPR. I read steno. Have worked for reporting firms as a staff scopist.
I have Case Catalyst 3 and 4 edit software. Send and receive jobs via ZIP files.
Will help you build your dictionary by sending you dictionary entries when I send the job back.

Pat Cooper,  Excellent scopist, 27 years' reporting experience, 2 years scoping.
Case Catalyst 4, Version 7 with audio synch. 
Have micro, mini and standard cassette transcribers. 
Prices competetive.  Call 352-245-8561.

Julie Lampp, central Florida
Full-time Professional Scopist, 12 years Experience plus 2 years court reporting, Proficient in reading notes.
Excellent English & Grammar skills; CAT Systems are StenoCat 32, EclipseNT & CaseCatalyst;
Competitive rates, include scoping with tape, research and quick turn-around time. 
Specialize in Medical-Legal Trans; Now accepting new clients.
CONTACT INFO: E-mail:     TELEPHONE: (904) 782-9884 or (904) 200-8025

Amanda Kleparek | On The Dot Scoping | (410) 504-4944 | |
Professionally trained Case CATalyst Scopist - highly proficient steno reader, knowledgeable in medical and legal terminology.  Excellent grammar and punctuation skills – word-by-word editing, conformance to your preferences.  Comprehensive research – all proper names and unfamiliar terminology are thoroughly researched, expert Internet researcher.  Competitive rates and fast turnaround – strict observance of deadlines.  State-of-the-art hardware and software – newest version of Case CATalyst, AudioSync, Express Scribe, high-speed transfer of large files. 

Georgia Case CATalyst Scopists

CARLA ACHEY;  National Legal Transcription & Scopists;      770.578.2681
CaseCatalyst; Pentium-Intel Processor; Corel Office 2000; MS Office 2000;
Over 16 years legal experience in various aspects of legal field including court clerk for
Juvenile Court judge, intake department, paralegal and legal secretary.
Areas of law -- insurance defense, medical malpractice, personal injury, workers' comp., criminal defense and corporate.
Please call or e-mail for information or rates.

Ronda Laifer: Kennesaw, GA. 
I am a professionally trained scopist available for full or part-time work.
I use Case CATalyst (newest edition) and Audio Sync.
I am fully trained in reading steno, punctuation, and research.
I offer fast turn-around time, and competitive rates.
I look forward to hearing from you! 

Hawaii Case CATalyst Scopists

Nancy Panzke,
Kona Scoping & Proofreading    E-mail:
Available for scoping and proofreading. System: Case CATalyst 4.5 and 3.2 and digitalCAT. 
My Hawaii location is ideal for East Coast reporters who need a quick turnaround. 
All files (including audio) can be uploaded to my secure website.
I am happy to accept overflow work from reporters and busy scopists.

Idaho Case CATalyst Scopists

Larissa Smith
Nampa, ID

Illinois Case CATalyst Scopists

Ruth Ann Prag Carter
Farmington Hills, MI.
E-Mail:     Phone: (248) 737-3038
Metro Detroit Court Reporter for 29 years in Wayne County Circuit Court,
U.S. District Court and freelance.
Since 2002, scoping/proofreading for reporters from many states using latest version of Case Catalyst with AudioSync and/or Express Scribe, WavPedal.
Will also transcribe tapes and CDs.
Resume with references upon request.
(This ad updated 06/27/11)


Chelsea DePasquale of Midwest Scoping Services. Warrenville, IL.
Email:     Phone: 630.327.7135 Fax: 630.393.3446
Dependable, easy to work with, quick turnaround time.
Available for a long-term working relationship or overflow work.
Please contact me via email or by phone for rates. Thank you!!
Equipment/Software: Case Catalyst (3, 4 and 4.5), Panasonic transcriber , Windows XP, Word Perfect, Microsoft Word.

Amy Chenault, Lake Zurich, IL Email:     Phone: (847) 457-4097 Fax: (847) 457-4100
Equipment: Case CATalyst 4.6 with audiosync
Looking for accuracy, reliability and a quick turnaround time?  Look no further!
I am dependable with competitive rates and willing to work with you to meet your needs.
I'm available for permanent or overflow work.  Please contact me for rates and turnaround times.

Maureen Scorsone, Northbrook, Illinois
(847)272-8182 at 
I am available for long-term working relationship or overflow.
Using Case Catalyst 4 Version 6 editing software with AudioSync, Comcast Hi-Speed Internet.
I am reliable, accurate and willing to accommodate. My rates are reasonable.
Please contact me via e-mail or phone for rates and turnaround time.

Emily Ridyard,
Gillespie, Illinois
CC4 Scopist available. I prefer AudioSync.
I use Streamload digital audio file exchange, XP, standard and microcassette transcribers, fax, scanner and DSL.
Please see my website for greater detail. 

Liane Gruett,
My name is Liane Gruett, and I am a scopist on the latest version of CaseCATalyst. I trained with BeST Scoping Techniques.
I offer the ability to read steno, excellent spelling and punctuation skills, and comprehensive research with every job I do.
If you need full-time or overflow scoping help, please visit me at
or e-mail me at
I look forward to working with you! 

Indiana Case CATalyst Scopists

JONI BRADBURN,  Open StenoCAT and Case Catalyst.  
Four years experience.  References available.  
Standard and microcassettes welcome. Files transferred via E-mail.
Strong medical and technical background.  
Call @317-867-5547 or E-mail 
Also will do transcription work.

Diane Purvis, CaseCatalyst 3 or 4 scopist.
Over three years experience scoping after being a legal secretary for over 18 years.
Standard and microcassettes welcome.
Have high speed Internet connection for sending files/.wav files via e-mail.
Reasonable rates. Call (812) 945-9222 or e-mail

Tara Hay,
Professionally trained scopist on CaseCATalyst; highly organized, professional, and thorough.
English, grammar, and punctuation skills are also excellent.
I am looking for 3 or 4 reporters with whom I can create quality business partnerships.
You may contact me by phone at (765)529-1428 or via email at

Iowa Case CATalyst Scopists

Crofton, Nebraska.  Cell: (620)786-5358 or Home (402)388-4997
Email address:    Web site: .
I am a full-time scopist and proofreader - experienced, dependable, thorough and formally trained by BeST Scoping Techniques.
Use Stenograph Case CATalyst 4, version 8, with audiosync. Have MOLLy available for the transfer of audiosync WAV files. 
This is a free service for the reporter. Will scope from tapes at a higher rate.   

Kansas Case CATalyst Scopists

I am a former reporter of eight years who is now on the Case Catalyst system scoping. 
I have been scoping for eight years.  I am looking for overload work. 
My turnaround time is two to three days.  I will listen to tapes occasionally. 
If interested, please contact me at

Tammy Gamino, Great Bend, Kansas,
Scopist using Case CATalyst 4 with audio sync.
I will work using your preferences and style. 
Please e-mail to discuss rates and availability.
See my web page at

KAYE O'NEAL: Crofton, Nebraska    Cell: (620)786-5358 or Home (402)388-4997
Email address:      Web site:
I am a full-time scopist and proofreader - experienced, dependable, thorough and formally trained by BeST Scoping Techniques. 
Use Stenograph Case CATalyst 4, version 8, with audiosync. 
Have MOLLy available for the transfer of audiosync WAV files.  This is a free service for the reporter. 
Will scope from tapes at a higher rate.

Kentucky Case CATalyst Scopists

Billie Jacobs,  Florence, KY (Greater Cincinnati area). Phone:859-380-2208.
Email:  Software:  CaseCAT 3 and 4, soon to be getting StenoCAT. 
I am a notereader/scopist who is looking to build long-term business relationships with reporters who desire a partner with a superior work ethic. Also available for short-term and overflow work. I enjoy a challenge and will go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.  Worked in the legal field for over 14 years.
I'm ready to put my skills to work for you.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

Trisha Bayles, Franklin, Kentucky -  E-mail:
Equipment: Case CATalyst 3 and 4, Standard cassette transcriber
Description: Providing scoping and proofreading services using Case CATalyst versions 3 and 4.
Available for long-term as well as overflow work.
Services Provided: Scoping and Proofreading

Al Cantwell, Louisville, Kentucky   Website: E-mail:
Equipment: Case CATalyst 4v7
Description: I believe a scopist is more than just a person who's good at grammar, spelling, punctuation, and a particular type of software. Journalists and secretaries know these things too, after all. A good scopist also has to understand what a court reporter’s needs are. The word that best describes how I perceive my role is supporter: "a person who is actively interested in and wishes success for a particular [court reporter]" (apologies to Oxford).  Accurate editing. Competitive rates. Quick turnaround.
Friendly service.

Louisiana Case CATalyst Scopists

Julie C. Thomas, West Monroe, LA
* Retired freelance LA-CCR
* Latest versions of DigitalCAT, CaseCATalyst, StenoCAT 32
* Full-time scopist/proofreader
* Meticulous researcher
* High-speed Internet, fax available
* My specialty is doing things your way!
E-mail:    Website:
Phone: 318.322.2199
(This ad updated 08/17/11)

Kim Watson
I have caseCAT 3 and 4.  
I have three years of experience.  
Will work over the internet sending files.  
Will try to meet any deadline.  
Contact me at 

Maine Case CATalyst Scopists

Lane & McKay
Patti Lane     Sharon McKay

Proofreading and Scoping Services.
CaseCatalyst software - Quality Service - Comparable rates. 
We are professional, reliable and quick!
Regular, expedite or daily turnarounds. 
Legal and court reporter backgrounds.

References upon Request.
(This Ad Updated 01/14/11)
Sharon McKay
21 Fairways
Bangor, ME 04401     (207)945-5557

Scoping and Proofreading Services: Experienced in court reporting, scoping and proofreading. Case Catalyst 11.0, using audiosync and Express Scribe. Conscientious with fast turnaround and fair rates. I can provide regular, expedited and daily jobs. If you want quality, contact me for your proofing and scoping needs.
(This Ad Updated 01/14/11)
Elaine Flanagan Scoping/Proofreading

Professionally trained scopist - graduate of Internet Scoping School
Proficient in Phoenix and StenEd Theories
Have excellent grammar and punctuation skills
Have steno machine for transcription services from audio files
Have latest reporter's professional version of CASE Catalyst
Reasonable rates and fast turnaround, internet file transfers  or  (207) 841 4878
Updated 04/22/14

Maryland Case Catalyst Scopists

Danielle Hahn, Glen Burnie, Maryland
(410) 761-0078
I have been a Case CATalyst scopist/proofreader for five years. 
I work days, evenings, and weekends, whatever it takes to get the job done. 
$1.00 a page for scoping; $ .35 a page for proofreading.

Deanie Lowman-Nehila
Experienced CaseCATalyst scopist.  NCRA member and note-reading scopist for four years, current court reporting student.
All phases of litigation as well as public hearings, corporate meetings, government/technical, some med mal. 
Will scope word-for-word to your specifications and preferences, with or without full-listen/spotcheck audio/audiosync. 
High-speed internet, large audio file transfer and FAX capabilities. 
Please contact me at:  I look forward to collaborating with you!

Debra Goldberger- Baltimore, MD 
Case Catalyst Scopist
Hard working and efficient. Looking for 200 pages/day. Current court reporting student, finished theory this past spring.
Experienced, on time, reliable, attention to detail. Reasonable rates. Looking forward to working for you.

Massachusettes Case CATalyst Scopists

Cheryl Smith: (508) 947-9128
Experienced Case CATalyst Scopist available. 
Full-time, part-time, and backup work accepted.
15+ years legal secretarial and paralegal experience.
Thank you for your consideration.

Richard J. Wyble -
Full-time scopist valuing a collaborative working relationship with reporters, producing impeccably clean and timely transcripts using caseCATalyst. High-speed server for upload of AudioSync files.  Website,   
phone, (508) 278-0425    fax, (508) 278-7280

Shirley A. Riga, RPR,
Case CATalyst4 Version 5 Certified Independent Trainer
Scoping Services, Proofreading, Transcription, Specialist in Page Layout.
Fast Turnaround.
Free-Lance experience 10 years, training for 4+ years.
Tel 413-259-1965, Email:;Fax 413-259-1965.

Michigan Case CATalyst Scopists

Ruth Ann Prag Carter
Farmington Hills, MI.
E-Mail:     Phone: (248) 737-3038
Metro Detroit Court Reporter for 29 years in Wayne County Circuit Court,
U.S. District Court and freelance.
Since 2002, scoping/proofreading for reporters from many states using latest version of Case Catalyst with AudioSync and/or Express Scribe, WavPedal.
Will also transcribe tapes and CDs.
Resume with references upon request.
(This ad updated 06/27/11)

Rhonda M. Foster -
Current realtime court reporter desires to phase out court reporting and scope for
other reporters full time in order to spend more time with children.
I have 15 years experience reporting and am currently an RMR/RPR.
I use Case Catalyst with audio sync.
Please contact me at

Susan Love 
248-588-0905, e-mail
Scopist since 1993 working on Case CATalyst 4, latest version, with AudioSync. 
Experience with all kinds of depositions, arbitrations, and EUOs, including asbestos, medical, construction, and technical.  Excellent research skills and quick turnaround. 
Transcription services also available.  

Marianne Kelly
I've been a scopist/proofreader for over eight years now and I have Case Catalyst with audiosync.
I'm looking for work, trying to become full time and would love to work for any court reporter that's looking for help.
I am living in Michigan, but I do work for court reporters outside of the state.
My turnaround time is no more than 3 to 5 days.  I'm available days, nights and weekends and also for expedite work.
Please contact me at  or at 586-822-7873. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Angela Wennekes
Legal Transcription, Scoping and Notary Services
Wyandotte, Michigan

Minnesota Case CATalyst Scopists

Shelly Dalbec
Professional Scoping Services
Prior Lake, MN 55372
I have been scoping and proofreading for over a decade.
I'm proficient in both Case CATalyst and StenoCat.
I have been working with the same three court reporters for years and
am looking for a fourth to complete my business.
I'm fast, reliable, and extremely detail oriented.
My reporters will attest that I'm the best in the business,
so please contact me for references and rates.
Posted 09/06/11

Joyce Preusser  --  CaseCAT/DigitalCAT
Midwest Scoping --
Graduate of professional scopist training course with focus on grammar and punctuation, working with reporter preferences,
transcript formatting, file transfers, and CAT software training. I also offer proofreading and transcription.
Please visit my Web site for complete information. I am well-trained and dependable.
New reporters and voice writers are welcomed.  I respect your career and am ready to assist you.

(This ad updated 12/31/09)

JENNY KOPACEK ~ Minneapolis, MN  763.560.5316
Experienced Digital CAT and Case CATalyst Scopist looking for additional work.
I've attended court reporting school for two years and previously have worked as a legal secretary for 15 years.
I can read steno notes and offer reasonable rates.
I have both regular size and microcassette transcribers for tapes.
Website for free uploading of all digital and audiosync files.

Mississippi Case CATalyst Scopists

April C. Richardson,    228-475-0897    228-990-0877
3815 Liverpool Avenue, Moss Point, Mississippi 39563
I' m a former free-lance court reporter trained by the top reporter on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. 
I have recently decided to become a scopist/proofer, accustomed to expedites & daily copies. 
Currently on Case Catalyst 4, but am familiar with proofing ASCII's and preparing erratas via e-mail, as well.  E-mail April at

Missouri Case CATalyst Scopists

Lenora Reid
Warsaw, Missouri
Web site:    
Full-time, experienced scopist using the latest version of Case CATalyst. 
Steno literate, strong research skills, reliable, committed to quality, good rates.
Specialties include expedites, dailies, medical, pharmaceutical, personal injury,
workers’ comp, expert witness, all types of depos, some trial experience.

Member NCRA.

Posted 03/19/12

Julie Davis - Email:
Experienced DigitalCat and Case Catalyst scopist and proofreader.
Reasonable rates and fast turnaround.
Former court reporter with years of experience.
High-speed Internet connection and ability to transfer large files.
References available upon request. Contact me and let's discuss how I can make your life easier!

Beth Fugitt: Springfield, Missouri. (417) 224-2762
Experienced scopist using CaseCatalyst.
Fast turnaround times and very competitive pricing. Rush service available and audio also.
I have my own secure FTP site for fast and secure uploading of large files. Call me today!

Cindy Leyland- Kansas City, Missouri
I am an experienced scopist using Case Catalyst, scoping approximately 50 pages per hour.
I can help you increase your productivity.
Call me at (816) 294-5525 or email at

JENNIFER SHOEMAKER Kansas City metro area. 
Former Court Reporter now Eclipse and Case Catalyst scopist/proofreader. 
Quick turnaround and reasonable rates.  

Montana Case CATalyst Scopists

Linda Evenson
Accurate Editing, Inc.
Scopist - Case CATalyst. 22 years' experience in all types of subject matter.
Editor of "Scoping" column in the Journal of Court Reporting; instructor/administrator Internet Scoping School.  
Daily copies/expedites a specialty; remote realtime editing an option.
References upon request. 

Hello, my name is Connie. I've been a scopist for three and a half years.
I am using the most current version of Case Catalyst.
I have 18 years of legal secretarial experience. I work with or without audio.
I offer quick turn around and reasonable rates.
Please contact me for more information at:

Jessie's Scoping Service
Graduate of the Internet Scope School. 
Trained to proofread & scope using Case CATalyst 8 software, I love audio files. 
Quick turnaround time, competitive rates. 
Contact me at if interested and we can work out the specifics at that time. 

Faithful Scoping
19 Bruyer Way,    Kalispell

Nebraska Case Catalyst Scopists

(402) 476-2975
CAT systems: PremierPower & CaseCatalyst, and RTF/CRE capabilities.  Scoping for reporters for over 15 years - in the field for over 25 years (starting as a typist).  I have experience with state & federal court transcripts as well as depositions, hearings, meetings, and arbitrations. An overabundance of experience with aviation, medical and oil and gas. Tapes done upon request. Offering *extremely* competitive rates.  Contact me for help in producing quality transcripts.

Crofton, Nebraska.  Cell: (620)786-5358 or Home (402)388-4997
Email address:    Web site:
I am a full-time scopist and proofreader - experienced, dependable, thorough and formally trained by BeST Scoping Techniques.
Use Stenograph Case CATalyst 4, version 8, with audiosync. Have MOLLy available for the transfer of audiosync WAV files. 
This is a free service for the reporter. Will scope from tapes at a higher rate.

Nevada Case Catalyst Scopists

VERONICA HOOI - Las Vegas, Nevada
If you have never used a scopist before, now is a good time to let me lighten your workload and
take the stress off your shoulders. My name is Veronica Hooi and I am on Case Catalyst ver. 16.
I am reliable and conscientious, and I will meet your deadlines.
I do expedites as well.
Please e-mail me at  for rates and references.
(Updated 10/28/16)

SALLY AVENI: Scoping since 1984.
Well versed in all types of cases, medical, construction defect, etc., do all scoping with audio. Quick turnaround.
I scope using both Eclipse and CaseCATalyst transcription systems and StartStop Transcription System for audio using wav files, allowing me to scope for anyone in e country via e-mail transmi. (702)655-5512.

New Hampshire Case Catalyst Scopists

Linda Gauthier,
Eclipse and Case CATalyst scopist:
An English major, I have 30 years of experience.
Having a strong command of the English language ensures that all transcripts are returned with the proper punctuation in place.
I read steno fluently.
Excellence and a passion for perfection. (603) 373-0198

New Jersey Case CATalyst Scopists

LYN GILLIE, Owner of TOTAL TRANSCRIPTS, former Certified Xscribe trainer.
30+ years working with Reporters/Attorneys.  TOTAL ECLIPSE, Case Catalyst and Xscribe 2001.
Excellent notereader, no tapes, please.  Background in assisting to develop reporting software, trainer/seminar presentations from coast to coast, and numerous daily copy work throughout the state of Texas and the Virgin Islands.
Working for NY and NJ reporters at present. References.     (713-943-9280)

Agnes Novak - Cell:(609)351-3665, Fax: (609)877-7145 AGBN07@Verizon.Net
Scoping from Steno Notes NJ and/or Nationwide
Quick Turnaround times and reasonable rates.
Spot-checking audio or word-for-word full audio.
Case Cat4, V.7 with audio sync, Fax and Internet.
Trained Scopist by The School of Court Reporting.

Sarah Morlock, Burlington County or
Trained Scopist using CaseCAT 4 V.8 with Audiosync.
Prompt, accurate and rnwide for full time, part-time, and short-term overflow work.
Available locally and nationwide for full time, part-time, and short-term overflow work.
Quick turnaround and reasonable rates, T3 available.  

Denise Wallace
(908) 227-0291

New Mexico Case Catalyst Scopists

Katherine V Gonzalez
New Mexico

New York Case CATalyst Scopists

Gina Adamo
I am a reliable scopist on Case CATalyst.
I am fully trained in all aspects of scoping and transcript production and I read steno.
I offer reasonable rates and personable service.
Please contact me by email:  or by phone: 518-326-4553.
(This ad updated 01/20/11)


Full-time scopist with 12 years' experience in depositions as well as civil and criminal court.  Reinsurance, patent, environmental and all difficult commercial litigation matters are welcome.  Currently on Premier Power and Case CATalyst, transmit via e-mail.  References and rates available upon request.

CHRISTINE DESANTIS - Case CATalyst scopist available. 
I am dedicated, flexible, have reasonable rates and quick turnaround time. 
I have experience with AudioSync and have SwapDrive account for sending .wav files. 
Please call (914) 793-5189 or email me at

Peck & Burke Scoping Service,
We have two scopists, taking care of more work in less time.
We make sure our scoping is accurate and professional, whether it's 50 pages or 500. We use Case CATalyst 3 and 4 and back it up with 25 years of paralegal experience. Let us make your job easier! E-mail: or Phone: (607) 334-3349.

Lisa Cali – Kings Park, New York
(631) 361-6971 –
CaseCatalyst Scopist Available Immediately - Reliable with excellent grammar abilities.
Excellent Rates

Carol Morris - Rochester, NY.
Scopist on Open StenoCAT, StenoCAT32 and Case CATalyst4.
21 years experience, beginning as a notereader, in the state of California, depositions and court work. Dedicated full time to scoping and proofreading for court reporters. I especially enjoy building reporters' dictionaries.    (585) 458-7170; cell phone (585) 415-2250.

Linda M. Daniher
Accurate and reliable. Eclipse CAT system with audiosynch capabilities.

LYN GILLIE, Owner of TOTAL TRANSCRIPTS, former Certified Xscribe trainer. 30+ years working with Reporters/Attorneys.
TOTAL ECLIPSE, Case Catalyst and Xscribe 2001. Excellent notereader, no tapes, please. Background in assisting to develop reporting software, trainer/seminar presentations from coast to coast, and numerous daily copy work throughout the state of Texas and the Virgin Islands. Working for NY and NJ reporters at present.
References. (713-943-9280)

Phyllis Kelly - Former NYS CSR of 15 years.
Certified Paralegal. 5+ years scoping with Case Catalyst software (Versions 3 and 4.6). Audiosync okay!
Looking to take on a full time reporter.
Email me for rates and turn around times. 
Visit my website:

VALERIE MARTINI,  Long Island, NY    Scopist/Proofreader  Case CAT 4.7
Former Court Reporter (RPR, CSR).  I have been in the business for 20 years and am now returning. 
I have extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of deposition work. 
I have worked SEC arbitrations, commercial litigations, med-mal, divorce, and, of course, slip and falls. 
My time and rates are flexible.  I have a one to two-day turnaround. 
Will take overflow work, but prefer to work exclusively with ONLY one or two reporters. No tapes, please.

Peggy Lopez - Long Island, NY
I'm a scopist offering services on Case Catalyst.
Along with being a graduate of BeST Scoping Techniques, I have a B.A. in English from Stony Brook University.
I look forward to working with you! 

Linda Vellecca - Long Island, NY
Case Catalyst 9 Scopist Available Immediately - Reliable, Excellent Rates.
BeST Scoping Techniques graduate.
Contact me for rates and turnaround time.  

Erin Walsh,
Exceptional Scoping By Erin
If you're looking for top-quality work at reasonable rates, then look no further.
My name is Erin Walsh and I am a professional scopist dedicated to providing you with clean, accurate transcripts
both quickly and efficiently.  I work with Case Catalyst software.
Proofreading services are also available. I can be contacted by phone at 631-258-1521, or by email at

Denise Davis
Suffolk County,  New York

North Carolina Case CATalyst Scopists

Are you looking for a Case CATalyst scopist or proofreader? My name is Jeff Kesemeyer, and I am a scopist on Case Catalyst v14. I am part of a two-person team, myself and my sister Carol Paradise.  She is a retired Court Reporter for 25+ yrs and now scopes full-time as well.  She has over 10 yrs experience in scoping & proofreading. She got so busy, I started to help her, and now I love it, since I like to read. She also specializes in medical transcripts. I scope and she proofreads.
We both use audio-sync. We are the perfect team! Expedites and daily copies are not a problem.
You can depend on us to make you shine! 
See our website for more information: A Reporter’s Paradise

                                                                                     Posted 05/21/13

Danielle Lund, Mooresville, NC (Charlotte)
Former NY reporter for 15 yrs now relocated to NC.
As a reporter I always scoped my own work and handed in my work quickly.
I am experienced in all types of work from criminal grand jury to depositions.
I use Case Catalyst and can do your work with or without audio.
(This ad updated 12/31/09)

Ohio Case CATalyst Scopists

Billie Jacobs,  Florence, KY (Greater Cincinnati area).
Phone:859-380-2208.  Email:  Software:  CaseCAT 3 and 4,soon to be getting StenoCAT. I am a notereader/scopist who is looking to build long-term business relationships with reporters who desire a partner with a superior work ethic. Available for short-term and overflow work. I enjoy a challenge and will go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. 
Worked in the legal field for over 14 years.
I'm ready to put my skills to work for you.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

Donna Howell - (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Scopist Seeking Busy Reporters --
Experienced Case Catalyst Scopist - Excellent turnaround and rates.
Will research and Proofread as well. Prefer working with audiosync.
Available for Nationwide work.

TERRI PELGER, CARNATION SCOPING, Alliance, Ohio,   330-821-6902
I am the court transcriptionist for our local municipal court and a former page editor and newspaper reporter.
I use CaseCATalyst software, and I can read Steno.
I have an FTP account for uploading audio files and a Sanyo transcribing machine.
I look forward to working with you.

Joy Lew, Cortland, OH
I am a graduate of BeST Scoping Techniques using Case Catalyst 4. 
I have an eye for detail and the ability to read steno. I am great with research and spelling. 
I have nearly ten years of experience in the medical field, as well as in information technology. 
Contact me for my page rates and a preference sheet. 
(330) 372-4329 or

Tirzah Harper, Ashland, Ohio
Your transcript, your way. Scoping with CaseCATalyst software and any type of digital audio file that you send.
Prompt turnaround, accurate transcripts, reliable quality.
My skills include reading steno, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and research of terminology and names.
I have been trained in all aspects of transcript production.
For rates, turnaround times, references, etc., please contact me at:  or  567-203-7855.

Oklahoma Case CATalyst Scopists

SHERRY HILL, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
I've been scoping and notereading for over 14 years and can provide you an accurate transcript with a fast turnaround time.
Premier Power and Case Catalyst software.  
Please call 918-451-2916 or E-mail

Fay Anderson, 20 years experience. 
Working reporter for 14 years - Municipal Courts - Tulsa, OK. 
Case Catalyst, Premier Power, XEC-2001, RTF files.  With or without tapes.  Can do WAV files. 
Experienced in all areas of reporting.  Work quality excellent. 
Can provide references.  Fayacom

Sheena Stobaugh,
Premier Scoping Services
Scoping since 1996.  Former CR student, legal secretary and federal deputy court clerk. 
Trustworthy and thorough.  I can provide many references. 
Please visit my site at to learn more about how I can help you. 
Case CATalyst, Eclipse and DigitalCAT.

Oregon Case CATalyst Scopists

Laura Radke
Software: Case Catalyst 12
Email:   Phone: (530) 604-7034
I am an experienced scopist, professionally trained, and a graduate of BeST Scoping Techniques. I use Case CATalyst software.  I am seeking long-term business relationships with reporters who desire a scopist devoted to providing an accurate transcript, enjoys research, and has a strong work ethic.
I have strong punctuation and grammatical skills and can also read steno.
I am available for part-time, temporary, and overflow work.
Please contact me for more information and rates..
(This ad updated 08/02/11)

Ann Mia Haning,

Scopist/proofreader since 2008 based in Portland, OR using Eclipse/Case Cat.
I’ve been working for a firm and now seek reporters for a working relationship.
I have an eye for the “perfect page” and always do a second read-through of each job.
Former court reporting student, medical and technical transcripts are no problem!  or (503) 764-5552
(This ad updated 03/29/11)

Carrie Garrison, I am a scopist currently doing criminal trial court; I would like to increase my workload.
I read multiple stenotype theories; *Stenograph Computer *Philadelphia Clinic *Herman Miller *Berry Horne and *Merrit.
I have extensive training in legal and medical terminology, punctuation and research.
Reference available upon request.
I use Case Catalyst 9 W/ Audio. I look forward to working with you! Fees Negotiable.
Please e-mail me with inquiries -   Phone & Fax: 541-488-7729

Milissa Hassel,  Portland, OR    503-841-6218
Experienced proofreader/scopist who is a hardworking, reliable, detail oriented, English major looking for an additional client.
I also have a vast knowledge of medical terminology.
My system is Case Catalyst 4. I will also do full audio.
Please contact me for rates and any additional information. References available upon request.

Pennsylvania Case CATalyst Scopists

Lynne Jeffries,  Central Pa/Philadelphia area.
Equipment used: Case CATalyst (current version).
I am a professionally trained scopist. I'm available for full-time, part-time, and overflow work.
Seeking to develop reporter/scopist working relationship full-time.
Normal turnaround is three to five days and very reasonable rates.
Contact via email:

(This ad updated 12/01/09)

MAUREEN ROBINSON, Philadelphia, PA.  
(215) 755-1631
Full-time scopist, notereading and scoping since 1973.  
Case Catalyst, Premier Power, Xscribe 2001.   
Excellent references, competitive prices and quick turnaround.
No extra charges for technical, medical, et cetera.

ALICIA CONTIC - (724) 832-0800 - 
Scoping and proofreading services offered since 1996 in all areas of court work and depositions.
I have a Paralegal degree, excellent references and a wide range of research materials.
Reasonable rates with a quick turnaround time.
Catalyst4 and Case Catalyst 3.0.

Elli Dorough - Lancaster County, PA 717-892-3777
Fast, accurate scoping with impeccable attention to detail. 
Nationwide via e-mail.  Local pickup/delivery in Lancaster and York Counties. 
Case CATalyst 3.2, standard tape transcriber, microcassette transcriber, AudioSync,  DSL line for transfer of .wav files. 
Weekends included in turnaround time.  Call or e-mail for rates and references.

Nancy O’Brien, Downingtown, PA
(484) 288-9433 or (610) 873-3158 -
Full-time caseCATalyst4 scopist and proofreader. Former high school English teacher and magazine editor with excellent grammar, punctuation, spelling, and research skills. Can also read notes. Committed to supplying prompt, quality service. My goal is to make you look good. Willing to work nights and weekends. Prefer to establish long-term working relationship with my clients.

Katie Thompson,  N.E. Pennsylvania
Case Catalyst 4 Scopist is looking to take on 2 to 3 reporters. 
I offer fast turnaround time, reasonable rates, the ability to read steno, and extra attention to details. 
Please feel free to email Katie at for more information.

Lisa Urso - Case CATalyst Scopist - Scranton, Pennsylvania
Professional services provided to suit your personal preference and style.
Phone: 570-342-9750

Karen Sinko


Rhode Island Case CATalyst Scopists

Paula Singer, Westerly, RI,, 888-895-5007
Scoping, proofreading.  Recently relocated to RI.
Experienced with CaseCatalyst. Am familiar with Eclipse and StenoCat. 
I am accurate, dependable, and offer reasonable rates. Audio tapes welcomed. 
I can import/export any program that supports RTF files.
Will consider purchase of other system edit software for right client.

South Carolina Case Catalyst Scopists

Dawn Jones - Ladson, SC
I have been a scopist for 3 years. I proofread and edit or whatever you may need help with.
My software is Procat and Case Catalyst
I would love to hear from you if you need assistance in lightening your work load. Thank you

South Dakota Case CATalyst Scopists

KAYE O'NEAL:  Crofton, Nebraska.  Cell: (620)786-5358 or Home (402)388-4997
Email address:    Web site:
I am a full-time scopist and proofreader - experienced, dependable, thorough and formally trained by BeST Scoping Techniques. Use Stenograph Case CATalyst 4, version 8, with audiosync. Have MOLLy available for the transfer of audiosync WAV files. 
This is a free service for the reporter. Will scope from tapes at a higher rate.  

Tennessee Case CATalyst Scopists

(423) 280-2958
Former court reporter now scoping for 11 years.
I am on CC4. Seeking reporter with whom to form a working relationship.
Strong attention to detail, reasonable rates, hard working.
I love what I do and it shows!

Mary E. Lee
615 368-2357
Case Catalyst 8 Scopist.  Graduate of Linda Evenson's Internet Scoping School, and a  member of the NCRA and TCRA.
I am available to help you with your scoping needs.
I will do my very best to meet your expectations. 

Aarika Cottingham, Knoxville, TN     Phone: 865-671-1850
E-mail:    Website:
▪ A.A.B. Degree in Scoping from an NCRA-certified college ▪ Internet Scoping School Graduate ▪ NCRA member ▪ Case CATalyst 8 software with AudioSync ▪ FTP provided at no charge to reporters ▪ Proficient in StenEd and Phoenix Theory ▪ Excellent Grammar and Punctuation skills ▪ Word-for-word editing ▪ Dictionary building and maintenance ▪

Texas Case CATalyst Scopists

MONNA DUDENSING, Houston, Texas (713) 861-2345
       • Case CATalyst 10 with AudioSync
       • Associate's Degree in Court Reporting
       • 9 yrs of experience scoping; medical, environmental, oil & gas, toxic tort, experts
       • 13 years experience as a litigation secretary
       • Strong research skills; detail oriented; available 7 days a week; reasonable rates
(This ad updated 3/22/10)

CATHY WATSON, Euless, TX,   (817)584-0334, 
CAT systems: Eclipse and CaseCatalyst.
Scoping for reporters nationwide since 1994. I have worked on many trials as well as depositions and arbitrations. Lots of experience with medical and forensic experts and toxic waste cleanup cases.

TRICIA JUMONVILLE in Austin, Texas - 
Case Catalyst Scopist ready to work. 
Currently searching for busy Court Reporters to assist on either a full time or part time basis. I am reliable, detail oriented and I have quick turn around times.
Files can be sent via e-mail or priority mail. 
Call Tricia at 512-310-2639 or e-mail at

S.C.O.P.E. - Smart Choice Online Professional Editing, Temple, TX.
Jacquelyn Hopkins, a former manuscript editor for three published authors, is now a Case CATalyst scopist. Standard audio tapes welcome.
For rates and references, please e-mail

SHANNON TUCKER, Austin, Texas (512)515-6582
Case Catalyst scopist with very strong medical background.
Great rates and turnaround time. Will accept jobs via e-mail, UPS, FedEx, Airborne Express, US mail, Fax. I have the CC 3.1, 2-speed transcriber, Pentium II computer.

Valerie Mitcham, Houston, TX, 832-266-8228  CaseCATalyst. 
I have 18 years of scoping experience. I am accurate, expedient and dependable.
Quick turnaround time and competitive rates.
Give me a call or send me an e-mail and let's get started.

(281) 455-6342,
Experienced Case CATalyst Scopist, excellent grammar, language and research skills, able to read steno. I have scoped trial and deposition testimony including wrongful death, medical malpractice, environmental contamination and oil and gas litigation. Reasonable rates and turnaround times to suit your needs.

ARSOLA, S. - Alvin, TX; 281-331-0997
Let me lighten your workload. I support CaseCATalyst 3 & 4 editing versions and Eclipse V.8. If those are not your programs of choice, that's okay. I am familiar with RTF files.
I have fax capabilities, printer/scanner, DSL for faster downloading and support digital audio files. Let me know if I can be of any assistance. Thank you.

CATHY NEWTON - Austin/Round Rock -
Scopist using Case Catalyst, looking to work for a reporter full or part-time.
I offer professional, quality work while focusing on the reporter's personal preferences.
My previous experience as an English teacher contributes to my scoping skills.
I can accept both .wav and .dss files. Contact me for your scoping needs at 512-218-9898 or

LINDA ALDRICH (210) 979-9394
CAT systems: Eclipse, Premier Power, CaseCatalyst
Will work from tapes, Audio Sync, Digital (Olympus AS-3000). Internet or AIM-FTP for file transfers. 14 years experience with depos & trials. Expertise in medical.
Former CR teacher.  Read notes.

Julie Henderson, Santa Fe, Texas (409) 925-7138 
Case Catalyst Software, Scoping for the last 6 years as well as proofing for two other scopists. Will accept AudioSync as well as full-sized tapes. Able to read steno. Experienced in deposition and trial format. Reasonable rates.

Leah Richard, -
Looking for busy court reporters to scope for. I use the latest version of Case CATalyst.
Files can be sent via e-mail with audiosync or mailed. I've been a court reporter for 16 years. Who better to scope your work than a fellow reporter who has freelanced and been an official. Let me help your workload. Reasonable rates and quick turnaround. I'd be happy to hear from you!

JULIE ROBERSON - Austin, TX, (512) 759-9986,
 * Scopist and proofreader with Case CATalyst 4 software
 * Willing to scope with or without audio
 * FTP web site for audio file transfer 
 * Available seven days a week
 * Graduate of online scoping course

Jeff OLDHAM, Fort Worth, TX, (817)946-5306, 
CaseCataly4 Scopist, Standard cassette and/or audiosync.
I offer free pick up and delivery in the Fort Worth area within 20 miles of my zip code.
I have experience with Official and freelance reporters -- trials and depositions. I have both reasonable rates and turnaround. I can also accommodate dailies. Please contact me for further information. Thank you.

Sheryl Jones, Houston TX, (713) 863-0030
Professionally trained scopist with CaseCATalyst 4.6, looking to work with a court reporter full or part-time. I have 20 years experience as a certified paralegal, with good research skills and knowledge of medical terminology. Accurate and reliable. Please contact me via email or phone for rates.

Michele Geurts, Rockwall, Texas (214)771-3060  
CAT system: Case Catalyst 4 ver 7.01 and Premier Power.  I am a retired California CSR now living in Texas. I am scoping for reporters and doing stenoscription which is transcription with my steno machine.  In my reporting career, I have covered court, deposition and hearings for the Department of Consumer Affairs.

KERRIE BOND, Houston, Texas.
CAT system: CaseCATalyst 4. Equipment: Olympus DSS player for wav or dss files, transcriber for full-size tapes, high-speed Internet connection. Experience:  17 years of experience in scoping, proofreading, and teaching court reporting. Previously held RPR and Arkansas CSR licenses.  Impeccable work product.  $1.00 - $2.00 per page. 
One to Five-day turnaround.   713-703-9354

LORI DOBBINS in San Angelo, Texas  
I have been a CSR in Texas for 18 years, working as both a freelancer and and official. 
I am in a slow-paced position now as an associate official reporter and would like to do some scoping and/or proofreading during my down time.  I am on CaseCatalyst with audiosync capabilities or you can mail me your tapes.  I am a perfectionist with a quick turn-around time.  Contact me at

Norma Parrott
Phone: 281-703-4573. Fax: 281-781-2289
Scopist looking to work with a reporter full or part-time. Accurate and fast turnaround.
Work with LMEG and reporter preferences. Steno literate. Strong research skills. Familiar with legal, medical, and accounting terminology.   Software:  Case Catalyst, version 9.

Lisa Mann
Conroe, TX

Utah CaseCatalyst Scopists

DARLENE MINJARES, Sandy, UT (801) 501-0729 
I have been scoping for nearly 16 years and have had experience with depositions and court/trial work. I have worked on business, medical, technical, personal injury, worker's comp, civil and criminal transcripts. I have also scoped meetings and arbitrations.
I use StenoCAT, Case Catalyst and Premier Power.  References upon request.

JENNIE M. VOORHIS, Provo, UT  (801) 375-0718
Full-time scopist with over 10 years of experience. 
"You name it, I've done it."  Federal court, state court, freelance depositions, experts of all kinds. Love medical and technical transcripts.  Great research and English skills.
I do a word-by-word, line-by-line edit and get the transcript to as close to finished as possible
Advanced CAT skills, using Open StenoCAT, Case Catalyst, Eclipse V8 and Eclipse NT.

Washington Case Catalyst Scopists

(360)681-4288     FAX (360)681-4309
EQUIP:  CaseCATalyst with AudioSync capability on ZIP Drive MB1000. 
TRAINING:  B.A. degree in Info and Communications with Journalism emphasis;  Downey Court Reporter School. EXPERIENCE:  7 years transcribing for Official County Court Reporter;12 years scoping for various deposition and court reporters.

SHAREE ODEGARD - Olalla, WA.   Office/Fax:  253-857-9185 or home:  253-853-2143.
Certified, professional scopist. Equipment: Case CATalyst with e-mail file exchange using backup tapes at reporters request exclusively.  Open to AudioSync as well.  High-speed, cable Internet service, dedicated fax and phone line.  I offer strong grammar and spelling skills, ability to research unusual spellings, flexibility and willingness to work with you.

Shirley Cosention, Sequim, Wa., 360-681-8409
Equipment: CaseCatalyst with Audiosync capability, Sony transcription machine.
High-speed Internet connection to download audio wave files.
Experience: Over 17 years of editing depositions, attended Brown College of Court Reporting. .
70pp without audio, .90 pp with tape or audio. 
Fine quality work, good turnaround time.

Cindy Cooley,
Longview, Washington.  (360)560-2227
Business:  Scoping 101 - A court reporter for 20 years, have been scoping for two years.
I am on CaseCatalyst 4, Eclipse, and AristoCAT.
I am a very detail-oriented person and with my experience, I am very attuned to a court reporter's needs. 

Randi Rus --   206-780-6895
EXPERIENCE: Five-year involvement in the court reporting field.
Graduate and instructor of court reporting school; tape transcriptionist; 1 year scoping.
MISSION STATEMENT: To make the working life of a court reporter a little easier.
EQUIPMENT: Case CATalyst 4.7 w/audio sync; possess needed equipment and reference materials to get the job done.

Sherry Ullom, Sequim, WA,
CC scopist since 1994.
Experience with all the bells and whistles available.
Word-for-word guarantee.
Work done in a timely manner.  

Lynne Petersen
Kenmore, WA 98028

West Virginia Case Catalyst Scopists

Diana L. Huffman
Charleston, WV
(304) 926-6608

Wisconsin Case Catalyst Scopists

Nicki Hildebrand

Are you looking for a Case CATalyst Scopist? Look no further!  I offer fair rates with exceptional turnaround times.  Over 5 years' scoping, editing, and transcription (including medical) experience.
I prefer to make lasting client relationships, but I am also available on an overflow or one-time basis.
I look forward to speaking with you soon.

(This ad updated 12/22/11)

I have over seven years of scoping experience and use Case Catalyst with or without AudioSync or standard audio tapes.  I am able to read steno notes and have an extensive in-house reference library available.  File transfer is mainly through high-speed internet e-mail, but can also use U.S. Mail, UPS, or FedEx as required.
Accurate, dependable service at competitive rates.  My job is to make yours easier!

Diane Wimmer
Wisconsin transcriptionist/scopist available for depositions of any kind or length and am trained in Phoenix/CaseCat theories.
You may contact me by e-mail or phone.

Joan Hurtis, Tomahawk, WI. I am available for work immediately.
I am a graduate of Best Scoping Techniques, which is one of the premier scopist training schools, and I have also taken additional Case CATalyst software training with the Internet Scoping School. I use Case CATalyst 8 and Audio Sync.   I am fully trained in reading steno, punctuation, transcript production, and research. I work with Audiosync and CaseCATalyst everyday. I am experienced with expert testimony in various areas, and have the research tools to handle most any field of expertise.
If you have any questions, please contact me by phone 715-612-8191 or email  

Julie Geraty, Freelance Scopist - Software: CaseCATalyst 9
522 Martin Lane
Tomahawk, WI 54487
PH (715) 453-6789    Cell (715) 966-1568    Fax (715) 453-6550    Email Address:
Graduate of BeST Scoping Techniques. I’m a full-time scopist looking to establish a long-lasting reporter/scopist relationship.
Willing to help out with overflow and expedites.  Allow me to help you make more money by freeing up some of your time.

Wyoming Case Catalyst Scopists

CRISTA Green -
The Perfected Page offers quality scoping with peace of mind. 
Case Catalyst 3 and 4, AudioSync, reasonable rates, quick turnaround.
I care about my reporters and their transcripts; experience in a variety of transcripts. 
Contact Crista Green today at or (307) 332-0212

Canada Case Catalyst Scopists

Alberta Canada

Ontario, Canada

Julie MacDougall
- Transcription - Proofreading, Ontario, Canada -
Case CATalyst scopist & proofreader. Scoping with Case Catalyst12 - full audiosync.
Eighteen years of proofreading, transcription and administrative experience in the printing industry and corporate venues.
Superior word usage, spelling, grammar, punctuation and research skills.
Pleasant, easy to work with, great communication.
Please visit my website
or call 613-432-9263 or email for more information.
Posted 09/16/11
To allow you to preview my skills, I offer a 50%
discount on your first transcript.
I am a 2nd year real time reporting student, mentored by a professional court reporter in the area of scoping for the last 8 months; I have also had the opportunity to scope independently for the last 4 months. I am now ready and eager to provide scoping services for 2 to 3 more clients. I offer a competitive per page rate and can accommodate expedited transcripts (workload permitting). I am using Case CATalyst and StartStop software and footpedal, so I can accept a wide variety of audio formats. I have been exposed to a variety of different matters and have had the opportunity to prove myself in the areas of Internet research, editing complex medical and legal terminology, and applying agency specific formatting.  I am meticulous and analytical by nature and provide clear, concise communications to my clients.
Please contact me at  to discuss further.
Posted 03/01/12

Naomi Stevens
Experienced and conscientious Case CATalyst and DigitalCAT scopist with note-reading ability as I attended CR school.
As well, I have degrees in linguistics and English, excellent grammar, punctuation and research skills.
If you need to find more time for a life, contact me and let me help with your transcript production!

European Case Catalyst Scopists

Carmelita Lee, 21-year reporter in both Superior Court and Federal Court, seeks to scope for you. I'm on Case Catalyst 4.5 and Turbocat. I can convert your files through RTF as well. I will listen to your audio files or tapes. I am a stickler for research and details. My BA was in English. Tough jobs don't scare me, neither do technical, medical, pharmaceutical or rocket science; I've done them all. And I love new reporters, so don't be shy about your notes or your misses. Let me help you look your best. Contact me by e-mail:  or  or by phone at: (972) 9-740-7764.