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Alabama DigitalCAT Scopists

Linda Rouse, Birmingham, AL
As a scopist/proofreader on DigitalCAT, I would love to help ease your load and be your extra eyes.
I am very conscientious and detail oriented and will return your work in a very timely manner.
Your satisfaction is my main concern.
I invite you to visit my web page @ 
Thank you for your consideration.
(This ad updated 09/22/10) 

BARBARA R. HURST, Birmingham, Alabama, (205) 425-7420 - Scopist/Proofreader with four years of experience looking to establish a long-term working relationship with a good writer. Former court reporter with five years of experience seeking full-time, part-time and/or overflow work. Experience includes fluent note reading, editing and proofreading depositions, trial transcripts, conference minutes, etc., along with expedite and daily copy work. Possess up-to-date audio capabilities and experienced with RTF/CRE files. Fast turnaround times with reasonable rates. Currently own CaseCatalyst 4 and DigitalCat software along with the Olympus AS-3000 PC Transcription Kit. Please contact me for additional information:

Gina M. McDonald, AL CSR 256.377.1800  
I am a former court reporter with eight years of experience and a medical transcription degree.
I have CC3&4, DigitalCAT and Premier Power software.
I also have AudioSync and the capability to work with Olympus .dss files.
Please email or call for rates and turnaround times if I can help you out.  Thanks!

Janet Thompson,  
DigitCat Scopist looking to handle overflow or permanent work. 
Editing only is .30 per page; Scoping is $1.00. 
Weekends okay.
Contact:  or  Telephone @ 205.383.1126  

Terry Owens, 256-837-1799
Huntsville, AL
Full-time scopist utilizing Eclipse 4.1 and DigitalCat. 
Currently seeking  professional relationship with one or more reporters. 
Extremely comfortable with medical and technical terminology.  I have high-speed internet for large audio file transfer. 
I work hard and have competitve rates.  For more information, please visit

Emily C. Warrick,
I am a reporter-trained full-time scopist using DigitalCat, Eclipse, and Case Catalyst software.
I am a “retired” paralegal of 15 years with three years of scoping experience. No job will be turned down.
Competitive rates, full audio used, quick turnaround. Available 24/7. 

Arizona DigitalCAT Scopists

Software:  CaseCatalyst 3/4 working with reporters on versions 1-4.   DigiatCat.
Scoping with or without audiosync for depo and official reporters since 1997

Angela Dill - EclipseNT and DigitalCAT scopist and transcriptionist with over 12 years medical experience.  The first six as a medical technologist, and the last 6-8 as a medical transcriptionist. So I am not new to quick turnaround times or accuracy in reporting. I have a .wav foot pedal, cable modem for internet access, a fax machine, small and large tape machines. Personal website for transfer of audio files.
E-mail:  Website:

Corinne Piombi 
Metro Phoenix, Arizona/Nationwide  or  (602) 714-1146.
I am a scopist on DigitalCAT (192 and DC 3 versions) located in the Metro Phoenix area. I am soon adding CaseCATalyst. Reasonable rates. Let me give you a hand with your scoping needs.

California DigitalCAT Scopists

CLEO BRADLEY: Southern, CA 949-215-0472;
Fifteen-year experienced scopist/notereader on StenoCat 32; Case Catalyst 4; DigitalCAT.
Extensive experience in depositions and court work. Medical; technical; construction; jury charge and more.  Quality transcriptions, attention to detail; word-by-word, line-by-line editing.   Fast turnaround. File transfer by highspeed internet.
Reasonable and competitive rates.

Stephanie Giannini -
All States - Scopist / Proofreader
Total Eclipse/StenoCAT 32/Digital Cat.
Since 1976.
(714) 544-7833

Connecticut DigitalCAT Scopists

Name : Marna Goodyear, Amicus Office Support Services, Manchester, CT
Phone : 860-796-0126     Email :
Experienced former reporter and scopist offers E-Transcript, TurboCat, DigitalCAT, Eclipse, and Premier Power scoping as well as proofreading (medical, law enforcement, scientific, and industry-specific experience), production services (printing, binding, mailing, read & sign and ASCII  services,) and video and audio transcription.  

Florida DigitalCAT Scopists

(813) 655-5377     Email:
Professional, dependable scoping and/or proofreading with Case CATalyst and DigitalCAT. 
Will scope with tapes.  
Your first 10 pages are "free". 
See what I can do for you! 

Christine Branchfield,  New Port Richey, FL
(727) 514-1385 - Email:
EXPERIENCED CaseCATalyst and DigitalCAT scopist available.
I am professionally trained with comprehensive scoping and research skills. I am available for regular and overflow assignments. I have a great deal of experience working with both officials and freelancers. 

Hawaii DigitalCAT Scopists

Nancy Panzke,  Kona Scoping & Proofreading    E-mail:
Available for scoping and proofreading. System: Case CATalyst 4.5 and 3.2 and digitalCAT. My Hawaii location is ideal for East Coast reporters who need a quick turnaround.  All files (including audio) can be uploaded to my secure website.
I am happy to accept overflow work from both reporters and busy scopists.

Iowa DigitalCAT Scopists

Ms. Devon Roberts - Scoping for You
I use both Eclipse and digitalCAT to provide you with a professional document to make you look your best.  I aim to gain you work and remove your headaches!!
I'm looking for full-time work and/or overflow work. I have experience with criminal trial work and understand the importance of accuracy in all of our work. Competitive rates.
Email me at: or call (641) 330-3166

Illinois DigitalCAT Scopists

Bruti, Stephanie, Illinois
I'm a DigitalCAT scopist/proofreader looking to take on more work. I am able to handle your regular or overflow work. I've attended court reporting school and have been trained in Stenograph theory. I can produce your transcripts in a timely and professional manner. I prefer to work with audio, however, I can work without it.
Rates submitted upon request. Phone: (815) 999-2758; 

Kristy Barnett, Metropolis, IL
Court reporter for nine years and I am looking for a long-term scoping relationship so I can stay home with my young daughter. I passed the RPR three years ago. I have competitive rates and turn-around time. I will treat your transcript with the same care and attention as I do my own. I have DigitalCAT software.
Contact me at  or 618-638-5762.   

Kansas DigitalCAT Scopists

Sherri Smith,
Wichita Ks,
I am an experience scopist using Digital Cat and Eclipse with audio sync. I will work using your preference and style. I will use full audio. I am willing to listen to tapes. I am research for proper spelling, etc. If interested, please contact me. See my web page.   

Louisiana DigitalCAT Scopists

Julie C. Thomas, West Monroe, LA
* Retired freelance LA-CCR
* Latest versions of DigitalCAT, CaseCATalyst, StenoCAT 32
* Full-time scopist/proofreader
* Meticulous researcher
* High-speed Internet, fax available
* My specialty is doing things your way!
E-mail:    Website:
Phone: 318.322.2199
(This ad updated 08/17/11)

Digital CAT and Open StenoCAT scopist from New Orleans. 
Also serving the entire U.S. through the exchanging of files over the Internet. 
Experience in med/mal, patent infringements and expert witnesses. 
Competitive rates and quick turnarounds. 
Web Site:     E-mail: 

Sue Pratt 
I scope on both digitalCat and Eclipse.
I owned and operated a CR school for 16 years and have scoped and done proofreading since 1994.
I have a wireless Internet connection, can accept wav files, have a good vocabulary, am familiar with most legal and
medical terms, and turn my work around quickly. My regular and expedite rates are reasonable and fair.
I can be contacted at  or 504-888-6433
(This ad updated 05/21/10)

Minnesota DigitalCAT Scopists

JENNY KOPACEK ~ Minneapolis, MN  763.560.5316
Experienced Digital CAT and Case CATalyst Scopist looking for additional work.
I've attended court reporting school for two years and previously have worked as a legal secretary for 15 years. I can read steno notes and offer reasonable rates.
I have both regular size and microcassette transcribers for tapes as well as my own website for free uploading of all digital and audiosync files.

Joyce Preusser  --  CaseCAT/DigitalCAT
Midwest Scoping -
Graduate of professional scopist training course with focus on grammar and punctuation, working with reporter preferences, transcript formatting, file transfers, and CAT software training. I also offer proofreading and transcription. Please visit my Web site for complete information. I am well-trained and dependable.

Mississippi DigitalCAT Scopists

My name is Rebecca Smith.
As a scopist, I'm looking for reporters who seek excellence and efficiency in their transcript editing.  I operate under the DigitalCAT system and can read steno.
If you need scoping services and want the best quality you can find, please contact me at 662-274-1790 or e-mail me at
I look forward to discussing with you how my services can best meet your needs.
(This Ad Updated 01/14/11)


Missouri DigitalCAT Scopists

Julie Davis - Email:
Experienced DigitalCat and Case Catalyst scopist and proofreader.
Reasonable rates and fast turnaround. Former court reporter with years of experience. High-speed Internet connection and ability to transfer large files.
References available upon request.
Contact me and let's discuss how I can make your life easier!

Emily Ridyard, Gillespie, Illinois -
CC4 Scopist available. I prefer AudioSync.
I use Streamload digital audio file exchange, XP, standard and microcassette transcribers, fax, scanner and DSL.
Please see my website for greater detail.  

New Jersey DigitalCAT Scopists

Robin Fritz, Essex County, NJ. 
Former court reporter available for your scoping needs with StenoCat32 and digitalCAT software.
Full audio not a problem with software sync or digital audio player.
Cable internet connection.
Quick turnaround, reasonable rates. Contact through: 

New York DigitalCAT Scopists

I have recently completed a Scopist/Medical Transcriptionist Training Course and now am seeking a telecommuting position in order to make the best use of time. My educational, work, and life experiences have given me a solid background in medicine, education, and the building trades.  I can read steno.  Software: Digital Cat.  Can also ASCII files with errata sheet returned.

North Carolina DigitalCAT Scopists

CATHY CLACK - Sanford, North Carolina
Xscribe 2001 - Stenovations DigitalCat - Word - WordPerfect 6 & 7
Serving court reporters since 1990, I have a wide variety of experience in deposition and trial work. Since I noteread, tapes are not necessary, but are welcome per your request.  Please write for more information and to receive your quote.

Debbie Duvall
Scoping Professional/Registered Nurse/Nationwide
DigitalCAT scoping services available. All work welcome, but specialize in medical malpractice. Over 20 years experience as a registered nurse.
High-speed internet easily transfers large files. Quick turnaround and excellent writing, editing, and proofing skills.  

Oklahoma DigitalCAT Scopists

Sheena Stobaugh,
Premier Scoping Services
Scoping since 1996. Former CR student, legal secretary and federal deputy court clerk.
Trustworthy and thorough. I can provide many references.
Please visit my site at  to learn more about how I can help you.
Case CATalyst, Eclipse and DigitalCAT.

Texas DigitalCAT Scopists

Kristi Nicole Moore,
(972) 345-3815 -
Scoping since 1993. Specializing is expedited turnaround.
Experience: Graduated court reporting college in 1996 and practiced reporting for two years. Being a reporter turned scopist, I can read steno notes as if I'm reading a book. Software: StenoCAT 32,  DigitalCAT

ARSOLA, S. - Alvin, TX;
Let me lighten your workload. I support CaseCATalyst 3 & 4 editing versions and Eclipse V.8.  If those are not your programs of choice, that's okay. I am familiar with RTF files.
I have fax capabilities, printer/scanner, DSL for faster downloading and support digital audio files. Let me know if I can be of any assistance. Thank you. 

Debi Rodgers, d/b/a DKR Scoping Unlimited, Nacogdoches, Texas, 
CAT systems: Maestro & DigitalCAT, Express Scribe for .WAV files. Scoping over 17 years, looking to build clientele for long term work.  I have done many depositions, video and audio, and official court transcriptions, well-versed in legal and medical terminology, experienced legal secretary and paralegal in criminal, civil, personal injury, family, asbestos law, etc., two and a half years as a court reporting student, read steno notes, very reliable and detail oriented, high speed cable internet

Virginia DigitalCAT Scopists

Angie Ryder, Glen Allen, VA  (804) 918-3611
Utilizing Eclipse and DigitalCat. Currently seeking one more client to add to my client base full-time. Extremely comfortable with medical and technical terminology.
For more information, please visit  or contact me via e-mail or telephone.

Washington DigitalCAT Scopists

Marion D. Griffin - MDG WordPro  253-761-9454
Full-service CaseCATalyst 5 and DigitalCAT scopist.
Graduate, Bates Technical College Court Reporting School.
Associate Member, National Court Reporters Association; Washington Court Reporters Association (Association Scopist Liaison).

West Virginia DigitalCAT Scopists

Reba Burgess,  304-610-3399
3 Planters Road, Winfield, WV. 
My system is Digital Cat and transfer of documents through DSL Internet and Net Meeting makes it fast & easy. I have schooling as a court reporter and extensive editing and proofreading experience with strong grammar skills. I am willing to learn to do it your way.  E-mail:  

Charleston, WV
(304) 926-6608 -   DigitalCat scopist/medical and legal transcriptionist.  Background: Paralegal, legal secretary, medical/legal transcriptionist for 25+ years.  Equipment includes Windows XP, secure FTP site, all tapes, and all digital files. Available for overflow work or permanent work.

Wisconsin DigitalCAT Scopists

Lori Birkholz
- -
15 years experience, full-time scopist, Eclipse and DigitalCAT
Diploma in small business management, Certificate in medical transcription, Diploma in notereading/scoping.  15 years pharmacy technician.
Specialize in med mal, asbestos, workers' comp, personal injury.
Will also offer proofing services.  Competitive rates and references upon request.
Please contact me for more details and a rate listing.
Rates are always negotiable.  
(This ad updated 8/26/11)

Debra Carter, Professionally trained scopist available.
I have the editing version of Total Eclipse and DigitalCAT.
I am available for full-time or part-time scoping services.
If you are looking for a high quality scopist, or if you know someone who is, please contact me for more information.  Let me show you how I can save you time!  or 920-606-6929 

Canada DigitalCAT Scopists

Naomi Stevens
Experienced and conscientious Case CATalyst and DigitalCAT scopist with note-reading ability as I attended CR school.  As well, I have degrees in linguistics and English, excellent grammar, punctuation and research skills. If you need to find more time for a life, contact me and let me help with your transcript production!