Court Reporter Scopists 

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Darlene O'Connor
Over 11 years scoping full-time.
Dictionary building, fluently read steno. 
Currently on Total Eclipse.
Workers’ Compensation, arbitrations, hearings, trial,
conventions, conferences, et cetera.
Need help?
(This ad updated 08/13/11)

My name is Rebecca Smith.
As a scopist, I am looking for reporters who seek excellence and efficiency in their transcript editing.  I operate under the DigitalCAT system and can read steno.
If you need scoping services and want the best quality you can find, please contact me at 662-274-1790 or e-mail me at rebeccasmith624@gmail.com .
I look forward to discussing with you how my services can best meet your needs.
(This Ad Updated 01/14/11)

April C. Richardson,  
3815 Liverpool Avenue, Moss Point, Mississippi 39563
228-475-0897    228-990-0877
I am a former free-lance court reporter trained by the top reporter on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  I have recently decided to become a scopist/proofer.  I am accustomed to expedites and daily copies.  I am currently on Case Catalyst 4, but am familiar with proofing ASCII's and preparing erratas via e-mail.  .