New Jersey Court Reporter Scopists 
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30+ years working with Reporters/Attorneys.
TOTAL ECLIPSE. (Case Catalyst conversions)
Expedited/Daily Copy on-site or via e-mail.
Note reader-no audio backup needed.
Developed reporting software, trainer/seminar presentations coast to coast,
Numerous daily copy work throughout Texas and the Virgin Islands.
Working for Texas, NY and NJ reporters.
Excellent references.
713-947-7316 or
(This ad updated 8/25/11)

KATHY DRAKE, Bergen County, NJ or
I was a court reporter for seven years.  I have been scoping for eight years.  I have Maestro, 2001 and Premier Power.  I return the transcript so that the reporter has little or no work to do.  Fast turnaround. Please e-mail me for further information.

Sandra Caruso - I am a well-educated, reliable Eclipse NT scopist who can ease your heavy workload and give you more free time.  I offer reliable, accurate service at reasonable rates.  I also have plenty of experience with wav files and audiosync. Contact me for more information at .

Carol Guinee - Reliable Eclipse Scopist Take some time for yourself.  You can be sure that I will get the job done when/before you need it.  Extremely reliable and accurate yet  cheap!!!  I happen to love my job and don't feel its necessary to over- charge.  I would rather develop a relationship that we both can depend on.  I am experienced in depo's, trials, .wav files, video, tapes and fast turnaround.  And -- I don't charge extra for any of it!!!  Visit my web site for the details.  I look forward to hearing from you.  e-mail:

Linda M. Daniher
Accurate and reliable. Eclipse CAT system with audiosynch capabilities.

Susan Crapanzano, Essex County, NJ -  Forty years experience as a legal/judicial secretary. Twenty-five years experience in transcript preparation. Programs: 2001 and Total Eclipse.

DOREEN BOHME, Monmouth County, NJ. If you're looking for quality work, you found the right person. I was a court reporter for 6 years and have been scoping for 10 years (Eclipse). I can note read various theories and have excellent punctuation and grammar skills with quick turnaround and reasonable rates. Hope to hear from you. 

Robin Fritz, Essex County, NJ.  Former court reporter available for your scoping needs with StenoCat32 and digitalCAT software. Full audio not a problem with software sync or digital audio player. Cable internet connection. Quick turnaround, reasonable rates. Contact through:

Debra Sozio, Certified Scopist in Central New Jersey seeking some additional reporters.
Nine years experience in all types of litigation, heavy medical experience.  Six years experience as a realtime in-court scopist for trials with daily and instant copy. Reasonable, competitive rates, quick turnaround time.  High-speed DSL, delivery via email or courier.
Equipment: Premier Power, StenoCAT32, and Eclipse 4.1 w/stenolink, am in the process of purchasing Catalyst 4.6.
Email Debra at

Agnes Novak - Cell:(609)351-3665, Fax: (609)877-7145  AGBN07@Verizon.Net
Scoping from Steno Notes NJ and/or Nationwide
Quick Turnaround times and reasonable rates
Spot-checking audio or word-for-word full audio
Case Cat4, V.7 with audio sync, Fax and Internet
Trained Scopist by The School of Court Reporting 

Kathleen Iuzzolino, Warren County, New Jersey 
I am a former RPR, CR instructor, and have over 25 years of scoping experience.  I use Total Eclipse with .wav files.  I have a background in chemistry and physics and specialize in technical work and daily transcripts. 
E-mail me at for a rate schedule.

Sarah Morlock, Burlington County or
Trained Scopist using CaseCAT 4 V.8 with Audiosync
Prompt, accurate and reliable.
Available locally and nationwide for full time, part-time, and short-term overflow work. Quick turnaround and reasonable rates, T3 available.