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CATHY CLACK - Sanford, North Carolina -
Xscribe 2001 - Stenovations DigitalCat - Word - WordPerfect 6 & 7
Serving court reporters since 1990, I have a wide variety of experience in deposition and trial work.
Since I noteread, tapes are not necessary, but are welcome per your request.  
Please write for more information and to receive your quote.

Joanne Paquette
Experienced scopist using Total Eclipse.  I specialize in fast turnaround and have DSL for transfer of WAV files.  With a BS in Computer Science and minor in Technical Writing, I am computer literate and my grammar, punctuation and spelling are excellent.  I also do full transcription and work in MS Word. 
For information on my rates, please contact me at

Debbie Duvall
Scoping Professional/Registered Nurse/Nationwide
DigitalCAT scoping services available. All work welcome, but specialize in medical malpractice. Over 20 years experience as a registered nurse. High-speed internet easily transfers large files. Quick turnaround and excellent writing, editing, and proofing skills. Please visit my website for all contact information.

Danielle Lund, Mooresville, NC (Charlotte)
Former NY reporter for 15 yrs now relocated to NC.
As a reporter I always scoped my own work and handed in my work quickly.
I am experienced in all types of work from criminal grand jury to depositions.
I use Case Catalyst and can do your work with or without audio. 
(This ad updated 12/31/09)

Terri G. Sapp