Oregon Court Reporter Scopists

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Laura Radke
Software: Case Catalyst 12
Email: laura.radke04@gmail.com   Phone: (530) 604-7034
I am an experienced scopist, professionally trained, and a graduate of BeST Scoping Techniques. I use Case CATalyst software. I am seeking long-term business relationships with reporters who desire a scopist devoted to providing an accurate transcript, enjoys research, and has a strong work ethic. I have strong punctuation and grammatical skills and can also read steno.
I am available for part-time, temporary, and overflow work.
Please contact me for more information and rates..

(This ad updated 08/02/11)

Ann Mia Haning

Scopist/proofreader since 2008 based in Portland, OR using Eclipse/Case Cat.
I’ve been working for a firm and now seek reporters for a working relationship.
I have an eye for the “perfect page” I always do a second read-through of each job. Medical & technical transcripts are no problem!

annmia@haning.net  or (503) 764-5552
(This ad updated 03/29/11)
Portland, Oregon
(971) 506-0588
Jkscoping.4.u@gmail.com  or jenkal8193@gmail.com.

Scopist with strong background in computer technology, medical and mental health diagnoses
and procedures, insurance claims, and criminal and civil court proceedings. I use Eclipse 6 software,
and my goal is always client satisfaction. To this end, clear communication is a priority. I value
strong and positive relationships, accuracy and consistency. I can accept files via email or ftp
transfer programs such as SendThisFile.com. Rates and references available upon request.

(This ad updated 07/22/15)

KAREN HORTON, Bend, Oregon
(541) 536-8183    Kalea@uci.net.
Full-time scopist with experience in medical malpractice, criminal and civil court proceedings, accident and insurance claims. I use Open StenoCat software and can transfer files e-mail or Fed-Ex. I am a perfectionist, and have high standards for producing a quality transcript in a timely manner. Rates and references available upon request.

Ruth Hopkins, Lebanon, Oregon (541)259-1405, RuthsScoping@cs.com
I am a Total Eclipse scopist with about seven years of experience scoping, proofreading and transcribing. I have experience with a large variety of depositions and trials, including many expert witnesses. I will work with backup tapes and audiosync files. In addition to my scoping experience, I have 13 years of administrative experience in the banking, mortgage and real estate fields. I always strive to be professional and conscientious in my work

Carrie Garrison, I am a scopist currently doing criminal trial court; I would like to increase my workload. I read multiple stenotype theories; *Stenograph Computer *Philadelphia Clinic *Herman Miller *Berry Horne and *Merrit. I have extensive training in legal and medical terminology, punctuation and research. Reference available upon request. I use Case Catalyst 9 W/ Audio. I look forward to working with you! Fees Negotiable. Please e-mail me with inquiries - garrisontranscription@gmail.com   Phone & Fax: 541-488-7729

Milissa Hassel,  Portland, OR
Experienced proofreader/scopist who is a hardworking, reliable, detail oriented, English major looking for an additional client. I also have a vast knowledge of medical terminology. My system is Case Catalyst 4. I will also do full audio. Please contact me for rates and any additional information. References available upon request.