Tennessee Court Reporter Scopists
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JULIA MATTHEWS, Knoxville, TN area
(423)586-2873  jdmllm4@aol.com
Former court reporter now scoping on Eclipse NT. 
Audiotape backup with fast turnaround and attention to detail. 
Rates available upon request. 
References available.

Traci Leonard TGL0212@charter.net
Total Eclipse scopist looking to build another partnership with full-time or part-time reporter. An English teacher who brings excellent skills, dependability, and strong work ethics to each job, I want to help you look your best! Please email me for rates and details. Have a great day! :)

Jeanette Scott - Nashville, TN - jeanetteswork@yahoo.com 
StenoCat 32 with AudioSync. I've been proofreading for about 4 years and scoping for about 1 year. I've been working closely with a court reporter who is taking time off work. I am dependable, thorough, easy to work with, and determined to give you the best work possible. Rates negotiable. 615-353-8536

LINDA JOHNSON, Chattanooga, TN
(423) 280-2958   lindascopes4u@yahoo.com
Former court reporter now scoping for 11 years.
I am on CC4. Seeking reporter with whom to form a working relationship.
Strong attention to detail, reasonable rates, hard working.
I love what I do and it shows!

Erin E. Moore, 
Eclipse Scopist:
Brentwood, TN
(615) 533-1250
Reasonable rates, quality work product, and fast turnaround times are my standard of business. 

Dot Phillips
Bus: (9 01) 346-5901    Fax: (901) 346-2761
I am new to the business and am anxious to scope and proofread. Former court reporting student; skilled in note reading; top-notch grammar and punctuation skills; professional and reliable. Will do overflow, regular turn, and expedites for Eclipse users.
First 10 pages free; Reduced rates while I gain experience. I look forward to hearing from you.  Thanks.

S.O.S. Scoping Services - Sabrina Schneider and Stacy S. Warpool
We are scopists in the Middle Tennessee area and are soliciting new clients! We are former court reporters with 26 years of combined experience, so you can feel confident in the accuracy and efficiency of our work. Please visit our Web site to find out more about us. References available.

April Herbst -- Brentwood, TN
cell: (407) 529-7898
e-mail: april.herbst@yahoo.com
I am an Eclipse scopist seeking full-time work. I hope to find several reporters to establish an excellent working relationship with. I am dedicated to meeting your needs as I provide you with a quality transcript. I am meticulous, reliable, and hard-working. My rates are competitive with reasonable turnaround times. E-mail me and let me know how I can help YOU.

Mary E. Lee
615 368-2357
Case Catalyst 8 Scopist.  Graduate of Linda Evenson's Internet Scoping School, and a  member of the NCRA and TCRA.
I am available to help you with your scoping needs.
I will do my very best to meet your expectations. 

Aarika Cottingham, Knoxville, TN     Phone: 865-671-1850
E-mail: scopist@alliancescoping.com 
Website: www.alliancescoping.com
▪ A.A.B. Degree in Scoping from an NCRA-certified college ▪ Internet Scoping School Graduate ▪ NCRA member ▪ Case CATalyst 8 software with AudioSync ▪ FTP provided at no charge to reporters ▪ Proficient in StenEd and Phoenix Theory ▪ Excellent Grammar and Punctuation skills ▪ Word-for-word editing ▪ Dictionary building and maintenance ▪ 20% discount for new clients

Debbie Smith - Nashville, TN - Total Eclipse Scopist
18 years of experience in editing all types of depositions and court transcripts, including federal and state court daily trials; criminal appeals; expert testimony for medical malpractice, patent infringement, DNA. Excellent grammar, punctuation, note reading, and research skills.  Daily trials and expedites welcome. Paid FTP account for your audio file transfers.
Meeting your deadlines with top quality transcripts. Please e-mail sdhaven@aol.com  for rates