Texas Court Reporter Scopists 
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30+ years working with Reporters/Attorneys.
TOTAL ECLIPSE. (Case Catalyst conversions)
Expedited/Daily Copy on-site or e-mail. Notereader-no audio backup needed.
Developed reporting software, trainer/seminar presentations coast to coast,
Numerous daily copy work throughout Texas and the Virgin Islands.
Working for Texas, NY and NJ reporters.
Excellent references.
713-947-7316 or ODATStep2@aol.com
(Posted 08/25/11)

LEAH WHITE, Acme Scoping Service - Paris, TX
acmescoping@suddenlink.net   Phone: 903-249-5727
Software: Eclipse (Versions 4 and 5) 
As I edit your transcripts, you can expect the following:
  • Proficiency in grammar and punctuation
  • Attention to detail and excellent contextual reading skills
  • Utmost integrity and confidentiality 
  • Reliability in meeting your requested deadlines
  • I take great pride in my work, treating every transcript as if it were my own. 
    Please contact me for quality transcript preparation!
    (Posted 04/19/12)

    MONNA DUDENSING, Houston, Texas (713) 861-2345 monnad1@yahoo.com
           • Case CATalyst 10 with AudioSync
           Associate's Degree in Court Reporting
           9 yrs experience scoping; medical, environmental, oil & gas, toxic tort, experts
           13 years experience as a litigation secretary
           Strong research skills; detail oriented; available 7 days a week
           Reasonable rates 
                                                                   (This ad updated 3/22/10)

    CATHY WATSON, Euless, TX,   (817) 584-0334,
    CAT systems: Eclipse and CaseCatalyst. Scoping for reporters nationwide since 1994. I have worked on many trials as well as depositions and arbitrations. Lots of experience with medical and forensic experts and toxic waste cleanup cases.

    TRICIA JUMONVILLE in Austin, Texas -  Case Catalyst Scopist ready to work and
    currently searching for busy Court Reporters to assist on either a full time or part time basis.  I am reliable, detail oriented and I have quick turn around times. Files can be sent via e-mail or priority mail.  Call Tricia at 512-310-2639 or e-mail at

    S.C.O.P.E. - Smart Choice Online Professional Editing, Temple, TX.
    Jacquelyn Hopkins, a former manuscript editor for three published authors,
    is now a Case CATalyst scopist. Standard audio tapes welcome. For rates and
    references, please e-mail jacquelynhopkins@sbcglobal.net

    JOYCE DAVIS, Houston, TX
    Total Eclipse software
    30 years' experience working with court reporters, freelancers and officials
    Eclipse-certified trainer (edit specialist)
    Note reader - Internet dropbox available for uploading audio files
    jadavis31@comcast.net   (713) 785-9564     
    (This ad updated 12/28/09) 

    SHANNON TUCKER, Austin, Texas (512)515-6582 shannonrtucker@juno.com
    Case Catalyst scopist with very strong medical background. Great rates and
    turnaround time. Will accept jobs via e-mail, UPS, FedEx, Airborne Express, US mail, Fax.  I have the CC 3.1, 2-speed transcriber, Pentium II computer.

    ANN HERZIG - Austin, TX - (512) 515-6722 - aherzig@ev1.net EclipseNT SCOPIST with years of editing and proofreading experience in the advertising and forms design fields.  My strengths include excellent computer skills, attention to detail, dependable service and quick turnaround.  My rates are reasonable and you can count on me to be very reliable.  I have a customer-oriented personality and client satisfaction is my priority.  I will work from your personal preferences and style.  Please contact me and we can discuss any other details.  Full or part-time, I am ready to work for you!

    Austin/San Antonio Areas - (512) 376-4552
    ScopistForYou@aol.com Scopist whose equipment includes EclipseNT, a two-speed transcriber, E-mail and a fax machine. I have a Bachelor's degree in English and extensive experience with proof- reading and editing. I am very detail oriented and dependable. My rates are reasonable, and I am flexible. I have a Reporter's Preference Form for you to fill out to ensure your needs are met. You're busy enough. Let me give you my time so that you can enjoy yours. 

    Pat Moore
    - wacocourt@grandecom.net
    30-year veteran of freelance and court-appointed official, now transcribing from home office. Equipped with 4-channel transcribers, as well as standard cassette. Speed and accuracy. Quick turnaround, reasonable rates. I've been in the trenches and know your needs.

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    Valerie Mitcham, Houston, TX, 832-266-8228 CaseCATalyst.  I have 18 years of scoping experience. I am accurate, expedient and dependable. Quick turnaround time and competitive rates. Give me a call or send me an e-mail and let's get started. valliemitcham@Yahoo.com

    JEANETTE GRISHAM   Amarillo, TX.  rjgrisham@cox.net
    I have Total Eclipse software, a fax machine and a Sanyo transcriber, that uses standard cassettes. This works well for reporters who do not have or use wav. files.  I have also worked as a legal secretary and trained as a nursing technician

    Tabatha Ainsworth
    - Henderson, TX  
    E-mail: tdb120494@yahoo.com
    Web Site: www.ainsworthonline.com 
    Eclipse Scopist since 1999.

    ANGELA DAVIS, Houston , TX,  (281) 455-6342, angie@lonestarscoping.com
    Experienced Case CATalyst Scopist, excellent grammar, language and research skills, able to read steno.  I have scoped trial and deposition testimony including wrongful death, medical malpractice, environmental contamination and oil and gas litigation.  Reasonable rates and turnaround times to suit your needs.

    Kristi Nicole Moore - (972) 345-3815 -  proofscope@yahoo.com - Scoping since 1993. Specializing is expedited turnaround. Experience: Graduated court reporting college in 1996 and practiced reporting for two years. Being a reporter turned scopist, I can read steno notes as if I'm reading a book. Equipment and Software: StenoCAT 32, DigitalCAT, InSync, GearPlayer, Sanyo Four-Track Multi-Speed Transcriber.

    Kerry Rogers, Sachse, Texas, 972-530-3384 kerry@superscoping.com
    Eclispe NT scopist that is able to assist busy court reporters on either a full-time or part-time basis. I am reliable and detail oriented. I am able to read steno. I have a FTP site for transferring files.

    ARSOLA, S. - Alvin, TX; 281-331-0997 scoob4tex@sbcglobal.net
    Let me lighten your workload. I support CaseCATalyst 3 & 4 editing versions and Eclipse V.8. If those are not your programs of choice, that's okay. I am familiar with RTF files. I have fax capabilities, printer/scanner, DSL for faster downloading and support digital audio files. Let me know if I can be of any assistance. Thank you.

    TINA MECHAM, Dallas, TX, (972) 442-1902, tm.scoping@comcast.net
    Equipment: Eclipse NT, transcriber, Iomega storage for accepting .wav files. I offer scoping and proofreading services at great rates! I have an English Bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University. Graduate of Best Scoping Techniques. I have a good command of the English language and pay close attention to detail.

    CATHY NEWTON - Austin/Round Rock - Scopist using Case Catalyst, looking to work for a reporter full or part-time. I offer professional, quality work while focusing on the reporter's personal preferences. My previous experience as an English teacher contributes to my scoping skills. I can accept both .wav and .dss files. Contact me for your scoping needs at 512-218-9898 or cdnewton@sbcglobal.net

    LINDA ALDRICH (210) 979-9394 aldrich49@hotmail.com
    CAT systems: Eclipse, Premier Power, CaseCatalyst Will work from tapes, Audio Sync, Digital (Olympus AS-3000). Internet or AIM-FTP forfile transfers. 14 years experience with depos & trials. Expertise in medical. Former CR teacher.
    Read notes.

    Julie Henderson, Santa Fe, Texas (409) 925-7138 jhenderson1226@houston.rr.com 
    Case Catalyst Software, Scoping for the last 6 years as well as proofing for two other scopists. Will accept AudioSync as well as full-sized tapes. Able to read steno. Experienced in deposition and trial format. Reasonable rates.

    Leah Richard, LeahRichard@sbcglobal.net - Looking for busy court reporters to scope for. I use the latest version of Case CATalyst. Files can be sent via e-mail with audiosync or mailed. I've been a court reporter for 16 years. Who better to scope your work than a fellow reporter who has freelanced and been an official. Let me help your workload. Reasonable rates and quick turnaround. I'd be happy to hear from you!

    JULIE ROBERSON - Austin, TX, (512) 759-9986, jroberson@cox-internet.com
     * Scopist and proofreader with Case CATalyst 4 software
     * Willing to scope with or without audio
     * FTP web site for audio file transfer 
     * Available seven days a week
     * Graduate of online scoping course

    Claudia Rudolph, Dallas area, Texas 972-530-6633 Claudia@rudolphfamily.net
    Best Scoping Techniques graduate. Professional, competent, and offering reasonable rates.  Proofreading also available.

    SUZANNE BUTLER, Garland, Texas (972) 926-5183, zannebutler@earthlink.net , StenoCat 32, StenoCat Open, Premier Power scopist with 30 years’ experience scoping, proofing court and depo transcriptions. Court reporting school realtime computer teacher, CSR prep course from my home with 100 percent pass rate, 1 year experience managing/supporting Internet realtime writers. Variable speed standard cassette transcriber and GearPlayer for .wav files. Please let me know if you need help part-time or full-time.

    Jeff OLDHAM, Fort Worth, TX, (817)946-5306, teknikaldude@earthlink.net  CaseCataly4 Scopist, Standard cassette and/or audiosync. I offer free pick up and delivery in the Fort Worth area within 20 miles of my zip code. I have experience with Official and freelance reporters -- trials and depositions. I have both reasonable rates and turnaround. I can also accommodate dailies. Please contact me for further information. Thank you.

    Sheryl Jones, Houston TX, (713) 863-0030 sljones@sbcglobal.net 
    Professionally trained scopist with CaseCATalyst 4.6, looking to work with a court reporter full or part-time. I have 20 years experience as a certified paralegal, with good research skills and knowledge of medical terminology. Accurate and reliable. Please contact me via email or phone for rates.

    Michele Geurts, Rockwall, Texas (214) 771-3060  
    stenotome@yahoo.com   michelegeurts@sbcglobal.net  
    CAT system: Case Catalyst 4 ver 7.01 and Premier Power
    I am a retired California CSR now living in Texas. I am scoping for reporters and doing stenoscription which is transcription with my steno machine.  In my reporting career, I have covered court, deposition and hearings for the Department of Consumer Affairs.

    KERRIE BOND, Houston, Texas.  kerriedoll@houston.rr.com
    CAT system: CaseCATalyst 4.  Equipment: Olympus DSS player for wav or dss files, transcriber for full-size tapes, high-speed Internet connection.  Experience:  17 years of experience in scoping, proofreading, and teaching court reporting. 
    Previously held RPR and Arkansas CSR licenses.  Impeccable work product.  $1.00 - $2.00 per page.  One to Five-day turnaround.   713-703-9354

    Debi Rodgers, d/b/a DKR Scoping Unlimited, Nacogdoches, Texas
    CAT systems: Maestro & DigitalCAT, Express Scribe for .WAV files, Scoping over 17 years, looking to build clientele for long term work. I have done many depositions, video and audio, and official court transcriptions, well-versed in legal and medical terminology, experienced legal secretary and paralegal in criminal, civil, personal injury, family, asbestos law, etc., two and a half years as a court reporting student, read steno notes, very reliable and detail oriented, high speed cable internet available, reasonable rates, VERY fast turnaround, references available upon request.  rodgershouse@cox.net

    CAROL SMITH - League City and General Houston, TX area,  (281) 338-4002
    Experienced scoping in both Eclipse and ProCat 2000.  Also available for transcription and proofreading.  Reasonable rates. Rush jobs and daily copy welcomed.  cb@gosmico.com

    Leslie Cox, San Antonio, TX (210) 694-4551, ldcox29@sbcglobal.net
    Eclipse scopist available for immediate work. I offer reasonable rates, quick turnaround times, and extensive research skills.

    I can read notes and offer a free FTP site for uploading of files. I scope using your preferences. Email or call me for monthly incentives.  www.sascoping.com

    LORI DOBBINS in San Angelo, Texas  
    I have been a CSR in Texas for 18 years, working as both a freelancer and and official.  I am in a slow-paced position now as an associate official reporter and would like to do some scoping and/or proofreading during my down time.  I am on CaseCatalyst with audiosync capabilities or you can mail me your tapes.  I have a standard Sanyo transcriber.  I am a perfectionist with a quick turn-around time.  Please contact me at ScopeProof@g-mail.com 

    Edie Sims, 8015 CR 623
    Farmersville, TX 75442    972-752-5913 (home)    469-525-0031 (cell)
    How can I help you? As a Court Reporter, life gets very busy & you need someone to take care of the little details so that you shine for your clients. I am that someone to make life much easier for you. Experienced scoping, depositions & various transcription work for Court Reporters. Audio files (cassette tapes, digital files, etc.) proofreading skills with competitive rates & quick turnaround time. Please contact me at resims0601@hotmail.com  & let me help you meet your deadlines.

    Adasha Knight,  Adasha@yahoo.com
    Kingwood, Texas
    Scopist with 5+ years scoping and 15+ years in the legal field in all areas. Quick turnaround. Superb attention to detail.
    Eclipse and Case Catalyst.

    Dyan Gilliam, I'm a scopist looking for a busy court reporter who needs help and wants someone who is dependable and has an eye for detail. I have eight years of experience on CaseCATalyst and DigitalCAT. I'm well-versed in legal and medical terminology, was a court reporting student for two and a half years, can read steno notes. I take a lot of pride in what I do and enjoy it very much. I spend time going through exhibits and looking things up on the internet to make sure that your transcripts are as accurate as I can make them. Competitive rates and quick turnaround.
    You can call me at (512) 680-7654 or e-mail me at Dyan408@aol.com

    Theresa Edgar,
    817/561-1781 (home)   817/903-4764 (cell)
    e-mail: sixlet6@sbcglobal.net
    I am a full-time scopist who has over 10 years experience in all types of depositions and trial work. I am extremely efficient and very conscientious. My turnaround time is very good. Also, I have competitive rates. My software is ProCat and StenoCat32.
    I love my job!

    Lisa Mann
    Conroe, TX


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