Wisconsin Court Reporter Scopists 
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Lori Birkholz
Loribscopist@gmail.com -
15 years experience, full-time scopist, Eclipse and DigitalCAT
Diploma in small business management, Certificate in medical transcription,
Diploma in notereading/scoping. 15 years pharmacy technician.
Specialize in med mal, asbestos, workers' comp, personal injury.
Will also offer proofing services.  Competitive rates and references upon request.
Please contact me for more details and rates. Rates are always negotiable.  
(This ad updated 8/26/11)

Nicki Hildebrand
www.awesomescoping.webs.com    nickiscoping@hotmail.com

Are you looking for a Case CATalyst Scopist? Look no further!  I offer fair rates with exceptional turnaround times.  Over 5 years' scoping, editing, and transcription (including medical) experience.
I prefer to make lasting client relationships, but I am also available on an overflow or one-time basis.
I look forward to speaking with you soon.

(This ad updated 12/22/11)

SHARON GRASSE, Appleton, WI,  etscoping@gmail.com
I have over seven years of scoping experience and use Case Catalyst with or without AudioSync or standard audio tapes .  I am able to read steno notes and have an extensive in-house reference library available.  File transfer is mainly through high-speed internet e-mail, but can also use U.S. Mail, UPS, or FedEx as required. Accurate, dependable service at competitive rates.  My job is to make yours easier!

Janet Nimm, Watertown WI.
Scopist/notereader. I work from the editing system Stenocat 32 and have tape backup (regular not mini).  I can work with you via the internet, mail, UPS or Fed Ex. I have excellent note reading skills. You can contact me at  920-261-8902
E-mail-nimmscope@msn.com 0r nimmscope@charter.net

Debra Carter, Professionally trained scopist available.
I have the editing version of Total Eclipse and DigitalCAT.
I am available for full-time or part-time scoping services. If you are looking for a high quality scopist, or if you know someone who is, please contact me for more information.  Let me show you how I can save you time!
www.scopingservice.com   or   920-606-6929

Diane Wimmer
Wisconsin transcriptionist/scopist available for depositions of any kind or length and am trained in Phoenix/CaseCat theories.
You may contact me by e-mail or phone.

Ann Beyer,
Balsam Lake, WI
I am a professionally trained scopist available for full or part-time work. I use Total Eclipse software and I am able to read steno notes. My main reference source is Lillian Morsonís English Guide. If you are in need of a dependable, hard-working, reliable scopist, contact me at www.ScopingbyAnn.com

Joan Hurtis, Tomahawk, WI. I am available for work immediately.
I am a graduate of Best Scoping Techniques, which is one of the premier scopist training schools, and I have also taken additional Case CATalyst software training with the Internet Scoping School. I use Case CATalyst 8 and Audio Sync .  I am fully trained in reading steno, punctuation, transcript production, and research. I work with Audiosync and CaseCATalyst everyday. I am experienced with expert testimony in various areas, and have the research tools to handle most any field of expertise. If you have any questions, please contact me by phone 715-612-8191 or email joanhurtis@yahoo.com 

Julie Geraty, Freelance Scopist - Software: CaseCATalyst 9
522 Martin Lane
Tomahawk, WI 54487
(715) 453-6789   Cell (715) 966-1568   Fax (715) 453-6550    j.geraty@verizon.net
Graduate of BeST Scoping Techniques. Full-time scopist looking to establish a long-lasting reporter/scopist relationship. Willing to help out with overflow and expedites.  Allow me to help you make more money by freeing up some of your time.