Indiana Court Reporter Scopists 
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JONI BRADBURN,   Open StenoCAT and Case Catalyst.  Four
years experience.  References available.  Standard and microcassettes welcome. Files transferred via E-mail.  Strong medical and technical background.  Call @317-867-5547 or E-mail  Also will do transcription work.

Diane Purvis, CaseCatalyst 3 or 4 scopist. Over three years experience scoping after being a legal secretary for over 18 years. Standard and microcassettes welcome. Have high speed Internet connection for sending files/.wav files via e-mail. Reasonable rates. Call (812) 945-9222 or e-mail

Tara Hay, Professionally trained scopist on CaseCATalyst; highly organized, professional, and thorough; English, grammar, and punctuation skills are also excellent. I am looking for 3 or 4 reporters with whom I can create quality business partnerships. You may contact me by phone at (765)529-1428 or via email at

K.C. Corbin
KC Scope & Scribe
Phone: (317) 409-5483   Fax: (317) 774-3233
I possess strong language skills and have completed scopist training with Scoping Careers International. I have 15 years experience in administrative, editing and computer programming arenas. I use Total Eclipse 4.2 or will accept .rtf files. I also subscribe to T3 and SendThisFile for exchange of data.