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Remote Counsel, a provider for remote participation in depositions and the courthouse, and eDepoze, a market innovator for paperless deposition solutions, have formed a partnership to integrate technology platforms to create robust remote participation capabilities for depositions.

Remote Counsel will add eDepoze’s electronic exhibit platform into its court reporter case management platform to offer attorneys a complete remote participation experience. Similarly, eDepoze will integrate Remote Counsel’s streaming solution to offer its customers a more complete experience. By combining Remote Counsel’s extensive remote participation features, including video conferencing and video streaming, realtime transcript streaming, and private group chat, with eDepoze’s end-to-end electronic exhibit solution, attorneys and remote participants are able to fully participate in depositions like they are in the conference room. The combined offering also reduces deposition costs by minimizing travel, printing, and shipping costs.

By the end of the year, Remote Counsel and eDepoze will have an initial integration complete, which will allow attorneys to participate using either platform to use both services at the same time. Attorneys should ask their court reporters how to get started, and court reporters should contact Remote Counsel or eDepoze to implement the service. Contact:

Mobile Law Library

Ideas and questions don’t just come to you in the office. With the PushLegal mobile law library on your smartphone, you’ll have statutes and case law at your fingertips, so you can act on your eureka moments wherever you are.

Unlike cumbersome and outdated deskbooks and exhaustive desktop references, PushLegal is designed to get you the facts, lightning-fast.  Includes these books:

  • Federal Bankruptcy Code

  • Federal Rules of Evidence (w/civil cases)

  • Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

  • Federal Sentencing Guidelines Manual

  • Federal Search and Seizure Manual

  • Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure

  • Federal Rules of Evidence (with criminal cases)

  • Title 8 Aliens & Nationality

  • Title 18 Crimes and Criminal Procedure

  • Delaware General Corporation Law

  • Texas Penal Code

  • Texas Code of Criminal Procedure

  • Texas Transportation Code

  • Texas Rules of Evidence (with criminal cases)

  • Texas Rules of Evidence (w/civil cases)

  • Texas Business and Commerce Code

  • Texas Civil Practices & Remedies Code

  • Texas Property Code

  • Texas Business Organizations Code

  • Texas Family Code

  • Texas Health and Safety Code

  • Texas Probate Code

  • Texas Rules of Civil Procedure

  • California Penal Code

  • California Evidence Code

  • California Vehicle Code

  • Florida Crimes Code (Title XLVI)

  • Florida Evidence Code (Title VII)

  • New York Penal Law

  • New York Civil Practice Law & Rules

  • New York Criminal Procedure Law

  • New York Domestic Relations Law

Negotiating with Insurance Companies
by Joseph Vaccaro

1. Use buzzwords to get the carrier set an appropriate reserve.

2. Use photos to help tell the damages story early in the case and convince the adjuster to set a high reserve.

3. Use predictive software designed for plaintiffs.

4. nfluence reserves by regularly sending the adjuster information on your client’s claim.

James Publishing
3505 Cadillac Avenue, Suite H
Costa Mesa, CA 92626


You no longer have to search for a case in one place, look for analysis and commentary in another, then hunt down the day’s business news and hope you’ve found everything. Get a comprehensive view of news, a case, a law, an industry and in turn, you always have the most up-to-date and complete information when making decisions.

1-888-560-BLAW (2529)

Legal Air Corp LLC provides custom air travel for lawyers
without the hassles of flying commercial.

  • Specifically created for today’s busy litigators
  • Arrive and depart on your schedule
  • No waiting at security check-in lines
  • Convenient private parking with no parking fees
  • Traveling with yourteam may be less expensive than commercial
  • Work with your trial team in a secure, private environment
  • Travel with other parties to the litigation and share the cost
  • We will provide a court reporter & videographer for depositions
  • We will provide any needed courtroom equipment and support
  • Point-to-point service – for business or pleasure
  • Depart from your local airport on your schedule
  • No additional charge for additional passengers
  • Professional pilots in an all-weather aircraft


Case Management - manages the entire lifecycle of the litigation process.

Calendar Event Management - tracks critical court dates and case events.
Docket Management - can provide complete histories of cases.

Court Rules - up to date federal, state and local rules from across the nation.

Reporting & Searching - displays  a dashboard of frequently run searches & customized reports.

This web-based SaaS product offers a law practice management solution that not only manages cases, but also integrates critical law firm data with calendar events, court dockets, court calls and court rules.

Law Bulletin Information Network
415 N. State Street
Chicago, IL 60654
Phone: 312-644-7800

Real-time, Web-based Video Deposition Solution.  Stream real-time video depositions 
across the globe, with just a click of a mouse.  Now with a new series  of mobile
apps that permit attendance at streaming depositions via iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or
Android smartphones and tablet devices. features live video and audio feeds, real-time reporter transcripts, keyword-based transcript text searching, and group messaging tools. Free app on iTunes or Android Marketplace.
14900 Ventura Blvd. Suite #310
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
US & Canada:+1 888.337.6411    International: +1 818.392.8499

A supplement to traditional witness preparation.
Reinforces the advice lawyers give showing the witness how to apply that advice when testifying.
Illustrates how things can go wrong if the advice is not followed.

New Media Legal Publishing, Inc.
1901 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 1000
Los Angeles, CA 90067-6012

iPad Screenshot 1

ExhibitView Ipad & ExhibitView PC is the first PC/Ipad compatible
trial presentation software.  Users can use desktop computers to
organize and create presentations and with a simple mouse click save the project to Dropbox and add it directly to the app, seamlessly. 
                    - Features -
•  Depositions. "Lock" mode allows you to pass an exhibit to a witness.
•  Hearings. Make your point  persuasively quickly and effectively
•  Trial. Engage, educate and make a connection with the jury, a simple
    tool that helps to enhance the visual aspects of your client's story.

ExhibitView Solutions, LLC
1 West 4th Avenue, Suite 200
Rome, Georgia 30161
PC License - $499.00        Ipad App - $29.99




The iPleading creates pleadings with your mobile phone..You can create documents from the palm of your hand. No confidential information is stored on your phone. 

Here's how it works:

Fill Out Your Info -
Enter your name, bar number, address, phone and fax.
Optionally, enter a second attorney name and bar number, firm name, and more.
Choose a sidebar for a refined professional look.
This info will appear properly formatted on your custom pleadings.

Get Your Custom Template -
You will get two templates, one for the first page, and one for the remaining pages. Complete the case specific info from there. Choose your email destination, and click 'Create and Send'.

Esq. Apps / Santa Cruz, CA
(831) 406-1377 or

Dictionary Apps From
a Thomson Reuters Business
 - 1-800-344-5008 -


Black's Law Dictionary, 9thBLACK's Law Dictionary 9th Edition For more than a century Black's Law Dictionary® has been the standard for the language of law. This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad. • 2,000 more terms than the 8th Edition and 
  19,000 more terms  than the 7th Edition
• Includes West key numbers
• Definitions of more than 1,000 law-related 
  abbreviations and acronyms
• Includes date when selected terms were first 
  used in English-language
  contexts, especially in judicial opinions
• Offers heightened accuracy—more than 200
   lawyers around the country reviewed terms
• Definitions of more than 1,000 law-related abbreviations and acronyms
• Provides nearly 3,000 quotations drawn from sources over five centuries
• Shows alternate spellings or equivalent expressions for more than 5,300
   terms - $54.99

Mexican Legal Dictionary Norton Bankruptcy Dictionary Osborn's Concise Law Dictionary
iPhone Screenshot 1Expert reference for the iPhone, iPod touch & iPad defines legal terms used in Mexico.
• Access definitions   of
    Mexican legal terms
 • Hear audio pronunciations
   of English & Spanish
   legal  terms.
 • Find related terms quickly
   and easily. - $29.99
Norton Bankruptcy DictionaryYou get instant access to all the terms relevant to bankruptcy law and practice under Title 11 of the U.S. Code. New features make using the dictionary easier. Benefits include search tool & hyperlinks to Bankruptcy Code and Rules sections, West Key Numbers and cases within* This app designed for both iPhone and iPad. - $4.99 iPhone Screenshot 1First published in 1927. With over 4,700 references from the obscure to the everyday it contains everything needed for the study of law.
Easily search for terms as
  results appear as you type.

• Browse the list of terms in
   a scrolling A-Z list.
• Links provided for terms
  referenced to other terms.
This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad. - $13.99

Although Experian Hitwise reported in their recent survey of 10 million Internet users that Google's share of all searches in July 2011 was 66 percent while Yahoo and Bing accounted for 14.49 percent and 13.19 percent of all searches.  Both Bing  and Yahoo had better search success rates.  Over 81% of Yahoo's searches and over 80% of Bing's resulted in a visit to a web page, while only about 67% of Google's searches resulted in a page visit.  A search engines' success rate is a critical measure of how well a search engine is doing its job.  Google may be big, but it may not be the best choice for busy legal professionals.  For more information on this extensive study and other Hit Wise reports go to:

Increase Efficiency, Cash Flow
And Profits with


Legal Billing Software
The power to practice ... In the palm of your hand. Introducing PCLaw® Mobility in v11

In the office or on the go! The PCLaw® Mobility service keeps your firm’s matters and finances organized and in control—anytime, anywhere. Available with PCLaw v11, the PCLaw Mobility service allows your firm to:

• Capture billable time and expenses as they
  occur—on the go
• Enjoy simple, secure access to critical  
  case/matter information and client contacts
  anytime, anywhere


PCLaw Highlights

All-in-One Matter, Billing & Accounting Management Software.

Expedited Billing

Flexible Client Payment Options

Simplified Accounting and Financial Reporting

Broad Range of Integrations

24/7 Remote and Mobile Connectivity


International Language Interpreters, Inc Announces
The Opening of Four New Offices - Citrus Heights, CA, June 20, 2011  International Language Interpreters (ILI), a well known company offering language services in United States, Mexico and Canada announced the opening of its new offices located in Napa Valley, Cincinnati, Ohio , Salt Lake City, UT and Mexico City. With the addition of these locations, International Language Interpreters expands its reach of services to different states and counties within the US.
Interpreting pic

These cities where International Language Interpreters has opened its new offices are considered among the few well known trade centers across U.S. They offer great opportunities to work and grow with flourishing economies. Recent reports and surveys also indicate that these cities will see much growth in coming years. The new offices will make it possible for International Language Interpreters to have a local point of contact to its existing clients as well as potential clients in different parts of the country.  Mexico City will also be the regional base for much of its Latin American operations.

New Office Locations - Phone Number is Toll Free: 866-546-8855

Petaluma, California
755 Baywood Drive, 2nd Floor
Petaluma, CA 94954

Salt Lake City, Utah
2150 South 1300 East #500
Salt Lake City, UT 84106

Cincinnati, Ohio
300 E. Business Way
Cincinnati, OH

Mexico City - Mailing Address
Uruapan, Michoacán
Uruapan Michoacán 60000

iPhone Screenshot 1MobileView by Advantage Software
MobileView Realtime-Viewing Software allows users to instantly view, search and mark text produced by court reporters as the data is being entered.

                Use For:
                                Church proceedings
                                Theater, etc.

It is of great benefit to attorneys, judges, students, and the hearing-impaired. The court reporter must be using MobileView Server software.  Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later,


iPad Screenshot 1 The Deponent App
By Majority Opinion LLC

A deposition question and exhibit outline application for the Apple iPad. Create a  depo outline - select from over 100 questions from categories such as Admonitions or Expert Qualifications.  Questions can be customized for your witness.  With exhibit links your exhibits are available with a swipe of a finger on the Apple iPad. Questions can be linked to exhibits and new categories and questions can be created by the attorney.  Compatible with PDF, MS Word and other file formats.

- $9.99
Majority Opinion LLC
Santa Clara, CA


UPDATE: June 2, 2011 From Jim DeCrescenzo's "Lawyer Approved Blog" on Visionary's Expo 2011 product introduction -
"Finally, it is interesting to note that after travelling across the country to view the voice recognition software rollout, the live demo never occurred because the system failed at the hands of the experts in the field." to view Jim's complete review go to

Many companies have tried to perfect speech recognition technology with the results being less than perfect.  Most have announced their new "Promising" products with much fanfare and bold statements of how they where about to change the future.  Now Visionary Legal Technologies is set to introduce their Visionary Speech Transcript (VST) tools at their Expo 2011 event in Dallas on May 21, 2011.  Information is sketchy at this time but their web site boasts, "Now, experts are saying that Digital Reporting and Voice Recognition for this industry is still years off. But, they don't know what we know!  We have nailed it!  We have the tools and are ready to change the industry ...."  They appear to be claiming that VST, when used in conjunction with their Visionary Digital Recorder (VDR), will produce a transcript. They even invite videographers to handle "reporting for events outside the standard deposition work."  But they seem to back off their "We have nailed it" claim by saying at the end of their web page that what this software really produces is a rough draft and not a final transcript.  Since the term rough draft is subject to many opinions, you have to ask - How rough a draft?  Have they really overcome the problems of Speech Recognition that have plagued other speech recognition products, such as speech patterns, speed, and regional dialects, for example?  Obviously, these questions will be answered with the release of their new product.  Contact Visionary Legal Technologies for more information.

Visionary Legal Technologies
1555 Valwood Pkwy, Ste 110
Carrollton, TX 75006

Turn your
iPad Into A
Powerful Courtroom Ally

Litigators know that presenting evidence electronically is a winning strategy for large, high profile cases. But the cost of this persuasive presentation tactic was always prohibitive for smaller matters, and learning curve for available technologies was steep.

Until TrialPad.

TrialPad for iPad is an easy-to-use app for preparing and presenting compelling presentations for trial. It literally puts your next presentation into your own hands, at a fraction of the cost of traditional courtroom presentations.

Organize documents quickly and easily
Present compelling evidence to judge or jury

Annotate and display documents to increase their impact.

Court Reporters Clearinghouse

Court Reporters Clearinghouse
By OMTI, Inc.

   Category: Business
   Released: Mar 26, 2011  
   Version: 1.0.3

Use RBWeb Mobile App To Connect With
Your Important Information Instantly 

RBWeb Mobile App Works For

 • Lawyers • Secretaries • Paralegals
• Court Reporters • Videographers • Interpreters
 • And more…

Features for Lawyers / Secretaries / Paralegals

• Check your schedule.
• Search your case files by case name or number
• Search through your available transcripts in an exclusive  
  repository area using search criteria.
• Look up outstanding and paid invoices.
• Track your reward points.
• Ask questions and track the resolution of your issues.
• Update your contact information.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

The Cloud meets the iPad with DK Global’s revolutionary technology at your fingertips! It gives you the technological edge you want in the courtroom to mount the best case possible in the name of your client.
TrialTouch allows you to upload all of your trial exhibits to the cloud. You can access those documents and photos via your iPad and project them for the court while your witness or Expert highlights, circles, or notes a particular passage or point. It provides you the flexibility to alter exhibits as your opponent changes strategy or the court throws you a curve. DK Global's technology also  allows communication with you in the courtroom from their home office. They can make any necessary alterations to your Trial Touch® exhibits so you can continue presenting your case without delay. All of this can be accessed through one simple on-screen tool.  A reliable, fast internet connection in the courtroom is required for the technology to work properly. 

DK Global, Inc.
420 Missouri Court
Redlands, CA 92373
(866) 375-2214

Deliver presentations with ease from your
BlackBerry smartphone

Leave your laptop behind and use BlackBerry® Presenter to present your Microsoft® PowerPoint® or Adobe® PDF files - directly from your BlackBerry smartphone. Simply plug BlackBerry Presenter into a projector or monitor and select "Present" from the BlackBerry Presenter smartphone software on your BlackBerry smartphone. Just 3.4 x 2.4 x 0.9 inches in size and weighs only 1.25 pounds.  It is designed to receive a PowerPoint presentation from a Bluetooth-enabled BlackBerry device and display it on a projector, television, or monitor without a computer.  Connects by USB, supports English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.  Roam up to 33 feet from your Presenter for a truly dynamic presentation.  Features Loop Mode (sets time between slides), Support for most PowerPoint animation effects and Freeze Mode.    $199.99

Research In Motion
295 Phillip Street
Waterloo, Ontario
Canada N2L 3W8

WestlawNext iPad App iPad™ App
It's the only legal research app that synchronizes across all of your devices while providing comprehensive features and content. So whether you're at the courthouse or a coffee shop, at home or at the office, you can tap into the world's most advanced legal research system.

 All the same WestlawNext features, customized for the iPad
•Run searches with WestSearch and filter the results
•Add notes and highlighting to documents
•Access research history, favorites, and frequently used content
•Browse content
•Organize folders
Download the WestlawNext iPad app at the App StoreWest a Thomson Reuters Business
610 Opperman Drive
Eagan, MN 55123
ALSO AVAILABLE:  WESTLAW NEXT MOBILE For BlackBerry®, iPhone®, Palm®, and Android™-enabled smartphones.

iJuror -  iJuror is Juror Selection for the 21st Century.
           Just some of the benefits include:

Simply tap the seats to add juror information
Quicker than pen & paper
Share with your colleagues
Store all of your trials in one location
Look for patterns over time
Email the jury information to any email address
Easily print the email for access anywhere
Configurable for seating of up to 60 jurors
Add notes as the trial goes along
Name view for quick access to name and notes 
Drag and drop to choose jurors
Drag and drop to choose alternates
Drag and drop to dismiss jurors

You can find iJuror in the Apple iTunes Store - $14.99

The Eye Glasses App - This app is ideal for farsighted individuals, those with reading glasses or bifocals, senior citizens or anyone that just needs to see more clearly. Both for convenience and in Emergencies, the Eye Glasses app is one more task the iPhone can do — and it’s always in your pocket. Eye Glasses uses the iPhone 3GS autofocusing camera to clearly display text or imagery. To use Eye Glasses, choose between 2x, 4x, 6x or 8x magnification and hold the iPhone camera about five inches away from the item you want to see magnified!  Eye Glasses will run on any iPhone.  The auto-focus camera on the iPhone 3GS recommended for the best experience.

Freeverse, Inc.
45 Main St., Suite 506
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Available at the iTunes Store
- $2.99.

Global Crossing Announces
400 Court Reporting Video Conference Suites

 FLORHAM PARK, N.J., September 1, 2010 / PRNewswire/ --At the virtual trade show entitled "Collaborate NOW!", Global Crossing, a leading global IP solutions provider, announced connectivity to 4,000 executive video suites that enables enterprises to conduct business via high-quality video conferencing tools while removing geographic constraints and significant travel expenses. The suites are located throughout the world and include 400 Court Reporting facilities through Global Crossing's expanded agreement with Affinity VideoNet, Inc. The agreement expands Global Crossing's suite of high-quality video conferencing services to customers worldwide - 

200 Park Avenue, Suite 300
Florham Park, NJ 07932
Tel: +1 973 937 0100

Banner and Witcoff's IP Lawyer; Available on iTunes; Shop now!Banner & Witcoff’s IP Lawyer a free iPhone application providing full search access to patents issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and to a comprehensive library of news and information on patent legislation, court rules, and laws by jurisdiction. Bundles many features previously provided by multiple applications into one. The application does not require a web browser. Search by keyword, patent number, assignee, and many other patent fields. Users may search within the text of the patent, and can also download patent images. This is a FREE, convenient way to check if an idea has already been patented. Great resource for off-site meetings with attorneys, clients or inventors, and for litigators in the courthouse who may need  fast access to Federal statutes and rules, and local patent rules.  The content of Banner & Witcoff’ IP Lawyer is intended for informational purposes only and is not legal advice.

Banner & Witcoff - Chicago, IL - 312.463.5000
IP Lawyer
TM is a free download on the iTunes Store

Legal Reference Apps for iPhone®, iPad®, iPod Touch®, and Blackberry®
The Law Pod specializes in legal reference software for smartphones and web devices.  When you purchase any of these apps, you support a good cause - a portion of the revenue from the sale of these applications is donated to provide financial aid in the form of grants and scholarships to law students in need.  

Some of the APPS available for Apple®
U.S. Constitution
Manual of Patent Examining Procedure
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure
Federal Rules of Bankruptcy
Federal Rules of Evidence
U.S.C. Title 1 through Title 50
Codes of Federal Regulation (C.F.R.) Title 1 through Title 50
Available at: 

Apps available for Blackberry®
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure
Federal Rules of Bankruptcy
Federal Rules of Evidence
Complete Federal Rules (Civil, Criminal, Appellate, Bankruptcy, and Evidence)


law firm technical supportINTRODUCES:
                   Law Firm Technical Care™
Support for Hardware and Software
       Encrypts All Keystrokes
       Shreds Electronic Files Up To Military Standards
And More for $49.95/month for Up To Fifteen Computers

62 White St.
New York, NY 10013
212 431-5000;cluster_id=2345675

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal
Speech Recognition Dictation Software For The PC

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal speech recognition software lets Lawyers dictate documents, send and manage email, and control a computer by voice — three times faster than typingDragon NaturallySpeaking Legal Buy Now. Designed specifically for the legal community, Dragon Legal includes a special language model to help you achieve optimal out-of-the-box accuracy when dictating legal terms. Dictate into a handheld device and Dragon Legal will transcribe your audio files back at your PC. Dragon Legal also delivers additional third-party correction tools to speed document turnaround.

$799.00 (Shipping late summer 2010) 
Nuance Communications, Inc.
1 Wayside Road        
Burlington, MA 01803  
Tel: 781-565-5000

Mobile Transcript gives Court Reporters and Lawyers the opportunity to read deposition or court transcripts formatted for their iPhone, and soon the BlackBerry. Highlight key testimony right on the screen and e-mail selected points to expert witnesses, associates and paralegals. Transcripts are uploaded to Mobile Transcript's website, which downloads to the lawyer's iPhone. This increases the lawyer's productivity levels and provides an opportunity for billable hours while the lawyer is in transit or without Internet service. LawyersMobile Transcript produces a dynamic and interactive file where you can review and make highlights to various portions of testimony, then email a log of those highlights to another person: your expert witness, your client, associates, or paralegals working on the case.

• All of your case transcripts in one place • Wherever your phone works, you can work •
• No more wasted downtime • Be productive in transit • Always have billable time with you •

For Court Reporter Pricing Information: 
 For Free Lawyer Account Information: 

Mobile Transcript, LLC, 1001 Fourth Avenue, Suite 4400, Seattle, Washington 98154