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Alabama Premier Power Scopists

Gina M. McDonald, AL CSR
I am a former court reporter with eight years of experience and a medical transcription degree.
I have CC3&4, DigitalCAT and Premier Power softwares.
I also have AudioSync and the capability to work with Olympus .dss files.
Please email or call for rates and turnaround times if I can help you out.  Thanks!

Arizona Premier Power Scopists

Linda Mages/Elizabeth Stillman       Toll Free Phone: 877-672-6222
N-FT Scoping Services,  
3439 W. Altadena Ave.,   Phoenix, AZ 85029,
We are prior court reporting students with certificates in scoping. We have excellent research and English skills. The software we use include CaseCATalyst, Total Eclipse, Premier Power and RTF/CRE formats.  We offer nationwide full-time scoping services.
Let N-FT Scoping Services give you back your free time! Please see our website for competitive prices and turnaround times.

Northern California Premier Power Scopists

Linda Hutton, Fresno, CA.
(559) 226-7016.  
CaseCatalyst and Premier Power. 
I have been scoping since 1986 in both California and Washington, D.C., depositions, trials, hearings, etc. 
I attended reporting school for two years and have also taught spelling, grammar and punctuation to high school students for two years.  Please call or e-mail for rates.

Southern California Premier Power Scopists

Software used: ProCAT Winner 2000, Case CATalyst, Premier Power.
I am a former court reporting student, I can read notes and have an extensive research library. 
I offer competitive prices, accurate and dependable work, as well as adaptability to your style and preferences. 
Will work with back-up tapes.

JANET EASTWOOD - Corona, CA;   909-273-1668;
Scoping experience:  Full time since 1991; Types of transcripts:  Court, deposition, hearing, and think-tank-type.
Education:  3 years of graduate school in Genetics.
Other experience:  Stockbroker for 1-1/2 years
Transcript quality:  My husband (an engineer) proofreads my transcripts.
Systems:  CaseCatalyst, Eclipse 8.4 & NT, Open StenoCat, Xscribe 2001, Premier Power

Jona Hegvold, Arcadia, CA    (626) 254-8849,
Legal/general audiotape transcriptionist/scopist since attending Bryan College in the mid '80s.
Available full time or part time with accurate and fast turnaround.
Backup tapes welcome. BM-147 4-track, 2-speed full-size, and microcassette transcribers.
Using Premier Power, Case Catalyst, Word 97, WordPerfect 5.1.
References upon request.

Debra Noble

Cypress, CA 90630
I'm an experienced scopist, 18 years, looking for full-time reporters who are on Total Eclipse.
Believe it or not, I also still do work on Premier Power.
Quick turnaround, comparable rates.

Connecticut Premier Power Scopists

Name : Marna Goodyear,
Amicus Office Support Services, Manchester, CT
Phone : 860-796-0126     Email :
Experienced former reporter and scopist offers E-Transcript, TurboCat, DigitalCAT, Eclipse, and Premier Power scoping as well as proofreading (medical, law enforcement, scientific, and industry-specific experience), production services (printing, binding, mailing, read & sign and ASCII  services,) and video and audio transcription. Supporting both local and remote reporters, law.

Florida Premier Power Scopists

DeAnna Baker,
Cape Coral, FL. 
email at:
Full-time scopist.
Able to work with reporters using Case Catalyst and Premier Power via RTF.
Will work with tape. Fast turnaround.

Sandra Cooke, Inverness, Florida,    
Home-based business working for court reporters for 17 years. 
Attended Lansing Community College where I took court reporting theory. 
I have Premier Power, Maestro, and TurboCat systems.  I work with tapes. 
I take great pride in my work and love what I do.  I do excellent work with a fast turn-around time. 
Excellent references upon request.

Illinois Premier Power Scopists

LEANNE MAUSEY, Carterville, IL
I have been a court reporter for over 13 years. I am an Illinois Certified Shorthand Reporter. I am now doing scoping work.
I have a great deal of experience in medical and technical depositions, hearings, state and federal court.
I have Premier Power software and back-up tape capabilities.
I take pride to produce the best transcript that I can with a good turn-around time. Call or e-mail today for my rates.

Nebraska Premier Power Scopists

BETH CHOLLETT, Lincoln, NE - (402) 476-2975  
CAT systems: PremierPower & CaseCatalyst, and RTF/CRE capabilities.  
Scoping for reporters for over 15 years - been in the field for over 25 years (starting as a typist).  
I have experience with state & federal court transcripts as well as depositions, hearings, meetings, and arbitrations.
An overabundance of experience with aviation, medical and oil and gas. Tapes done upon request.  Offering *extremely* competitive rates. Contact me for help in producing quality transcripts.

New Jersey Premier Power Scopists

Debra Sozio, Certified Scopist in Central New Jersey seeking some additional reporters.
Nine years experience in all types of litigation, heavy medical experience. 
Six years experience as a realtime in-court scopist for trials with daily and instant copy.
Reasonable, competitive rates, quick turnaround time.  High-speed DSL, delivery via email or courier.
Equipment: Premier Power, StenoCAT32, and Eclipse 4.1 w/stenolink, am in the process of purchasing Catalyst 4.6.
Email Debra at

New York Premiere Power Scopists

Full-time scopist with 12 years' experience in depositions as well as civil and criminal court. 
Reinsurance, patent, environmental and all difficult commercial litigation matters are welcome. 
Currently on Premier Power and Case CATalyst, transmit via e-mail. 
References and rates available upon request.

New York -
10 Years experience scoping federal court reporter trials, pleas, hearings, etc., as well as freelance reporters.  
Grand Jury.  Any litigation deposition, subject matter not a problem.  
Experienced in product liability, maritime, insurance, medical, malpractice (legal, dental, medical).
Premier Power.  
Email -

518 873-7309
CAT:  Eclipse NT, Eclipse V8, Premier Power
Experience:  4 years scoping, 10 years teaching, 20 years secretarial.  Scoping is my only employment and my schedule is flexible.
Four to five day turnaround, expedites also accepted.  
I will be happy to supply rates and references of very satisfied clients.  My specialty is DOING IT YOUR WAY.

Oklahoma Premier Power Scopists

SHERRY HILL, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
I've been scoping and notereading for over 14 years and can provide you an accurate transcript with a fast turnaround time.
Premier Power and Case Catalyst software.  
Please call 918-451-2916 or E-mail

Fay Anderson, 20 years experience. 
Working reporter for 14 years - Municipal Courts - Tulsa, OK. 
Case Catalyst, Premier Power, XEC-2001, RTF files. 
With or without tapes.  Can do WAV files. 
Experienced in all areas of reporting.  Work quality excellent. 
Can provide references.

Pennsylvania Premier Power Scopists

PATRICIA TAYLOR - Philadelphia, PA
Eclipse and Cheetah scopist.  Also have conversion to accept Premier Power work. 
Graduated from the Court Reporting Institute in Philadelphia. Have been scoping for approximately 3 years. 
Please call or email for rates.

MAUREEN ROBINSON, Philadelphia, PA.  
(215) 755-1631
Full-time scopist, notereading and scoping since 1973.  
Case Catalyst, Premier Power, Xscribe 2001.   
Excellent references, competitive prices and quick turnaround.
No extra charges for technical, medical, et cetera.

Texas Premier Power Scopists

(210) 979-9394
CAT systems: Eclipse, Premier Power, CaseCatalyst
Will work from tapes, Audio Sync, Digital (Olympus AS-3000). Internet or AIM-FTP forfile transfers.
14 years experience with depos & trials. Expertise in medical.
Former CR teacher. Read notes.

SUZANNE BUTLER, Garland, Texas
(972) 926-5183
StenoCat 32, StenoCat Open, Premier Power scopist with 30 years’ experience scoping, proofing court and depo transcriptions.
Court reporting school realtime computer teacher, CSR prep course from my home with 100 percent pass rate.  1 year experience managing/supporting Internet realtime writers.  Variable speed standard cassette transcriber and GearPlayer for .wav files. Please let me know if you need help part-time or full-time.

Michele Geurts, Rockwall, Texas   (214) 771-3060  
CAT system: Case Catalyst 4 ver 7.01 and Premier Power
I am a retired California CSR now living in Texas.
I am scoping for reporters and doing stenoscription which is transcription with my steno machine. 
In my reporting career, I have covered court, deposition and hearings for the Department of Consumer Affairs.

Utah Premier Power Scopists

(801) 501-0729 
I have been scoping for nearly 16 years and have had experience with depositions and court/trial work.
I have worked on business, medical, technical, personal injury, worker's comp, civil and criminal transcripts.
I have also scoped meetings and arbitrations.
I use StenoCAT, Case Catalyst and Premier Power. References upon request.

Wisconsin Premier Power Scopists

Joan Hurtis, Tomahawk, WI.
I am available for work immediately. I am a graduate of Best Scoping Techniques, which is one of the premier scopist training schools, and I have also taken additional Case CATalyst software training with the Internet Scoping School. I use Case CATalyst 8 and Audio Sync .  I am fully trained in reading steno, punctuation, transcript production, and research. I work with Audiosync and CaseCATalyst everyday. I am experienced with expert testimony in various areas, and have the research tools to handle most any field of expertise.
If you have any questions, please contact me by phone 715-612-8191 or email