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Teresa Ferguson, CRI, CPE, FPI,
Authorized Eclipse Trainer

CRRealtime, LLC
Scopists for Eclipse versions 4 and 5 and also Case CATalyst
We are qualified, accurate, and expedient scopists.
We work with all types of audio and video files.
We will soon provide Eclipse StenoLink and/or Division Interval services too.
For more information, please go to www.CRRealtime.com  or email info@crrealtime.com .
(855) HELP-CRR or (855) 435-7277
(This ad updated 10/31/11)

Steve Florio
Plantation, Florida
Reliable Eclipse scopist, 15 years experience as freelance reporter
Detail-oriented and precise reading of steno notes
Fast turnaround time
Reasonable rates
Seeking to establish good working relationship with another reporter
Full and/or part-time work needed
Contact information: stevenflorio24@gmail.com 
cell number: (954)-205-5568
(Posted 12/12/12)

Kerry Gibson, Miami, Florida.
Tulane University Graduate.
Case Catalyst 11, Express Scribe and Audio Sync.
Quality work at competitive rates.
Twenty-five percent off your first transcript.
Contact me at 305-992-1876 or kgscoping@aol.com
(This ad updated 04/20/10)

Carla Brancato
(954) 559-2840
Court reporter for 24 years, have been scoping for three plus years.
Excellent grammar and punctuation, and I research everything for spellings.
Case Catalyst software - Reliable service - Excellent turnaround time
(This ad updated 10/24/16)

KATHY SCHWAB - Ft. Laud, FL  smk1112@AOL.com 
ECLIPSE software. 
Court Reporter for 27 years, have been scoping for 2 years.
I work with or without tapes at competitive rates.  Can read most steno notes.  
Excellent grammar and punctuation skills.  
Able to take new clients, full or part time.

JUDY RAKOCINSKI, Bonita Springs, FL.
(239) 949-3145; Email: jcrinc@comcast.net.  Full-time scopist since 1995. 
Able to work with reporters using Case Catalyst, Xscribe 2001, Maestro, Xec-5, TurboCat and Eclipse.  Will work with tapes.  Fast turnaround. 
Co-owner/Founder:  "BeST" Scoping Techniques - http://www.BestScopingTechniques.com

Power Scoping & Consulting, Inc.,
Email: powerscoping@earthlink.net 
Stacy Adams,
Jacksonville, FL. Stacy_adams@yahoo.com
Currently looking for work.  Good rates.  Please  e-mail to discuss.

Jessica McCabe,
Tampa Fl. Jessica.McCabe3@verizon.net   
CaseCATalyst, Sanyo Memoscriber. 1.00 Per Page. Fast and reliable.

DeAnna Baker,
Cape Coral, FL.  email at: deanna@legalscoping.com
Full-time scopist. Able to work with reporters using Case Catalyst and Premier Power via RTF.
Will work with tape.  
Fast turnaround.  

April Frost,  South Florida. 
561-656-0987.  april_@bellsouth.net
Scoping and proofreading services offered at reasonable rates. 
StenoCat 32.  Please contact me right away so that I can help lighten your load! 

Yvonne Plummer, Central Florida ,
Cheetah Turbocat software, experienced scopist.
Medical terms, good reference books. 
Produce nice product on time at competitive rates.   

Amy Shaffer, Eclipse Scopist, West Palm Beach, FL
Over two years experience on Eclipse NT. 
Available for steady or overflow work. 
Audiosync and tapes used. 
Contact me at amylew@bigfoot.com for rates. 

Stacie, I live in the beautiful Sunshine State of Florida. 
I scope on Eclipse and can provide quick turnaround.
I'm all about detail, with excellent English and grammar skills.
Reasonable Rate! 
Give me a call at 239-390-1776, 239-707-9518,

(813) 655-5377; Email:  tam.gizzi@verizon.net.
Professional, dependable scoping and/or proofreading with Case CATalyst and DigitalCAT. 
Will scope with tapes.  Your first 10 pages are "free". 
See what I can do for you!

Sandy Knight, RPR- Total Eclipse
Home 850-932-2757    Fax 850-916-0760

Gulf Breeze, Florida/Pensacola, Florida
Former official and freelance reporter for twelve years and have been scoping for officials and others since 1998. 
DSL and Xdrive and T3 for fast transfer of files over the internet.  Will scope with or without audio.  I specialize in trial transcripts and expert witness testimony. 

Melanie Ronk - Ft. Myers, FL. (239) 433-0448;
e-mail MamaMelly01@aol.com
Professional scopist looking to increase clientele. 
Excellent grammar and punctuation skills. 
Reasonable rates. 
Eclipse software.  Call me today!

Karen O'Donnell  407-282-6754
Experienced scopist utilizing Eclipse software. 
High-speed cable for WAV files, tapes are fine, too. 
Three-day  turnaround, competitive rates.

Patricia Carollo - e-mail: patscope@tampabay.rr.com
Beverly Hills, FL
I'm a scopist on Case Catalyst 3, scoping since 1997.
I offer fast, reliable service and competitive rates.
Contact me for more information.

Missy Rodriguez
: Fort Walton Beach/Destin, FL area.
Looking for full-time or part-time work. I use Eclipse NT.
I offer scoping, transcribing and proofreading services. I work with tapes (micro and standard). Reasonable rates and quick turnaround time. I will do what is necessary to get your work done when you need it!
Contact me @ 850-651-2705 or mrsjudge@cox.net for references or jobs.

Christine Branchfield, New Port Richey, FL
(727) 514-1385 - Email: cb@ontimescoping.com.
EXPERIENCED CaseCATalyst and DigitalCAT scopist available.
I am professionally trained with comprehensive scoping and research skills. I am available for regular and overflow assignments. I have a great deal of experience working with both officials and freelancers. If you are in need of a reliable scopist, please contact me to discuss my qualifications and services in greater detail.

Sara Rashas,
Sara's Scoping - Tampa, Florida,
813-454-5205 SarasScoping@aol.com 
Passed WKT portion of RPR. I read steno.
Have worked for reporting firms as a staff scopist. I have Case Catalyst 3 and 4 edit software. Send and receive jobs via ZIP files. Will help you build your dictionary by sending you dictionary entries when I send the job back.

Joni Bentley, Eastpoint, Florida.
Email: joni.bentley@mchsi.com        850-670-4474.
Experienced scopist using Eclipse NT.
I do scoping, proofreading, and transcribing using tapes or WAV files.
Competitive rates and quick trurn around.

Joyce Howell - Eclipse Scopist
25 years experience scoping. Strong legal background. Excellent references.
Note reader. Expanding to full-time scoping.
I am a team player and conscientious about my work.
joyce34117@yahoo.com, 239-353-0055.

30 years legal experience; graduate of BeST Scoping Techniques on-line scoping school. Along with scoping, I also offer legal transcription and proofreading.
Fast turnaround. CAT System: Eclipse.
CONTACT INFORMATION: Phone: (352) 622-3652; Fax: (352) 622-3652;
Email: theslowikowskis@aol.com

Ann Kahler, Jacksonville, FL
(904) 200-5870
CaseCATalyst scopist.
Let Transcript Solutions ease your workload and help you earn more money by scoping your transcripts to your exact specifications.
Dependable, full-time scopist focused on creating accurate transcripts.

Deborah Self, President, Your Scoping Solution, LLC
Pensacola, FL     Ph: (850) 602-0209.
Primary software: Total Eclipse. Can also sync audio with any CAT system using digital foot pedal. Can convert text via RTF. Read steno, have dual-speed transcriber for tapes. Plenty of references, quick turnaround times, reasonable rates.
www.yourscopingsolution.com     deborah@yourscopingsolution.com 

Shelley Niehaus - gniehaus@tampabay.rr.com 
Procat scopist/proofreader.
Reasonable rates and fast turnaround.
Please email me for more information.

Sandra Cooke, Inverness, Florida, scopist888@aol.com    
Home-based business working for court reporters for 17 years. 
Attended Lansing Community College where I took court reporting theory. 
I have Premier Power, Maestro, and TurboCat systems.  I work with tapes. 
I take great pride in my work and love what I do.  I do excellent work with a fast turn-around time.  Excellent references upon request. 

(Tallahassee/Ft. Lauderdale FL) 
asapscoping@comcast.net or call any time: 850-510-4707. 
Full-time scopist/proofreader in ECLIPSE.  Cassette tapes or audio sync WAVE files.  All jobs scoped word-for-word.  Reasonable rates, quick turnaround, impeccable work product.  Daily copy/expedites/videotape accepted.  Proficient in auto indexing and job dictionaries.  Background includes 20+ years full-time certified paralegal.  Knowledgeable in legal terminology and court procedures.  Currently working with freelance and official reporters.

Teshecia Robinson,
I am interested in working as a scopist/transcriptionist/proofreader for a court reporter needing to lighten their load.
I have been a court reporter for 9 1/2 years, and retired sort of speak in the field, due to giving birth. I am now interested in becoming active in the exciting field of typing.
I have my own software and would love to help be of assistance to someone needing my skills. You can reach me @ (863) 969-3252

Pat Cooper,  Excellent scopist, 27 years' reporting experience, 2 years scoping. 
Case Catalyst 4, Version 7 with audio synch. 
Have micro, mini and standard cassette transcribers. 
Prices competetive.  Call 352-245-8561.

ProScripts-Julie Lampp, central Florida
Full-time Professional Scopist, 12 years Experience plus 2 years court reporting.
Proficient in reading notes. Excellent English & Grammar skills.
CAT Systems are StenoCat 32, EclipseNT & CaseCatalyst
Competitive rates, include scoping with tape, research and quick turn-around time. 
Specialize in Medical-Legal Trans. Now accepting new clients. 
E-mail: julielampp39@yahoo.com     TEL: (904) 782-9884 or (904) 200-8025  

Amanda Kleparek | On the Dot Scoping | (410) 504-4944 | onthedotscoping@gmail.com | www.onthedotscoping.com
Professionally trained Case CATalyst Scopist - highly proficient steno reader, knowledgeable in medical and legal terminology.  Excellent grammar and punctuation skills word-by-word editing, conformance to your preferences.  Comprehensive research all proper names and unfamiliar terminology are thoroughly researched, expert Internet researcher.  Competitive rates and fast turnaround strict observance of deadlines.  State-of-the-art hardware and software newest version of Case CATalyst, AudioSync, Express Scribe, high-speed transfer of large files.

Carol Pohlmann - Florida 
For last 16 years, have been a medical transcriptionist, last eight years for a group of gastroenterologists.  I am also a trained court reporter. I have extensive background transcribing in areas of medicine pertaining to surgery.  GYN/OB.,Int. Med., immediate care, ophthalmology, orthopedics, pain management, ENT, PT, cardiology and Voc. Rehab. I have a fully functional home office including copier, fax machine, dictation machine, personal computer with Microsoft Word Software. 
I am available for work - contact No. 850-712-4873

Darlene C. Yetta
Software: StenoCAT
Location: Tampa, Florida
Former court reporter of 22 years is interested in scoping

Vicki McGinnis,
Eclipse scopist with two years experience.
Transcripts are word for word using audio (wav files).
I will do cover and cert pages if info is provided.
I'd love to scope for you.
Please contact me at: updte88@yahoo.com  or  850-896-7838

Bethany Lee, bethanyleea@gmail.com 
Owner of Editing, Etc.
Boynton Beach, Florida
Specializing in proofreading/scoping. Competitive rates. I am a passionate proofreader and I immensely enjoy the work that I do. I am easy to work with and adaptable to your individual style.
Get in touch with me to form a profitable and painless partnership! 

Vicki Kite